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Friday, March 12, 2010

The B-Cast: Obama Advisor Calls on Christians to ‘Leave Glenn Beck’


Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck is telling the truth, if anyone would like to take him on, or prove him wrong, they can contact him - he welcomes anyone to do so.

Progressives, and the rest, who no longer believe in the Constitution, in Judeo Christian beliefs in God and his importance to America's founding, then they should pack up and leave. We are restoring America to her roots. If you don't love Freedom, Liberty, please do all of us a favor and leave, sooner rather than later.

Too much blood has been shed, too many fortunes have been lost, too much sacrifice has been given to make this country great.

While we were all busy making ends meet, working hard, the progressives were little by little dismantling the Republic. It was so gradual under the auspices of political correctness, global warming, saving the planet, etc. While their goal was slowly removing God from our schools, cities, country so subtly that though we saw it, it wasn't sinking in how serious these actions were. Now, this administration is so blatantly un-American in their values, beliefs, and morals that we have awaken.

Glenn simply stepped up to the plate and let us know that WE WERE NOT ALONE. He is a good man, not perfect (no human being is perfect) but he's doing a great service to this nation and I say (and know millions join me in saying) GOD BLESS GLENN BACK AND KEEP HIM AND HIS FAMILY SAFE.

Robert T. Uda said...

I totally agree with Anonymous above. The Progressives are scared to death of Glenn Beck. The Progressives must be throttled and even stopped as were the American communists, American Nazis, and Liberals. We need to protect and save the Constitution of the United States. We cannot let the enemy within to destroy the way of life that we know and love.

Bob Uda

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said it very well; Glenn Beck is telling the truth. These progressives are taking the word of God and attempting to twist it to their own agenda, regardless of the fact that they are actually in opposition to what the Bible tells us.

Marcia said...

If anyone doubts Glenn's statements, just look for yourself. Go to www.ucc.org and search "social justice". It takes 3 clicks to arrive at links for "The International League of Religious Socialists", the "Ella Baker Center", or the "Religion and Socialism Commission"...and many more!

You might also want to click on the Home page section, "Change the World", where you'll find a DIRECT link to "Health Care Now!".

We should all be VERY CONCERNED that the United Church of Christ has "changed" from preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to spreading the Propaganda of the Obama administration!