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Friday, July 31, 2009

McCaskill Town Hall Video Part 4- Soldier Demands Apology

It appears that the Video Department of the P/Oed Patriot is on a Roll tonight. STLPATRIOT1 just published Part 3 and 4 of the Video Footage that I took at the Claire McCaskill Town Hall Meeting in St. Louis. You Will Find Part 3 on the Posting Below this one. But Here is Part 4, the Part that includes the Famous Soldier that Demanded an Apology from the Senator. Again, sorry for the Shaky Camera Work, Enjoy!


McCaskill Town Hall Video Part 3

Here is the 3rd Video in the Series of the Footage I took at the Claire McCaskill Town Hall Meeting in St. Louis. Again, it is a bit Shaky, My apologizes. Enjoy!

Keep Checking Back, We will post more Later.


*UPDATE*Bristol Tea Party and the Secret Service Incident- What I know Now..

There is a Story that has gone Viral on the Internet claiming that the Secret Service aimed their Firearms at the Protesters along the Presidential Motorcade Route in Virgina. Here is a Video from the event. Look for the Black SUV with the Windows down:

Now I took a Screen Shot from that Video that included that SUV with the Windows Down, Here it is:

Here is the Picture Enlarged:

Here is that Picture Enlarged and Color adjusted so that you can see what is in the Back Window a little better:

As You can see, there appears to be something, but you can't tell what, it could be a Head. But after doing some research on the web, I found out that this SUV is a CAT Vehicle. CAT stands for Counter Assault Team.

The Secret Service Counter Assault Team Rides in the President's Motorcade with the Windows down, back Hatch Window up and Assault Rifles at the Ready. Here is a Picture of How the CAT Team Rides in an SUV:

How do I know that is the CAT team? Well if you watch the Video, after the Black SUV with the Windows open goes by, you see what appears to be a Black Ambulance. But that is not an Ambulance, it is the Armoured Vehicle that belongs to the CAT team.
This Story has the Potential of being a Dangerous rally cry for Anarchists if Mis-Reported, which is why I wrote this Blog to help clear up what appears to be just a Misunderstanding.
The Real Question is, was one of the CAT actually Drawing a Bead on the Crowd? Unless we have a Picture that Shows that clearly, I have to say No. I am not calling people who say it happened Liars, I am saying I have to give the Benefit of the Doubt to the Secret Service.

I believe in writing an Article as accurately as I can and I am waiting for a reply from some of the Virginia Tea Parties. If it comes to light that someone has a picture of the CAT team actually aiming at the Crowd, then I will apologize.

But until then, Try not to Cry Foul.....Don't Get Too Upset...Yet..

Just call it what is appears to be at the Moment...

A Misunderstanding...

As I obtain more information I will Post it here, so Check back for Updates.

*UPDATE* 8/2/09
I have received several E-mail replies from several Different Tea Party Organizations in Virgina, and not one of them have heard of the Incident. I am waiting on replies from other organizations, so any new info I will post here.

Senator Feinstein's Office Calls Police on Elderly Constituents

It appears that Senator McCaskill's Office isn't the only Senator who has Staff that Call the Police on those they are supposed to represent.

According to an Article on the San Fransisco Chronicle, Senator Feinstein's Office called the Police on a group of Elderly Constituents who refused to leave the Office until they talked to their Senator. The Ages of the Citizens ranged from 55 to 87.

This event has ignited a Firestorm of protest on the San Fransisco Chronicles website. Almost all of the Comments side with the Elderly Citizens. Some of those Comments are listed below. Some are tongue in cheek....I hope...and Some are very Funny..

"progressive27/31/2009 8:13:22 AM

How dare these people expect an actual audiance with the Senator! They should be contemplating and seeking consult on how they can save their country's funds by crafting a low cost solution for their final exit."

"flounderx7/31/2009 8:04:35 AM

You do't know the whole story. One of them was lifting her walker and shaking it in a threatening manner...."

"goodncool7/31/2009 8:21:58 AM

WE the Boomers - in order to form a more Perfect Future for ourselves, our children and our Grandchildren hereby SERVE NOTICE - We will not be turned into Soilent Green by Universal Health Care - and we hereby RESOLVE TO REMOVE FROM OFFICE IN 2010 ALL WHO VOTE "YEA" on Universal Health Care and/Or Cap and Trade. We the BOOMERS HAVE HAD ENOUGH - SO HELP US GOD."

"lupe77/31/2009 8:16:23 AM

Our tax dollars pays her salary, her office lease, her staff members - WHY DON'T WE HAVE A RIGHT TO SIT IN THE OFFICE AND DEMAND THAT SHE SPEAK W/HER EMPLOYER'S.



As those in Congress Return Home from Washington for their August "Break", I think this story will be replayed Thousands of times all over the Country.

It appears that Americans, have Finally Remembered who is the Boss.....

And Who is the Employee...

To Read the Article on the San Fransisco Chronicle Go To:



Part 2 of the Claire McCaskill Town Hall Video

Here is the 2nd Part of the Video I Took at the Claire McCaskill Town Hall Meeting. I know it gets a Bit shaky, but My Arm was killing me....lol

I have over 40 Minutes which we will run unedited. So check Back tomorrow, we may have the next Part up.

The Video Department of the P/Oed Patriot, STLPATRIOT1, was tired and accidentally put Tuesday, instead of Monday. He will change it later.....need not worry, it is the Same Town Hall meeting as the First Video.


Obama Organizers Running Out of Money : Try "Unusual" Fund Raising Tactic

I checked my E-mail again..... low and behold I have received New Marching orders from the Obama Camp. It appears that they are so Frustrated with the Health Care Bill being Stalled and they are so Short on Funds, that they are attempting something even they admit is unusual. Well.....without Further ado...Here is the E-mail:

"You've probably seen the headlines: Opponents of change are doing everything they can to delay health insurance reform. As a Republican strategy memo concluded, "If we slow this sausage-making process down, we can defeat it."

They're betting that as time goes by, our energy will flag, our movement will weaken, and they'll ultimately be able to block any change.

But they just don't get it -- thanks to the regular Americans who are reaching out in neighborhoods nationwide, our movement is expanding every day. In fact, over the weekend, we surpassed our big goal of 1 million people taking action for health insurance reform. And with your help, we'll keep growing and prove that our opponents' strategy of "delay, delay, delay" simply won't work.

So I want to ask you for something unusual: Can you chip in $1 each day until we pass real health insurance reform? A huge response will show the insurance companies and their allies in Congress that their delay tactics will only make our movement stronger.

Here's how it works: We'll bill your credit card for 30 days' worth of donations now and once a month until the President signs real health insurance reform into law.

The cost of inaction on health insurance reform is astounding. Every day, 14,000 more Americans lose their coverage. Premiums continue to rise at three times the rate of wages. And each day, more small businesses are forced to choose between covering their employees and keeping their doors open.

But that doesn't stop our opponents from trying to bog down the process with legislative tricks. And at the same time, they're attacking the President for "moving too fast," even though Washington has been talking about the need for comprehensive health insurance reform since the days of Harry Truman!

What they don't realize is that outside of Washington, our campaign keeps growing. We've reached our "million" milestone, but the stories behind that number are even more impressive: grassroots press conferences with small-business owners in Missouri, more than 1,200 people at an organizing meeting in Minnesota, huge events outside local Senate offices in Florida, and so much more.

