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Sunday, March 14, 2010

OFA,HCAN and the Communist Party USA are pushing Hard to Help Pass Obama's Health Care Bill Through the House This Week.

It would seem that even though the White House Press Secretary claims that the March 18th Deadline for the passing of Health Care Reform is being pushed back, it isn't being pushed back very far. According to all of the progressive emails that I receive, they are going to push to pass Health Care Reform by the end of the month. But this week they are going to push the Senate Bill through the House.

Organizing for America (OFA), the President's Organization, has begun what they call the "Final March for Reform". They are sending out emails everyday dictating what their supporters should do to help push Health Care reform through the House.

Day 1 for OFA was to send all it's members this Video from the President of the United States:

Day 2 for OFA was to tell their members to call Key Politicians in their State. They wanted me to call Russ Carnahan to Thank him for supporting the Health Care reform Bill.

This is an Odd move considering that it was supposed to be Claire McCaskill that was the wavering Vote. But I guess the Fund Raiser that Obama did for her this past week was her payoff for Supporting the Health Care Reform Bill. Here is some of the Email from OFA telling their members to call Russ:

"President Obama has called for the House to vote to move health reform forward as early as next week. Your representative, Rep. Russ Carnahan, voted for reform last fall, and is a critical ally in our fight. But with insurance company lobbyists pulling out all the stops to block reform and smear its champions, we must speak up right away.

Please call Rep. Carnahan today to say "thank you" -- and to report that OFA supporters in Missouri have pledged 146,687 volunteer hours to back up members of Congress like yours who stand up for health reform."


It seems that OFA got lazy on the next OFA email because it covers Day 3-5. It's called "the voice of the People". Or as it really should be called " How to make it appear that the Voice of the people are behind Health Care Reform".

OFA is going to organize Phone Banks to call Voters to get them to call their Representatives to support Health Care reform. It appears that the limited number of OFA members calling Congress on Day 2 was not enough to make a dent in the fears of some of those wavering in Congress. So they need to bug people like you to call Congress in order to make it appear more people support the Bill than there really exist. Here is some of the Email:

"The Final March for Reform is going strong -- yesterday, OFA supporters made the phones ring off the hook in Congressional offices on Capitol Hill and across the country. But for every member of Congress, there are eight anti-reform lobbyists swarming Capitol Hill -- and the upcoming vote is still too close to call.

So in these crucial, final days, we must make sure the voices of constituents break through the lobbyist attacks. And here's the plan to make it happen:

As the next step in the Final March for Reform, OFA supporters like you will be gathering at volunteer phone banks across the country. We'll be calling supportive voters in critical districts nationwide, asking them to reach out to their representatives and express their strong support for reform. A local OFA organizer will be on hand at every event, and no experience is required."

But OFA is only one of several Progressive organization pushing their members to call Congress in support of the President's Health Care Bill.

Health Care for America Now (HCAN) actually wants Single Payer Government Health Care but yet they say the President's Bill needs to be passed. Weird considering the Bill does not contain obvious language to create a single payer system. Here is some of the Email from HCAN:

"The House is preparing to pass the health care bill the Senate passed in December, along with a package of improvements to that bill. Those improvements will then be sent to the Senate for an up-or-down vote, with the goal of having President Obama sign both bills by the end of the month.1

The House may vote on these bills as early as this coming week, and the vote is going to be close.1 Many Representatives will try to take the side of the insurance industry instead of the side of the American people. It's up to us to make sure they hear what America wants - real health care reform, now!

Can you pledge to make as many calls as it takes to your Representative, urging them to vote YES on health reform? Click here to pledge and tell as many friends as you can."

Even the Democratic Socialist group that Obama belonged to called the "New Party", now known as the Working Families Party, wants their members to call Congress. Here is some of their Email:

"51% -- that's the White House's odds that Congress will pass health care reform. It couldn't be closer.

Next week's House of Representatives vote could come down to a single Member of Congress -- and according to a news report yesterday, New York Democrat Scott Murphy is one of the 16 undecided Members who "matter most."1

The Working Families Party is meeting with Murphy this Sunday to push him to vote "yes." We want as many New Yorkers as possible standing with us. Can you sign our petition telling Scott Murphy we need his vote on health care reform?


We originally set a goal of gathering 4,000 signatures to present to Murphy on Sunday -- but we blew through that number in just 24 hours, so we're raising the bar.

Help us get 10,000 New Yorkers telling Congressman Murphy to vote "yes" on health care reform. If you sign the petition, you'll be be the first to find out what Murphy tells us when we ask him about his health care vote this Sunday.

Will you take a moment to sign and share this with everyone you know?"

If that isn't bad enough, the Communist Party USA is supporting the push for the passing of Health Care Reform. On their website the CPUSA has a link to Move on.org's "Virtual March for passing Health Care Reform". If you sign up for the virtual march Move on will send faxes, in your name, to your Representatives in congress and urge them to pass Health Care reform.

Here is the link to the CPUSA website. Go to the tab marked "Take Action":


So as you can see, all of the Lefty Progressives groups from the OFA to the Communist Party USA want Congress to pass the President's Health Care Reform Bill.

If the Communist support this Bill, then you know we don't want Any version of this bill past.

So call your Representatives to makes sure they know that if they pass this Bill, they will have sealed their Fate come next election.

The only reason that the President's Bill has not yet passed is because the American People overwhelmingly don't want it...

Lets make sure that Congress doesn't forget that Fact.


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