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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

St. Louis City Will not Prosecute Reporter for Incident with Tea Party Blogger

Because of this incident in the Video below between Tea Party Blogger, Adam Sharp, and left leaning Fox reporter Charles Jaco, where Jaco bumped into Adam. Peace Disturbance charges were filed three days afterwards against Jaco.

But according to an Article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch, those charges against Jaco will not be pursued:

"St. Louis city counselor Patricia Hageman said the city will not pursue the case. Hageman said she came to the decision after reviewing “the police report, the alleged victim’s video, and the telephone statement that the alleged victim gave to an assistant city counselor.

“Based on the ‘evidence’ presented, I saw no basis for proceeding with the charge,” Hageman said."

To Read the Article on the STL Today.com Go To:



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excagirl said...

If it had been the other way, the victim would not be alleged!