That's why our dollar-a-day campaign is so important: If the few senators and representatives who are opposing reform understand that dragging their heels makes us stronger every day -- and that the grassroots pressure on them will increase -- they'll be far less willing to keep slowing down the process.

Can you help? Please donate $1 per day until we pass real health insurance reform:


Thank you,


Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America

Yes, Please send them a Dollar a Day....and With any Luck..All of his supporters will Go Broke..

Since we Hope to Stall this Bill for another 60 Years.


The P/Oed Patriot Has Had Another Government Visitor

It appears, for some reason, that I am becoming very popular with the Federal Intelligence Agencies. I guess it's a Good thing that they are doing their Job, even if they need Help setting their Priorities, lol.. But yesterday I had not one, but three Visits from Home Land Security(DHS) on my Blog. I guess they don't like being made fun of.....lol

Anyway, here is the Screen Shot from my Analytics program:

Well that makes the Pentagon, Army Intelligence, Naval Intelligence and now Home Land Security......all for little old me. Sad Really....

Because it appears even the DHS computer system can be tracked with a simple Marketing Program. You would think that the Internet Security Czar would have Fixed that Problem by now.....

Oh well...I forgot my manners.


I hope I don't bore you....but at least if you continue reading my Blog you will be very well informed.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

*UPDATE*How Cash For Clunkers is Behavioral Economics at Work to Force You into a "Smart Car"

Cash for Clunkers is a Government Program, based on Behavioral Economics, that will eventually force you to Buy a "Smart Grid Compatible Smart Car".

By Definition, Cash for Clunkers is a New Government Program that will:

"promote the replacement of old vehicles with modern vehicles."

So this Program is to use Behavioral Economics (A Form of Control to Force an individual to Change their Behavior, while making them think it was their idea. To read more about Behavioral Economics Go To:http://poedpatriot.blogspot.com/2009/07/how-government-controls-your-actions.html) in order to make you want to turn in your Perfectly Drivable Car(that gets 18 Miles to the Gallon or less) in exchange for $4,500 and on the conditions that you buy a "More Fuel Efficient, Government Approved", Vehicle.

So, one Day you take your Perfect 2008 Drivable SUV, Trade it in on a Government Approved car like a Chevy Aveo(Which explains the Giant Lot full of Chevy Aveos I saw the other day, all of them white) and in return you get $4,500 dollars. Not Bad right? How can that "Force" you to eventually buy a 'Smart Car"?


First, after you turn in your 1 year Old(25 Years or Newer on the day of the trade in) SUV, then the Dealership has to take it in the Back, pour Sodium Silicate into the engine of your Nice, Perfectly Working SUV and make the Engine Seize up. The Dealer has to Destroy your Perfectly running, 1 Year Old SUV, because the Government says so.... Wow, isn't that nice...

But won't that Just fill up the Junk Yards?


Because the Dealer must then sell it to a Government approved Disposal Facility where they will then remove any usable Parts(if they can sell them in 6 months) and then Crush your 1 Year Old SUV into little pieces of Fist Sized Metal that will then get shipped to China. And then your SUV can return to the U.S. as a Toy for your Kids, that will be painted with Lead Paint...

Still don't see how that Makes you Buy a "Smart Car"? Ok..

By the Government taking Gasoline Engine Cars off the market by Destroying them, it will Dry up the Used Car market and Force up the Price of Existing used cars. Which will further Encourage people, who can't trade in a Vehicle, to Buy a new Government approved, Government Built Car, since they will be Cheaper than anything else on the Market(Because the Government can Fix the Price without worrying about Profit). Besides they'll tell you it will save the Planet and you will feel all Warm and Fuzzy on the inside. But that is not all....

Also by the Government Destroying the Cash for Clunkers Cars, they are removing Parts from the Used Car Parts Market as well. No more Rebuilt Parts, Engines, or going to the Junk yard for Parts, because it will be a matter of time before the Government either Forces Salvage yards to "Destroy their Vehicles", or just pay them outright to do so. They will also restrict the manufacture of New Parts for Vehicles that are considered "not Green" enough due to their Gas mileage. Thereby eliminating the Parts Supply for all Gas Guzzling Vehicles and Leaving Nothing Available but the Government Approved, Government Built "Smart Cars".

They will Force you to Buy a "Smart Car" because eventually there will be No Other Choices.....

And that "Smart Car" will have to be plugged into the "Smart Grid" in order for you to Charge it, thereby giving the Federal Government the Power to Tax you by the Mile, Limit your Driving by Slapping Cap and Trade restrictions on your CO2 Output and by using something like On Star(since the Government owns it now through GM), to be able to tell them where you have been, how far you have driven, How fast you drove to get there, how many people where in the car when you went, be able to Shut Off the Power to Your Engine and even be able to tell if you were wearing your seat belt at the time.

Yep...Just a big Conspiracy Theory....

One Problem..

When the Government actually Executes the Theory(like it is now)......It Becomes fact....

Damn...alot of People Hate those facts....

Read the Update Below Before Going to The Links.

To Read the Disposal Process of the Cash For Clunkers Car Go To:


To Go To The Cash for Clunkers Website Go To:


*UPDATE* 8/3/09


It has Come to my Attention that the Federal Governmet will consider your Computer a Part of the Federal Networking system and be able to Access any and all Files on your Computer, if you Visit Cars.gov. Which Explains the 3 Visits I had from the Department of Homeland Security on my Blog, the day after I wrote this Article. I spent Alot of Time doing Research on Cars.Gov. So I am sure what I know, they know....

I mean it's Boring Info on my Computer, but then again, I am considered a "Right Wing Extremist"....

So Follow the Links at your Own Risk...


Home Land Security Needs Your Help...To Figure Out It's Priorities?

Do you know what the Government Should be Protecting us From? Do you know what Threats the United States is facing? Do You Know What Awful Terror Groups are Trying to Destroy Our Country? You Do?!?!?! Well then Call up Home Land Security because they are Clueless!

In what has to be the Saddest Article I have ever seen, according to the White House Blog, Home Land Security Needs Your Help!

The Opening Sentences on this Brain Trust Disguised as an article says:

"What do you think our homeland security policies and priorities should be? Register now to have your say"

I'm Sorry???!?!?!?? Home Land Security the Government Agency that is supposed to Keep US Safe Wants ME to tell it WHAT TO LOOK FOR?

Well Actually they are asking alot of People for "Help" setting Priorities:

"DHS encourages participation from the homeland security community, all levels of governments, academia, private sector, law enforcement, first responders, and others interested in this topic."

Wow...So DHS(Department of Home Land Security) Needs participation from all levels of Gov, Academia?? (College Professors, really?), Private Sector? ( They say the Private Sector can't run the "Free Market", but somehow they know about how to Prioritise Terror Threats?) Law Enforcement(Duh), First responders, and OTHERS????Interested in this Topic? ( Like Who..Granny sitting in Her Rocking Chair Reading Tom Clancy Novels?) To Help Set PRIORITIES?

WOW....We are talking about SECURITY PRIORITIES....... NOT BUILDING A Freaking PARK....

Maybe they should just set the Threat Level to "Clueless"......what color would that be...an empty void?

