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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

2,500 People Greet the President in Protest in Down Town St. Louis

About 2,500 Tea Party Patriots assembled across from the Grand Renaissance Hotel tonight in St. Louis to Greet the President in Protest over his Health care Legislation.

There were also about 400-700 Supporters of the President from numerous groups ranging from HCAN, JWJ, Repower America and the President's group Organizing for America.

At one time during the evening, the two groups floated into the street toward each other forcing the police to send the groups back to their respective street corners.

Through the evening there were numerous chanting matches between the two groups with the Tea Party corner winning everyone.

Eventually the Tea Party group moved to the other corner of their designated block to get closer to where the President would be leaving the event. This left the Leftest Groups with no one to play with and essentially nullified their effectiveness. This spawned the nights only violence when a supporter of the President's Health Care Plan forced his way into the Tea Party crowd and pushed a female Tea Party Protester. The Police hauled the man off before any more trouble could ensue. The incident was caught on camera by Tea Party Blogger Adam Sharp. Once Adam has posted his video of the incident I will post it here.

I left the event around 7:30 P.M. after almost all of the Leftest groups had left. But there were still about 500 Tea Party Patriots on Scene to give the President a proper going away Present.

The memory that the last thing he sees leaving Down town St. Louis will be a group of people waving Big Yellow Flag with the Words...

Don't Tread On ME.


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