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Friday, March 19, 2010

Dem Rescue.com:The President May Forsake Them But We Won't

If you ever wondered what it was like to live through Historic Moments, well look around because this is it.

The President of the United States is manipulating those in Congress to force through his Radical, Marxist Agenda. And one of those tactics of Manipulation is for him to tell those Democrats that vote against his Health Care Bill that he will not support them in their Primaries come election time. Well the St. Louis Tea Party has an answer to the President's Threat..

If the President will not support the Democrats that vote against his Marxist Bill in the Primaries then we will....

As of Today, there is a New Website called Dem Rescue.com. On this website you will find a list of all the Democratic Politicians and how they are going to vote on the Health Care Bill. We are asking you to contact those that are either voting no and issue your support for them and/or contact those sitting on the fence and tell them have their back if they vote no on the Bill.

Now does this mean that we are going to support the Democrats in the general election?

Not necessarily....

Basically the idea behind Dem Rescue is that we will support those Democrats whom the President forsakes in their Democratic Primary only so that they will defeat the other Candidates supported by the President. After that, depending on their position and Conservative stance, they are on their own.

This will at least help Guarantee them a Chance at Reelection and just give them one more reason to stand firm, or to lean our way, towards voting no.

Is this Risky? yes...

But the only votes right now that can defeat the President's Agenda are Democrat votes....and if we don't support those that are voting the way we want them to...

Who Will??

To See the New Website called Dem Rescue Go To:



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