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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Playing the Race Card: Rev. Jeremiah Wright: Health Care Law Opposition Based on Hatred for ‘People of Color’


Anonymous said...

Think about THIS... I am in medicine and have seen medicine change over the last 15 years. When the government "provides" you with insurance they can "deny" you care also. The black and Hispanic populations often do not choose to have screening tests. This often results in more advanced disease status before a patient is diagnosed. In addition, obesity has made diabetes a national epidemic, with kidney failure being a MAJOR complication. Canada does NOT pay for dialysis for kidney failure!!! England ONLY covers breast cancer treatment limited to mastectomy with chemo/radiation (no Tamoxifen which has saved millions of women's lives). Do you honestly think the government will pay for breast reconstruction?

The government has a vested interest in having less people make it to 80+ years old. There simply are not enough working people to pay for medicare and SS. There's more going on here than just "helping" people. Those of us who truly love all our patients know you will NOT get the care you believe is coming. Gov. healthcare= FORCED healthcare RATIONING! STAY THIN and HEALTHY AMERICA!!!

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