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Monday, February 22, 2010

ACORN Dissolves as a Natinoal Structure

According to an Article in the Politico, the Controversial group known as ACORN is dissolving as a national Group:

"ACORN has dissolved as a national structure of state organizations," said a senior official close to the group, who declined to be identified by name because of the fierce conservative attacks on the group that began when a conservative filmmaker caught some staffers of its tax advisory arms on tape appearing to offer advice on incorporating a prostitution business."

While this may seem like good news, in reality they are just going to change their appearance into a different organization. According to an ACORN official:

"The new organizations, he said "will be constituted under new banners and new bylaws and new governance," he said, consistent with the recommendations of an outside panel.

Much of the group's strength lay in its local chapters in places like New York, which appear to be continuing to operate as normal. New York's City Hall News
reported today that the local group there had re-emerged under the name "New York Communities for Change."

So in the greatest tradition of the Progressives of the 20's, ACORN isn't going anywhere, they are just changing their name. But they will still be the same Nuts.

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