And we Wondered why they keep telling us that it was just a matter of Time.....Because DHS Doesn't seem to even know how to set a list of Priorities...Holy...Cow..

But DHS sure seems to think that it needs to watch "Right Wing Radicals" that carry "Don't Tread on me Flags"..but beyond that They are Lost.....

Here is the Copy of the Blog Posting in case they Pull it off the White House blog:

"THU, JULY 30, 10:07 AM EST
DHS Quadrennial Homeland Security Review
Posted by Bev Godwin

What do you think our homeland security policies and priorities should be? Register now to have your say.

Help guide the policies and priorities of the Department of Homeland Security for the next four years. Secretary Janet Napolitano invites you to give your opinion and ideas during the National Dialogue on the Quadrennial Homeland Security Review.

DHS encourages participation from the homeland security community, all levels of governments, academia, private sector, law enforcement, first responders, and others interested in this topic.

The first of three dialogues, all hosted by the National Academy for Public Administration, will begin August 3rd. Each dialogue will build on the ones before.

First dialogue: August 3 – August 9
Second dialogue: August 31 - September 6
Third dialogue: September 28 - October 4

To learn more and to sign up to get announcements when each dialogue begins, register at www.HomelandSecurityDialogue.org"

Hey maybe next the White House will ask us all to help in setting the Priorities and Policies for the Free Market....

Nah...The President has already said he has that under....


To See the White House Blog Go To:



*UPDATE*First Part of P/Oed Patriot 's McCaskill Town Hall Video Footage is Out

For those looking for more McCaskill Town Hall Video Footage, I want to inform you that the First 8 Minutes of the Video that I recorded are now on You Tube. I currently am not at a Computer that will allow me to Post it Directly on this Blog Entry, but if scroll down on my Blog and look for the Section on the Left that is titled:

St. Louis Tea Party Videos From the P/Oed Patriot Video Department
It is posted there. The Title of the You Tube Video is:
McCaskill Town Hall in St Louis 1
Over the next Several days we will be releasing the Rest of the Video Footage, unedited. So Stay tuned for more updates.
Or if you would rather, the Video is listed on You Tube under the Name:
I Will be Posting the Video Directly to a Blog Entry later tonight, just in case some people can't find it.
Here is the Video:

.More to Come in the Next Couple of Days.


Russia Signs Deal With Cuba to Drill for Oil in The Gulf Of Mexico

According to an Article on the BBC, Russia has just made a Deal with Cuba to allow them to drill for Oil in the Gulf of Mexico.

In return for Cuba allowing Russia to Drill off their Cost:

"Russia has also granted a loan of $150m to buy construction and agricultural equipment."

This Deal will give Russia Access to:

"9bn barrels of oil and 21 trillion cubic feet of natural gas could lie within that zone, in the North Cuba Basin. "

It sure appears that with This Deal, Russia ,like India, could care less about "Green House Gases."

To Read the Article on the BBC Go To:



Attorney General Says He Fears "Americans Becoming Radicalized and Turning to Terrorism"

Now this is an Article from ABC News and most of My readers probably thought, from the Title, that this Article was going to talk about Radicalized "Right Wingers", but it does not. The Story refers to "Home Grown Terrorists" and those that support "Terrorists Overseas". As if that hasn't been a concern since 9/11, which in my mind, makes the content of this Article Suspect.

Why? Because the First Part of the Article discusses People who leave the Country, get trained by terrorists, then come back in order to do people harm. Which we should all be worried about. But what makes me suspect of the True intentions of the Article is the Second Half when the Attorney General talks about Race.....

Why in an interview about Home Grown Terrorism do you bring up Race? Unless, in a round about way, you are attempting to link the Fear of Radicalized Americans to the 3 Reports that Home Land Security released warning about "Right Wing Extremists" being Racists or belonging to White Supremacy Groups? For me, an Article to Jump from one Subject and then Appear to jump to a Completely different topic, and to assume that the Author is not trying to connect both topics in some way is odd.

But then Again....Maybe I am Projecting too much....

But Read for yourself and you decide.....

To Read the Article on CBS News Go To:



Wednesday, July 29, 2009

10th Amendment Under Attack Again: Senate looking to Force States to Ban Texting While Driving....

According to an Article on FoxNews.com, the Senate is looking to pass a law that will force the States to make Texting while driving Illegal. The Federal Government will do this by denying Federal Highway Funds for all States that refuse to Ban Texting.

Even though Texting is already banned in 14 states and the District of Columbia, the Senate seems to think that they know better than the constituents in the individual States.

This is another example of the Federal Government, and Congress, trying to supersede the 10th Amendment by using Law, intimidation and even Blackmail.

To Read the Article on Fox News Go To:



Communist Party Encourages Madonna to Sing Songs of Communist Revolution and Advise Her Not to "Shake Her Butt"

According to an Article on Pravada.com, the Communist Party in Russia has some Words of Advice for Madonna during her August Concert in St. Petersburg Russia, Don't Shake your Butt and Sing some Communist Songs.

The Communist Party says that the the Palace Square, where Madonna will be performing, has a Rich History:

"the Palace Square was the historical center of the world’s most beautiful city, but also the place, “where the Great October Socialist Revolution, the siege of the Winter Palace and the arrest of the cursed interim government took place.”

So because of this Rich Communist History, the Communist Party wants Madonna to sing the Revolutionary Song- La Marseillaise. But the Communists don't just want her to sing the song acting just any way she wants, they want her to:

"not wiggle your butt here,(not) wear provocative costumes and (not) do the poll dancing. You have to look unpretentious, sing melodically and mind moral norms. Be as successive as you were before. You compared McCain to Hitler, you criticized the war in Iraq and praised Martin Luther King. There is only one step that you should make to sing songs of the revolution. And we will come to your concert, if we have enough party dues for that."

To top off the List of Requests they want her to wear a Cute:

"Russian sailor’s hat, a sailor’s jacket, a striped vest and, of course, the red flag of labor."

Wow....is Pravada Sure this isn't a request from Congress?

Oh wait....I'm Sorry..How silly of me...

Congressman would Want her to Shake Her Butt......

To Read the Article on Pravada Go To:



Senate May Remove the Public Health Care Option from Bill

According to an Article on Reuters, Many Democrat and 3 Republican Senators are supposedly close to a Health Care Reform Deal that will not include President Obama's "Public Health Insurance Plan".

The New Plan, would substitute Non-For Profit Cooperatives in Place of the Government, in order to "Drive Down Costs" through Competition with Private Insurance Companies.

According to Democratic Senator, Kent Conrad, the Government will :

"provide about $6 billion in start-up money to help healthcare cooperatives meet reserve requirements. Any co-op would need about 25,000 members to be financially viable and about 500,000 members to negotiate competitive rates with providers"

My Question to Mr. Conrad is, instead of the Government fronting the money for start up(which would essentially give the Government control anyway) then why don't the wealthy Politicians that support this Bill Front the Money. If it is such a Good idea, then why would they fear investing in what they claim is a "Sure Thing"?

But what I find Humerus is that this Bill would appear to allow Congress to keep their own Health Care....lol

But what the Article doesn't discuss is if the "Mandatory" part of the Bill has been removed or not, I am guessing Not.

I really don't see to much of a Difference from the First Bill to this one.....

