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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

MO to Join Lawsuit Against Health Care Bill

According to an Article in the Missourian, Mo has join 13 other states in filing suit against the Federal Government over the New Health Care Law:

"Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder is joining officials from other states in a lawsuit challenging the new federal health care law.

The Republican lieutenant governor said Tuesday that he is suing in his role as a constitutional officer of Missouri and as the state's official senior advocate.

A lawsuit by attorneys general in 13 states was filed shortly after President Barack Obama signed the health care law Tuesday. The lawsuit contends the federal government has no constitutional power to mandate that people have health insurance."

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I appreciate that you are pissed off at legislation that does nothing to improve our situation and seeks to make us a poorer nation. To bad so many others are willing to give up and open thier pocketbooks to pay for someone else without questioning. I feel that charity is something we should all give to, but, I too do not feel the need to provide charity through mandates.

I hope that the consititionality of the law is brought before the supreme court and then is sliced and diced forcing the law to be re-evaluated, and brought down to a managable size that also does not mandate that I pay for others care when I prefer to not have insurance, and allows my insurance company to provide the service that they agreed to provide without government getting into the business of telling business how to run their business.

Government is so good at running business in to the ground that even taking over a profitable whorehouse they were able to run it into the ground.