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Monday, February 22, 2010

Obama Willing to Use the Nuclear Option on Health Care Bill

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Mitch said...

It can be reversed thru Reconciliation too and will be and all the Democrats will have for their trouble is the minority status.

America does not want this bill!

Health insurance reform, yes. Government takeover...even a step towards takeover....HELL NO. New entitlements? Now? We can't afford the ones we have. No...fix the system. Balance the budget and THEN and only THEN should we talk about new entitlements. Only complete and utter fools would pass this now. Yet...there you have the Democrats and thought the Republicans were bad. Wow!

If the Democrats do this...they not only cut their own throats but they open for the door for conservatives to reverse this and also reverse about 100 years of Progressively more socialist programs.