All they are doing is changing the Window Dressing by Changing the Wording...

It's still the same Crappy House.....just Prettier Curtains...

To Read the Article on Reuters Go To:



New Marching Orders on Health Care to Obama's Internet Army

I meant to post this sooner, but it slipped my mind. So without Further ado, here is the President's New Marching Orders about Health Care Reform for his Internet Army via Mitch Stewart.

"Last week, Republican Senator Jim DeMint tried to rally our opposition by declaring that stopping reform would "break" President Obama. Instead, hundreds of thousands of you rushed forward to stand up for enacting health insurance reform this year.

Then last night, the President delivered a powerful prime-time address about why further delay is simply not an option, and even more support came pouring in. (Watch the highlights here).

Now, we're on the brink of a major milestone in building this campaign: One million Americans publicly declaring their support for the President's three core principles for health insurance reform this year.

Our goal is to reach the one million mark before Congress casts the first crucial votes as early as next week. This is just a first step of many we'll take together. But it will send a clear message that the American people will not stand for playing partisan politics with our lives and livelihoods -- and that we won't settle for anything less than the real health insurance reform America so desperately needs this year.

Add your name to stand up for the President's three principles for real health insurance reform in 2009.

Adding your name right now will have real impact. Not only will you help us hit this key milestone, but we'll run the signatures we collect in local and national newspaper ads and present them in powerful displays at high-profile local events across the country in the crucial days and weeks to come.

We're so close to a million because volunteers all over the country are reaching out online, door-to-door, on the phone and at public events in their community. And every time a new supporter stands up with the President, they in turn reach out to others and the movement grows.

Less than three months ago, OFA launched our campaign for health insurance reform. In that short time, hundreds of thousands of Americans have joined in by:

*sharing a personal health care story

*calling their representatives

*going door-to-door talking with their neighbors

*calling neighbors in all 50 states

*publishing letters to the editor in local newspapers


*hosting or attending a local event, and much more.

For Republican leaders and special interests, the health insurance debate may be a political game. But for millions of American businesses and families, the cost of inaction is economic ruin and deteriorating care for the ones we love. Out-of-control health care costs are breaking the budgets of families, businesses and government -- and every day that Congress refuses to act, 14,000 Americans lose their coverage entirely.

We're working so hard in every part of this country because we understand -- this is no game. Add your name to help us reach one million public supporters this week, and join in this effort to reform health insurance in 2009:


Thank you,


Mitch Stewart
DirectorOrganizing for America

Notice that the Words "This Year" appear no less than 3 times. So it appears that the President is going to Push through Health Care, no matter what.....

This Year....

Not if we can help it.....


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pictures of Claire McCaskill Town Hall @ St. Louis Community College

These are Pictures I took while at the Claire McCaskill Town Hall Meeting on Monday Night. Several of the Later Pictures were taken by a Young Man named Kirby.

This is the Room that the original Town Hall Meeting was to be held in, when we were expecting only 150 people.

These 3 Young People, pictured below, belong to one of Al Gore's Climate Groups, which one I can not recall.
This Room Filled up fast so we were forced to go down the Hall to the Cafeteria.
This is a Picture of the 1000+ People that had to move to the Cafeteria so that we would not violate the Fire Code.
Below is another Picture of more Al Gore People. They totaled about 20-30 Maximum.
Local Channel 5 News Crew.
One of many standing ovations that night.

The Woman in the White Shirt just finished her speech and was walking over to the Young Veteran(Man in the Grey Suit) to Thank Him for His service.
I do have video Footage of the event. And we will be posting the First 10 minutes late Wednesday night. Check back later......


The United States is a Powder Keg, Just Pray Someone Doesn't Light a Match...

The Town hall Meeting with Claire McCaskill's Representative last night really emphasised one thing in my mind, Large amounts of People are enraged and it wouldn't take much to set them off.

Gatherings across the Nation, like Tea Parties, have taken place for two reasons:

1. People are Pissed Off

2. People Fear and Mistrust Their Government

There has been only 2 times in the History of this Nation where a large segment of People were so filled with Anger and Feared their Government to this extent, The American Revolution and the Civil War.

What those on the Left fail to realize is that the Anger expressed by people today is not Generated by Hate, like their Anger was at Bush, but is Generated by Fear. The combination of those two emotions, anger and fear, form to create a very dangerous Powder Keg that has a Hair Trigger. Every piece of Legislation that Congress Chooses to "Push Through" or every report that is released calling these Citizens "Domestic Terrorists", will just add fuel to the Fear and give credence to their Feelings which will increase the tension on that "trigger". But unfortunately, those in Washington are so blinded by their ideology that they don't see the Giant Keg sitting on their lap, looking for a reason to go off.

All it will take to set alight this Keg is for one of those Angry Citizens to snap or for a nut to Do something , Very, Very Stupid. If the Government Overreacts to any such event and is forced to crack down on the population as a Whole, or just the sections of people they believe to be a threat, then the Keg Will be Lit.

As the Government is forced to take action, action that many of the Non-Violent but Angry Citizens see as a Further reason to Fear, then those who would normally have not taken up arms, will be forced with a Choice...to Rise up or Roll over. In this atmosphere of Fear and Anger, more are likely to Rise up...rather than to be trampled on further by what they perceive as a Danger to their Liberties. That is when the Keg will explode.....

This is the State of Tension we find ourselves in here in the United States, but too many dismiss it as "Politics as usual" or account it to a "Sore Loser mentality". But those people are blinded by their own bias and choose not to see it or just dismiss it.

Those Citizens that expressed their anger last night at the Town Hall meeting were Not Activists, but bonafide Angry and Afraid everyday Citizens. They were not bused in or Forced to be there, over a thousand people drove from far and wide to express the emotions that can only be truly felt in a face to face meeting.....

Let those in the Government take Notice.....People are Angry and Afraid....and they number by the Millions...

The only way to subdue them.....is to stop yourselves...step back and take a Breather...for a Few years.....Do Not Let These People Feel they are Backed into a Corner....

Because, God Forbid, this Keg Goes off....it will not just Destroy one "party" or the Other....

But the Entire Nation.....


Politician wants Government to Dictate Wall Street Pay to Curb "Inappropriate Risk"

According to an Article on Fox News.com, Barney Frank, Senior Democrat in the House, wants to Ban Bonuses and Salaries, for those that work on "Wall Street", that encourage "Inappropriate Risk".

What Mr. Frank considers "Appropriate Risk" is not specified....

But I am Sure "Inappropriate Risk" is construed as "Anything to do with the 'Free' Market"...

Because everyone knows that the Government Never takes an "Inappropriate Risk"....

Like rushing 2000 Page Bills Through Congress........With Out reading them....

To Read the Article On Fox News.com Go To:



Fat? Drink Soda? Then You Need to Pay for Health Care..

In a country where it's Citizens are quickly losing their Freedom, even the Freedom to be Fat, the Centers for Disease Control(CDC) has recommended that a Tax be put on Soda to help pay for Health Care and to curb Obesity.

According to an Article on CBS News.com, the CDC has said that:

"increasing the price of unhealthy foods "would be effective" at combating the nation's obesity problem."

Not to mention that the Tax could also be used to Pay for the Government Insurance Plan that is currently tied up in Congress.

