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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Obama at St. Charles High School

Here is some video shot by SPIKESTL at St. Charles High School during Obama's visit this Week.

SPIKESTL is also the newest edition to my Band of Bloggers Blog Roll.


Anonymous said...

Pretty interesting how so many of the "for HCR" signs seem to have the same handwriting. While those against are all very different and very home made. We know that any time BHO shows up anywhere they pad the places with pro-bho suupporters. He only takes questions that have been pre-arranged. They are fooling the rest of us. They are a lot of baloney!

Anonymous said...

I meant they aren't fooling anyone.
Sorry I need to proof read before I post. And I know, there aren't 2 u's in supporters.
My face is red, but my spirit is on fire.