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Friday, March 19, 2010

SEIU Andy Stern Pushes For The Health Care Bill

Here is an Email from SEIU's President, Andy Stern, where he is telling his members "this Belongs to You.."......Hmm I think he means other people's wealth...

"I'll vote the way my district wants me to vote," said Rep. Jason Altmire (D-PA) this week. If you don't think your voice matters, think again. There's more than 30 confirmed members of the U.S. House who remain undecided on health reform. These members of Congress are waiting to hear from you.

Call your Congressperson at 1-866-311-3405 and report back on your call, here.

The revised House bill was released yesterday. A vote in the U.S. House could happen as early as Sunday, with the Senate not far behind. What does this mean to you and me? It means that health care reform is on its way toward final passage. It means that immediately upon passage, we'll be protected from many of the worst offenses by health insurers.[*]

This is about winning control over our own health care choices - for families, small businesses, people with so-called "pre-existing conditions," and for our kids. Think about it - this is the moment.

If you've called, if you haven't called, if you called back in August but have tuned out since then - now is the time to get back involved. This moment belongs to you and the thousands of others who've taken action for reform.

Call 1-866-311-3405 and tell your member of Congress to finish the job on health reform. Did you have an interesting conversation with a staff member?
Click here to report back on your call.
At long last, it's beginning to look like Congress understands the cost of doing nothing. Make sure they don't forget it. Call Congress and tell them to finish the job on fixing health care. Let's pass this bill!

Thanks for all you do,
Andy Stern

President, SEIU

*]The Top Ten Immediate Benefits You'll Get When Health Care Reform Passes, Huffington Post, March 16, 2010.

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