In Countries that have Universal Health Care, Freedom takes a back seat to what the "State" deems a "Healthy Lifestyle". In a Truly Free Society, one would have the Choice to live a Healthy or Unhealthy Life as you Choose, but you would be forced to live with the consequences of your actions. Under a Centrally Government Controlled Society, the Government decides what is best for Society as a Whole and Forces all to comply with the Government Mandated Lifestyle. If one Refuses to "Fall in Line", then the Government refuses them Health Care based on the fact that the person lives an "Unhealthy" Lifestyle. In Some Cases, the Government will even refuse Life Saving Treatment of the Individual for the Sake of the Betterment of Society.

A Case in Point, last week a 22 year old Man was denied a liver Transplant in the UK by the Government run Health Care, due to the fact that he was an Alcoholic, and Died. The Fact that the Man had Joined AA several weeks before was ignored by the Government Health Care Department, since their reasoning for the Denial was based on the Fact that he had an Unhealthy Lifestyle and showed no signs of changing it. This is reminiscent of Hitler's attempt at creating a "Master Race". All who where not considered "Pure" where considered "Second class Citizens" in Society or sent to a Camp to be executed.

This is why the Government has been pushing Smoking and even being"Fat" as something Unhealthy which should be looked down upon. It is the Federal Government's attempt to Dehumanize a segment of the Population so that they can then be exploited without Protest from most of the Citizenry.

Under the Constitution, you are Free to Smoke or Be Fat.....

But then again...the Constitution doesn't seem to apply.......anymore.

To Read the Article on CBS News.com Go To:



1000+ P/Oed Citizens Show For Town Hall Meeting With McCaskill Representative

In what has to be described as one of the most emotional displays I have ever witnessed, at least 1000 Angry Citizens Fell upon the St. Louis Community College, at Forest Park, for a Town Hall Meeting about Health Care Reform. A Representative from Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill's Office was present to Hear Citizen's concerns.

At First, the Meeting was expected to attract about 150 People and to take place in a Room that held a maximum of 250. But due to the Sheer Number of People, the Town Hall Meeting was moved down the Hall to the Cafeteria.

The Meeting began with a Small Introduction from the Moderator, followed by the Senator's Representative describing the Format of the Meeting which was accompanied by angry Shouts and Jeers from the fuming crowd.

About 50 Citizens , who were against the proposed Health Care Bill, stood in Line to air their Grievances at a Microphone placed in front of the Crowd.

One Person after another, gave an impassioned speech about the Unconstitutionality of the Proposed Bill while pointing out the Fallacies of such legislation which was accompanied by Loud Cheers and Shouts from the enraged crowd.

One of the most emotional displays was given by a Young Man who was hearing impaired. He explained about the cost of the implants in his ears and his fear that, under a Government Plan, he would not be considered "Worth Helping" due to his handicap and the Cost of Treatment. As he completed his narrative, the Crowd resounded with Loud Applause and a Standing Ovation.

The Night was a Roller Coaster of emotion which almost came to an Explosive Head when the Moderator was forced to stop the Meeting, due to a time overrun, and to allow those with an alternate point of view to have a say. Those against the Bill that did not get their turn at the Microphone, were taken into a Room in order to put their Grievances on video so that then the Video Footage could be hand delivered to the Senator.

The Meeting ended Peacefully after those that supported the Health Care Reform finished with their Comments. The Hour Long Town Hall Meeting ran just over 2 Hours.

I have been to many Tea Parties in St. Louis, but this was my first Town Hall Meeting and I must say..Wow.

If other Town Hall meetings around the Country are anything like this one, then the Politicians in Washington are Going to Have an Ear Full when they come Home on their August Break.

God Help them....

Because the People...Sure as Hell Aren't...

To See Video of the Event Go To:


I Posted My Pictures of the Event Here:




Monday, July 27, 2009

Democrat John Conyers Says "What's the Point of Reading the Health Care Bill, It's 1,000 pages long....."

Accordnig to CNSNews, During the National Press Luncheon Democratic Senator from Michigan, John Conyers, is quoted as saying:

"I love these members, they get up and say, ‘Read the bill,’” said Conyers.

“What good is reading the bill if it’s a thousand pages and you don’t have two days and two lawyers to find out what it means after you read the bill?”

And Some People Still Wonder what is Wrong with Washington......

To See the Video of the Senators Comments Go To:



St. Louis Tea Party Members to Meet with Claire McCaskill

According to Rebootcongress.blogspot.com and Stlouisteaparty.com, the St. Louis Tea Party has been invited by the Office of Senator Claire McCaskill to meet in a "Town Hall" type forum to air their Grievances on several issues currently in Congress.

The Meeting will take place at the Forest Park Community College at the Highlander Lounge in the Student Center at 7 P.M. tonight. The Hour Long event will allow the Tea Party Members to question and make comments to either the Senator Herself, or a Representative from her office, on the issues like National Health Care and Cap and Trade.

There has been Word that possible Counter Protesters may make an appearance in support of the Cap and Trade Program.

If you want more Information or Directions to the Event You can Go To:





Democratic Nebraska State Senator Says the Push For "States Rights" is Reminiscent of "Racism"

According to an Article on Omaha.com, State Democratic Senator, Bill Avery, has said that the Recent Push for State's Rights has a History of "racism". He is quoted as saying:

“The history of this movement is rife with racism in the name of states' rights,” he said. “I'm not saying that the people making the case now are racist, but I don't think Nebraska needs to be getting in bed with these kinds of resolutions.”

Mr Avery's Comments are in response to a Current Push in the Nebraska Legislature to pass a resolution asserting the States rights under the 10th Amendment.

State Sen Tony Fulton, who is one of three senators that support the Resolution, has said that this isn't about Secession but his Goal is to:

"shine light on the fact that the federal government is overstepping its bounds. We would be making a statement on behalf of Nebraska.”

As the Continued movement to reassert the 10th Amendment spreads, the resistance will increase as well. Some will resort to dirty Tactics, similar to Mr. Avery, but some will attempt to make it a little more complex, as a Comment on the Omaha.com Story reveals:

"Posted by: Istaraen on 07/27/09 @ 1:02 am:

I'd almost be willing to bet that there are campaign donations linking the three Nebraska state senators talking about a worthless "sovereignty" resolution in our state and those who introduced them in other states: the World-Herald should really look into possible connections with national interest groups."

The History of "rights" issues in the United States, be it either States or Rights of Man, have almost always ended up in Violence. Let us Hope as this movement Grows, so does the Common Sense of those Leading it.

For we must do everything we can to resist this Federalist encroachment short of Violence....

We Must Resist in a Peace Manner...upholding the Principles and example of MLK.....

Otherwise we will hasten the Destruction of the Thing that we are trying to Protect...

The Constitution of the United States.

To Read the Article on Omaha.com Go To:



Missouri Judge Fights Red Light Camera Ticket

According to an Article on Columbia Missourian.com, St. Louis Circuit Court Judge, Robert Dierker, has demanded a Jury Trial in order to Fight a Ticket he received from a Red Light camera.

The Trial is set for September 28th.

To Read the Article on the Missourian Go To:



Stimulus To Prevent Layoffs of Teachers...Or Not..

