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Thursday, February 18, 2010

St. Louis Fox News Reporter is Confronted about his use of the Term Tea Bagger


Doug Edelman said...


JOIN THE CAUSE!! Boycott KTVI Fox 2 News till Jaco is GONE!

Van said...

Examples? Facts? Heck no! "I'm a journalist! I don't need no stinkin' facts! I just know what's better for you! Silly human..."

Doug Edelman said...

Update... Update... Update...

Don't only contact Channel 2!! Contact KTRS radio! THAT's where he calls us Tea Baggers all the time! (Channel 2 is getting hammered, by the way!!)

Contact info for KTRS:
Fred Zielonko
Station Manager

KTRS-Am 550
638 Westport Plz
Saint Louis, MO 63146-3106

shelley said...

Jaco is out-of-line. This will be his demise. Apparently he has been dodging the bullet for a long time.

Joe Bieber said...

I sent Mr. Jaco a nicely worded e-mail (seriously!) explaining how to find Wikipedia on the internet and the more explicit dictionary of slang terms: the Urban Dictionary. Direct links to 'teabagger' were included.

Of course, I also explained that citing these as sources is not a journalism best-practice, but that they should give him a quick start to finding the (ever elusive in journalism) FACTS. And I even used small words and kept it short...unlike this post (but this is an intelligent audience).

Henry Bowman said...

Cee U Next Thursday = Jaco

Henry Bowman said...

I didn't know about the fake cnn "reporting" during Desert Shield/Storm so I looked it up on YouTube. WOW! No wonder that still bothers him when it is brought up. What a joke he is. Smelled rocket fuel and felt light headed indeed. hahahaha

It also appeared that all that talk about tea bagging had him pretty excited......

april said...

Well I didn't know this about Jaco. I don't want to watch Fox anymore. What a jerk. That's what most of the media is like nowadays and I don't like it at all.