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Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Peaceful Prayer in Front of Russ Carnahan's Home that he was "Threatened" by..

Here is more Video from the whole "Coffin" incident in front of Russ Carnahan's Home.

Russ's Spokesperson has said that it made them wonder what our real intent was in being there with a Coffin.

Now she knows...it's called a Prayer Vigil.

Ooohhh Scary.



Anonymous said...

So why did you do it at his house? Couldn't you have said a prayer at his office?

Anonymous said...

We did at his office... Funny thing is he didn't pay attention to us till we showed up in front of his house.

I was there when Patch Filmed this. Sometimes you have to change tactics for the message to get through to the morons in Congress. Keeps them on their toes...