President Obama said on March 18th that:

"Almost all of the money that's going to states under the recovery act for education is designed to retain teachers."

Even the US Department of Education indicated on its web site that:

"American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds will be distributed quickly to states, local educational agencies and other entities in order to avert layoffs, create and save jobs and improve student achievement."

President Obama has even been quoted as saying about the Stimulus that:

"The Program has worked as intended."

But according to an Article on CBS News.com, the Stimulus hasn't been quite as "Stimulating" as the President professes, especially as it pertains to retaining teachers.

Even with the 100 Billion in Stimulus Funds, Schools all across the Nation are being forced to increase Class size due to Mass Teacher Lay Offs.

According to the Article:

"Patti Hathorn, a fifth-grade teacher in rural Pinson, Ala., is expecting 29 or 30 students, making it the biggest class she's taught. Many of her students at Kermit Johnson Elementary are learning English or are in special education. "

Also in other States:

"Classes in Los Angeles are expected to grow by two kids in fourth through 12th grades. Middle school classes will have 35 kids on average; juniors and seniors will have about 43 kids in each class. Kindergarten through third-grade classes will rise by four kids to 24.

Mass layoffs are reshuffling teachers into grades or subjects they may never have taught, or taught long ago. Administrators are being pushed back into the classroom after years away from teaching."

It appears that this is another case of the President speaking before he knows all the Facts.

Maybe he can call all of those teachers that have been Layed Off and invite them to have a Beer at the White House as an Apology....

To Read the Article on CBS News.com Go To:



Clinton Pigs Out Before Speaking at "Obesity Conference"

In a Perfect example of the Politicians creed of "Do as I say, Not as I Do", X-President Clinton Pigged out Saturday Night before his Scheduled appearance today at the "Weight of the Nation Conference" in Washington D.C.

According to a Blog Post by Rick Klein on ABC News, the "Weight Conscience" Clinton ordered a:

"double burger (hold the mayo), onion rings, French fries, and an apple-pie milkshake."

OH..you can Just hear his Arteries Hardening....

Someone better Tell Mr. Clinton that if they pass National Health Care, that the Government will refuse his Triple Heart By-pass Surgery, due to his unhealthy Lifestyle and Age...

Oh that's Right Politicians can elect to be kept out of the Government Health Care Plan...

Since they already have A Better Health Care Plan...Paid for by the Government...

Irony...or Oxi Moron...You Decide..

To see a Picture of the X-President with his Giant to Go Bag Go To:


To Read the Blog Post by Rick Klien Go To:



Possible Showdown Over National Health Care and States Rights

It appears that the movement to assert the 10th Amendment involving State's Rights is gaining speed against the Latest perceived Threat, National Health Care.

According to an Article on My Fox D.C., In June, the State of Arizona passed an initiative that place on the Ballot a Bill, HCR2014, that would Nullify Any Federal Attempt to Enforce a National Health Care Plan in the State of Arizona:

"HCR2014, if approved by voters next year, also would prohibit any fine or penalty on anyone or any company for deciding to purchase health care directly. Doctors and health care providers would remain free to accept those funds and provide those services."

At the Time Five other States where pursuing similar legislation:

"Indiana, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Dakota and Wyoming"

According to a Recent Article on Star Telegram.com, Texas can be added as the Sixth State to that list.

Governor Perry has said that he would consider "invoking States Rights Protections" under the 10th Amendment if the Congress passes a National Health Care Law. Governor Perry is quoted as saying:

"I think you’ll hear states and governors standing up and saying 'no’ to this type of encroachment on the states with their healthcare," Perry said. "So my hope is that we never have to have that stand-up. But I’m certainly willing and ready for the fight if this administration continues to try to force their very expansive government philosophy down our collective throats."

If Governor Perry is proven Right, then a Showdown between the Federal Government and Some of the States will be inevitable.

What the outcome from such a Confrontation will be is unclear, but let's hope that History, does not repeat itself.

To Read the Article on My Fox D.C. Go To:


To Read the Article on the Star Telegram Go To:


"Moderate Taliban" to be "Elected" to Office in Afghanistan

In March of this Year, President Obama said that he would be willing to have Negotiations with the "Moderate" sections of the Taliban. Many Scoffed at the Idea that an organization, that is allied with Al qaeda who executed the Terrorist Attack on the World Trade Center, would even have a section of "Moderates" to negotiate with...

But according to an Article on Telegraph uk.com, the Foreign Secretary of the UK, David Miliband, is parroting Obama when he said recently that "Moderate" elements of the Taliban may acquire "seats" in the Afghan Government during the Elections next week.

The Development Secretary of the UK, Douglas Alexander, is quoted as saying:

"some people might be unhappy about political engagement with insurgents, but insisted that most would back the strategy. "

This statement by the Members of the UK Government follow closely upon President Obama's statement last week when he said that "Victory" was not necessarily the "Goal" of the War in Afghanistan. Now we know what he meant........Military "Victory" isn't the Goal.....

But Placating to the "Moderates" of a Terrorist Group is.....

To Read the Article On Telegraphuk.com Go To:



The Price of Socialism : "Pay Czar" to Force Bailed Out Companies to Change Pay Contracts

In what appears to be a continuing trend of exercising Overreaching and Unconstitutional powers, the "Pay Czar" will Force the renegotiation of Pay packages for employees of those Companies that received bailouts.

According to an Article in Reuters:

"Kenneth Feinberg, is expected to press firms and employees to rework contracts that are too high, the paper said. If that does not happen, he may reduce compensation in other ways, including future pay"

In what should be one of the most disturbing sentences of the Article, the Bailed out companies have to convince the "Pay Czar" of the Federal Government that the Salaries are not overly "Generous":

"Companies will need to convince Mr. Feinberg that they have struck the right balance to discourage excessive risk-taking and reward performance for their top executives"

Excessive Risk taking??? That Sentence just said, without saying it, that the Federal Government will reward the Executives for Doing the Bidding of the President and Punish those that try to follow the Free Market System, which Always involves "Risk".

But don't worry...The President has already said he Doesn't "Want" to run Private Corporations....

Even though that Sure hasn't stopped him from do so.........Comrade!

To Read the Article in Reuters Go To:



Sunday, July 26, 2009

Alton IL Tea Party Pictures

Pictures of the Alton Tea Party at the Alton Riverfront Amphitheater.

Pictures from Bill Hennessy's Speech.

Standing Ovation after he completed his speech.

Pictures of the Crowd at the Alton IL. Tea Party.

Signs from the Alton IL. Tea Party.

Last but not Least my Fellow Bloggers, Adam from Sharpelbows(left), and DSM from Reboot Congress(Right) also attended the Alton Protest.

To See More Pictures of the Alton Tea Party Go To:

If my Friend who Forgot His Blue Civil War Hat would either Contact me through my e-mail or by becoming my Friend on facebook(I am listed under Patch Washington) so that We can Discuss furthur the Trip to D.C. I would appreciate it.

500+ Show for First Alton Tea Party

In what was an impressive display of Patriotism, over 500 people showed up for a Tea Party in one of the Strongholds of Liberalism in Madison County, Alton Illinois. People from as far away as Arthur IL. and Wentzville MO traveled over a long distance to Join their Alton IL Brothers in a Joint Protest of an out of Control Federal Government and the continued spread of Socialism in our Great Nation.

