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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Communists Celebrate Progressives "Blunting Tea Baggers" on Health Care

Here is a part of an Article from the Communist News, People's World, where they appear to be "counting their Chickens before they are hatched". Again it seems the Communists support the President's Health Care plan. If that isn't enough to oppose the Bill, then nothing is...

"With health care street heat, progressives blunt teabaggers

by: Bruce Bostick March 17 2010

COLUMBUS -- Hundreds showed up at what was supposed to be a right wing attack on Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy's office yesterday in Columbus. The event, however, proved to be much different from what the "teabaggers" announced and had planned.

Dueling demonstrations, each with around 200-300 folks, lined Olentangy River Rd., the "teabaggers" attacking Kilroy for her strong support of health care reform, and an equal or greater force of people there supporting her stand.

"We just had to come out and stand with Mary Jo," said Tim Ely, a business agent for the Pipefitter's Union. "She's stood up for us in the legislature, and I'm just sick and tired of these right wing thugs lying about health care and going around intimidating people. That crap's going to stop, now!"

Chants of "Pass it Now," "People's Needs, not Corporate Greed," & Health Care, not Warfare" echoed against the building that housing Rep. Kilroy's office, and cars honked, answering signs stating; "Honk to support Health Care Reform!" Many of the signs were hand-printed, many carried by people that have had to fight insurance companies as well as diseases.

On the "teabagger" side, the mood was much different. Chants and signs called on Kilroy to "Kill the Bill," but the undercurrent was extreme levels of anger, paranoia and frustration.

Dave Hysell, who described himself as "a proud American," stated that he was there "because the government lies." "They made the Swine Flu virus," he said, "but didn't make enough vaccine for the seniors. They're trying to kill off the seniors."

Nearby, a woman named Mary, volunteered that "they have secret committees in place to decide who they can kill off." Asked how she'd know about them if they're secret, she stated that, "Oh, we have ways, we can find out."

Chris Grant, with the right wing group, said that he opposed the proposed reform for two reasons; ""First, he said," it's going raise taxes, and I'm against all taxes, and, second, the bill eliminates choice."

On the pro-reform side, there was more of a festive atmosphere. People seemed happy, and especially encouraged, at the big turnout to support Rep. Kilroy and oppose the "teabaggers."
Faith Van Horne, a local artist, spoke about her concerns. "I'm really happy to see all the people here," she said. "I'm just so sick of the lies they're telling about health care reform. I'd had a lump on my breast," she explained, "but I waited 6 months until my regular checkup to get it checked. The insurance wouldn't cover it and it would've cost me $1,500 that I didn't have, just to get it checked. We need to get rid of these insurance companies and get real health care coverage."

We were glad to hear that the exam had proved negative and she was here in good health.

While a police line separated the demonstrations, "teabaggers" yelled "Whore" and "Bitch" at women demonstrators and seemed anxious to create confrontations. A group of three "teabaggers" came across to the progressive side, standing behind folks, attempting to confront them. When Diane Smith approached the men, stating that she had M.S. and could not get insurance, one of the right wingers just laughed at her, stating "You've got health care, just go to the Emergency Room!"

"They are just disgusting," said Jeff St. Clair, who was there "because my wife has five incurable diseases and cannot get insurance coverage." He explained that his family was able to get some help from the MS Society, "But," he stated strongly, "we have a rich county. We should have health care coverage for everyone, with dignity! If every other nation can do it, we certainly can, as well!""

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SallyW said...

This just made me sick.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree Sally, and the chances that this is really what happened are slim to none.

The Communists do love their Propaganda...

catdaddio42 said...

It's usually good to be suspicious of what's reported in any ideologue publication. I looked up several letter to the Columbus (OH) Dispatch and found this account - which sounds a lot like every "competing demonstration" I've been to:


catdaddio42 said...

Sorry - forgot that you might need a subscription. here's the letter:
Government cannot manage medical care. Friday, March 19, 2010 2:52 AM. My wife and I attended the Tuesday demonstration outside the Northwest Side office of U.S. Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy, D-Columbus ( Dispatch article, Wednesday). We oppose the government health-care reform because of adding to an obscene debt, unwillingness to turn over one-sixth of our economy to a group that cannot effectively run any program it has touched and the arrogance displayed by elected officials who ignore the will of the majority on this issue. There were five times more people at this rally who opposed government-run health care and drove to it on their own from all over central Ohio. Those supporting the measure included a large number of Service Employees International Union members who were bused in and then departed about 30 minutes after they arrived. At the end of the day, my wife and I believe this proposal, which is filled with kickbacks, bribes, backroom and backdoor efforts, is so flawed that any rational people would run away from it as fast as they can. When a current survey by the American Medical Association suggests 46 percent of doctors would leave the profession if the bill passes, we all should demand that we start over on this critical issue.