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Friday, February 26, 2010

OFA Manufacturing Calls to Radio Shows in Support of the President's Health Care Plan

It would seem that the President's Astro Turf Group, Organizing for America(OFA), needs a little hand when supporting the President's Agenda. Here is an E-mail from OFA that explains how they want their members to call into Radio Shows in support of the President's Plan:

"President Obama gathered with congressional leaders of both parties yesterday for an open, honest, and productive discussion on health reform. It was a strong success, focused on substance -- as CNN put it, "a win for our country."

While disagreements remain, the meeting uncovered considerable areas of overlap, including many Republican ideas that were already in the President's proposal. And with all the best ideas now on the table, the President made it clear that no excuses remain: Congress must put aside partisan divides and swiftly complete a final bill.

This is a message the whole country needs to hear, but most people weren't able to watch all seven hours of today's summit -- and we can't let the special interest spin machine drown us out. That's where you come in.

Check out a few of the best moments from yesterday's historic event. Then, help spread the word using our brand new "On the Air" tool to speak out on talk radio.

The President was crystal clear about his commitment to pass reform that puts Americans in charge of their own health care, reduces costs, and expands coverage for tens of millions without insurance. We've come too far to scrap a year's worth of work and start over. And the millions of Americans that are suffering can't afford another year-long debate. There's simply too much at stake.

Yesterday's bipartisan meeting was a huge step forward toward passing reform. And today, you can help make sure we go the rest of the way:

Thanks for making it possible,Mitch

Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America"

Now after Reading this Email I decided to follow the link. And Surprise, OFA not only supplied the phone number to different Right Wing radio Shows, but supplied their talking points and instructions on how to deliver them as well. Here is a Screen Shot of the "Discussion points":

If that isn't enough OFA even gives their Astro Turf callers tips on how to talk to the Radio Show:

Isn't it nice to see that Obama is not only allowing Lobbyists in his administration, but using his own private "Army" of followers to Lobby the American people through right wing radio shows by creating astro turf calls in support of the President's Agenda?

I guess they didn't call him a community organizer for nothing. Too bad he is trying to Organize the United States into a Socialist/Marxist Un-American type community.


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marsha said...

The article says to touch on the high points of the summit. What could those be? Could it be when Barack was caught picking his nose. How about when he told McCain the campaign is over, although he has never quit campaigning. Could it been when he was walking into the Summit and he told reporters he was ready to listen, then as always contradicted himself by talking more than anyone. Could it be when Senator Lamar Alexander told Obama the costs would rise then Obama stammered and stuttered before telling him no, and to stop using talking points.Or when Paul Ryan instructed Obama on the costs of the plan that was scored by the CBO and Obama slyly gave him the finger, as he has done in the past.How about when he called the actual bill a prop. Or could it be the ridiculous sob stories of using dead syblings dentures etc. the Dems/Statist talked about.Too many to choose, but Obama's motive was to show Republicans as having no plan and as being obstructionists. That didn't work out for him.