The Gorgeous Blue Sky, the Magnificent Alton Bridge combined with the Beautiful Alton Riverfront Amphitheater formed to create the perfect backdrop for this Event. As the Crowd slowly trickled in, the enthusiasm of the Protesters was evident, not only in the design and creativity of their signs but in the way the Veteran Tea Party members welcomed the New Arrivals with warm hand shakes and passionate discussion.

The event began at 5:30P.M. with a Prayer, the National Anthem followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. The Master of Ceremonies for the event was eloquently executed by the local Alton Tea Party co-organizer, Elijah Condollene.

The First Speaker was the Author of Getting America Back, Johnathan West, who years earlier, rightly predicted what is happening today. He aslo gave a brief , but educational, History of the Official Tea Party Flag, the Gasden Flag, or as Many others know it by, the "Don't Tread on me" Flag.

The Second Speaker of the day was a representative from the Alton 9/12 project, Kathy. She intelligently discussed the importance of the 9/12 project and what it represented. She Also put forth a plan of action which the 9/12 movement will use to help make a "Change" in Washington.

The Key Note Speaker of the Event was the Co-Organizer of the St. Louis Tea Party and Blogger, Bill Hennessy. Mr. Hennessy's Impassioned speech about the Founding of this Nation, and the problems of the continued Elite Mindset of those in Washington, so Energized the Crowd that upon completion of his oratory, the Crowd resounded with a Standing Ovation.

The Final Speaker of the Event was the other co-organizer of the Alton Tea Party, Rhonda Linders. Mrs. Linders adamently encouraged those attending to get involved by calling their Representatives and voice their concerns.

In the Past, Alton became the Battle cry for all of those who Stood for Freedom of All Americans after an unruly Mob Killed the Abolitionist, Elijah Lovejoy, on an Alton Street Corner in 1837.

How appropriate that 172 Years later, a Group of Americans would gather in the City of His Death, to Once Again, Stand Against Government Forced Slavery.....

Let those of us who consider ourselves a Defender of Liberty, take to heart the words of Elijah Lovejoy that are inscribed on the Monument Bearing his name in Alton Cemetery:

"I Have Sworn Eternal Opposition to Slavery, and by the Blessing of God...I will Never Turn Back!"

I will be posting Pictures of the Alton Tea Party later Today.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tea Party In Alton IL Today.

Dana Loesch, Local Radio Host and St. Louis Tea Co-Organizer, made a comparison in her speech on the 4th of July between the Tea Party Movement and Elijah Lovejoy, which I fear was lost on many, till now.

Like Elijah Lovejoy, who was an anti-slavery newspaperman who was persecuted out of St. Louis Mo and ended up in Alton IL, the next Tea Party is going to be held in Alton IL today, July 25th.

The Tea Party will be held at the Alton Riverfront Amphitheatre beginning at 5:30p.m. The Main Speaker will be the co-organizer of the St. Louis Tea Party, Bill Hennessey. There will also be a block party on 3rd Street after the event.

I will be attending, as will other members of the Tea Party Militia, to show support for our Illinois Brothers in their protest of an out of control Federal Government and a Return to Constitutional Law.

To Get more information visit the St. Louis Tea Party website at:


To visit the Illinois Tea party Website Go To:



Friday, July 24, 2009

Is the Democratic Party Imploding?

It appears that the Health Care Issue may be the Waterloo not only for the President, but also for the Democrat Party. The issue of Nationalized Health Care, and the costs that come with it, appear to be tearing the Democratic Party apart.

According to an Article on the Hill.com, the conservative "Blue Dog" Democrats said that they have been "lied" to by their Leaders.

The Far Left Socialists are Forcing their hand on the Health Care issue, so much so that the "Conservatives" in the Democratic Party have had enough. After the "Blue Dog" Democrats were informed that a Vote would be forced on the Health Care Plan next week, with or without their approval they Got a little upset, according to the Hill.com:

"The seven Blue Dogs on the Energy and Commerce Committee stormed out of a Friday meeting with their committee chairman, Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), saying Waxman had been negotiating in bad faith over a number of provisions Blue Dogs demanded be changed in the stalled healthcare bill.

“I’ve been lied to,” Blue Dog Coalition Co-Chairman Charlie Melancon (D-La.) said on Friday. “We have not had legitimate negotiations.

“Mr. Waxman has decided to sever discussions with the Blue Dogs who are trying to make this bill work for America,” Melancon said. "

The "Blue Dogs" seem to be so upset that they may consider leaving the Party all together:

"Waxman simply does not have votes in committee and process should not be bypassed to bring the bill straight to floor,” Rep. Mike Ross (D-Ark.), the lead Blue Dog negotiator, said on Friday. “We are trying to save this bill and trying to save this party.”

The Irony of all of it all is that the President made Health Care reform his number 1 issue during his Presidency. It appears that even if he accomplishes his Goal with his Now or Nothing attitude, that it may mean the end of the one Party that got him elected, the Democrats.

Which means he would get what he wants Now....

But when time Came around for re-election....

He may end up with Nothing...

To Read the Article on the Hill Go To:



Obama Says "Victory" is Not Necessarily the Goal in Afghanistan

According to an Article on Fox News, President Obama said in an Interview on Thursday that "Victory" is not Necessarily the Goal of the War in Afghanistan. What the President did say was that he was worried about using the Word Victory:

" I'm Always worried about using the word victory, because, you know, it invokes this notion of Emperor Hirohito coming down and signing a surrender to MacArthur."

But since 'Victory' isn't the Goal then what is? Well according to the President, the Goal in Afghanistan is to make sure Al Qaeda :

"can't attack the United States."

Now call me silly, but isn't that best achieved if we have 'Victory' in Afghanistan????

Because if we aren't the Victors in the Afghan War....Then that means we are the Vanquished.

Maybe this should be told to the Great American Soldiers BEFORE they Go to Afghanistan and get Shot at....

That they are not there to accomplish Victory....

But to have a repeat of the Vietnam War...

To Read the Article on Fox Go To:


Against the People's Wishes: House is to Vote on Health Care Bill Next Week

Even after the Support for a National Health Care Plan continues to fall, the House of Representatives, after some Prodding by the White House, has decided that they will Vote on H.R. 3200 before the August Break.

H.R. 3200 is the 1000 Page Bill that even the President claims "He is not familiar with" and even has been proved to provide Illegal Aliens with Government Health Care For Free, even though many in Congress Claim it does not.

According to an Article on NPR.com, Rahm Emmanuel said that after the House Vote Congress:

"Can Use the Summer Months to basically work out the differences."

Maybe the Congress can use the Summer Months to listen to their Constituents and actually "Represent" them...Instead of doing what ever the Hell they want....

But that may be asking alot...

To Read the Article on NPR Go To:



Thursday, July 23, 2009

*UPDATE* 7/24/09 President's Health Care Bill Will Cover Illegals For Free

I was reading through the House Version(H.R. 3200) of the President's Health Care Bill and came across some wording that really stood out. Then it hit me, the wording in the Bill was written this way to include Illegals, without actually saying it. Then I discovered another part of the Bill that makes Illegals Exempt from the Mandatory requirement, like the Federal Government is, which means they are exempt from paying the Penalties and therefore receive "Free" Health Care.

The First Proof in the Pudding is in Section 152 titled:


The Text of this section is as follows:

(a) In General- Except as otherwise explicitly permitted by this Act and by subsequent regulations consistent with this Act, all health care and related services (including insurance coverage and public health activities) covered by this Act shall be provided without regard to personal characteristics extraneous to the provision of high quality health care or related services.

This section is vague on Purpose. Personal Characteristics can Mean anything. Normally when Congress wants to describe those that you can not discriminate against they put in something like this:

"One can not Discriminate based on the actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability."

This is part of the Text from the Federal hate Crime bill( I added the first 4 words). If this is the way Congress describes individuals that a hate Crime can be committed against based on Discrimination, then why is the Health Care Bill so Vague?

That's because if they listed out exactly who the Health Care Bill could not discriminate against, then they would have a list which contains the words "National Origin" or "Citizenship Status" which would make the Fact that Illegals are covered too obvious.

The Second Part of the Bill that Gives Illegals access to the National Health Insurance for Free is is in Section 59B, paragraph C, section 2. The Section is titled:


The Text Section is as follows:

`(2) NONRESIDENT ALIENS- Subsection (a) shall not apply to any individual who is a nonresident alien

Now Subsection (a) is about the "Tax" you will ahve to pay If you Don't get Insurance. This Section says:

`(a) Tax Imposed- In the case of any individual who does not meet the requirements of subsection (d) at any time during the taxable year, there is hereby imposed a tax equal to 2.5 percent of the excess of--

`(1) the taxpayer's modified adjusted gross income for the taxable year, over

`(2) the amount of gross income specified in section 6012(a)(1) with respect to the taxpayer.

So as you can see, the Health Care Bill Does Cover Illegals for Free. Which is what is forcing up the costs in the Health Care System we have now because they Don' t or can't Pay. Which is exactly what the Democratic Senator Cardin just complained about when the Uninsured American Citizen just asked him if the Senator was going to "Force Him to get Insurance". The Senator replied:

"You don't pay. You are part of the population that shifts its costs over to a person who does pay, and they're paying for you, I just think the overriding public interest is to require you and everyone in this country to have health insurance."

Someone should tell Senator Cardin that the Health Care Bill will still be paying for those that don't pay And Aren't American citizens....

But that won't effect the Cost of Government Health Care......Right?

To Read the H.R. 3200 Bill Go To :


*UPDATE* 7/24/09

In the Bill H.R. 3200 under the Section 246 Titled:


The Section text is as follows:

"Nothing in this Subtitle shall allow Federal Payments for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States."

This Section only Prevents Illegals from Receiving "Affordability Credits" which are given to those who make less than $43,000 per individual or $88,000 per family of four. These "Affordability Credits" are to be used so that Those that Are Forced To Get Insurance, but can't afford to buy the Government Insurance, will be able to use these Credits like Coupons so that they can then Afford the Government Insurance Plan.

Since the Illegals are Exempt from the Mandate, they Will not Need the "Affordability Credits" since they will still receive their Health Care For FREE.

This Section is a Smoke Screen just so that Politicians can say, look it says No Federal Government Funds will be spent on Illegals for "Affordability Credits".

But what it Should Say, if it was to prevent Government Health Care For Illegals, is that No Federal Government Funds Will be Spent on Health Care for Illegals.

There is a Big Difference between Federal Money paying for Coupons and Federal Money outright paying for Health Care.

Which is the reason they inserted the Section 152 involving Discrimination, which prevents ANYONE from being denied Health Care.

So when you Hear that the House Bill Does Not Pay For the Health Care of Illegals, DO NOT BELIEVE IT.

Because it does....



Lesson on How to Lose Doctors Support for Health Care Bill : By President Obama

The President may be have a bad taste of Rubber in His mouth this morning, after shoving his Foot down his throat during last nights "Health Care" Press Conference. While the Press Conference was touted as an attempt by the President to garner more Support for His Health Care Plan, in reality it became a lesson on How to lose Support. If you want to pass a Piece of Legislation, the last thing you do is Piss off the People that it will effect most, in this case those "People" are the Doctors.

Last night during his speech, President Obama Blamed the "Greed" of the Doctors for the Rise in the Cost of Health Care when he said this:

"And part of what we want to do is to make sure that those decisions are being made by doctors and medical experts based on evidence, based on what works, because that’s not how it’s working right now. That’s not — that’s not how it’s working right now.

Right now, doctors a lot of times are forced to make decisions based on the fee payment schedule that’s out there. So if they’re looking and you come in and you’ve got a bad sore throat or your child has a bad sore throat or has repeated sore throats, the doctor may look at the reimbursement system and say to himself, “You know what? I make a lot more money if I take this kid’s tonsils out.”

Now, that may be the right thing to do, but I’d rather have that doctor making those decisions just based on whether you really need your kid’s tonsils out or whether it might make more sense just to change — maybe they have allergies. Maybe they have something else that would make a difference.

So — so part of what we want do is to free doctors, patients, hospitals to make decisions based on what’s best for patient care."

On the Internet, the fall out from the anger of those in the Medical Profession is spreading.
What the Total of the Fall out will be from Obama's insult is not yet evident, but as this builds steam and goes viral on the Internet, it could be profound.

But those in Washington should take a Lesson from the President....

Next time you want to Gain Support for a bill......

Insult the Largest, Wealthiest Constituents that it will effect the Most....

Class Warfare.....That's a recipe for Success!


Company that Banned "Conservative Kiosk" is the Same One that "Shut Down" the Atlanta 4th of July Tea Party

It has come to light that the Simon Group, which just banned a "Conservative" Kiosk from a Mall in Concord N.C. recently, is the Same Company that "Shut Down" the Atlanta 4th of July Tea Party by denying them the use of a Mall parking Lot just days before the event.

The Simon Group, based out of Indiana, is the Largest U.S. Real Estate Investment Trust in the World. The Company began in 1960 when the three Simon Brothers, Melvin, Herbert and Fred, joined together to form Melvin Simon and Associates. The Simon Brothers started off small by investing in a few open Air Plazas, but after many years of redesigning the concept of Plazas into what we know today as Malls, and forming the Simon Group in 1993, they of built their Empire to encompass a total of 385 Properties world wide.

The Simon Brothers have become so succesful that Herbert and Melvin Simon are currently the owners of the NBA Team the Indiana Pacers .

The Simon Group also has a History of Supporting the Democratic Party. From 2000 to 2008 the Simon group has donated a total of over $500,000 Dollars to several Different Democratic candidates, including Obama and Hillary. The Simon Group even Donated $4,300 to the Al Franken's Senate campaign. But it appears that the Simon Group leans pretty heavy for Hillary over Obama, since last year they donated $6,900 Dollars to the Hillary campaign but only a measly $250 Dollars to the Obama Campaign. But the Simon Group more than made up for the lack of support during the Campaign, when Melvin Simon donated $50,000 Dollars to President Obama's inauguration.

But let it be said that the Simon Group has at least one "ally" on the other side of the Aisle. Dick Lugar, The Liberal Republican Senator from Indiana, has received a little over $10,000 dollars in campaign contributions over the Years from the Simon Group.

Which explains why the Simon Group seem to have no problem with Denying Conservatives the use of their facilities, since they are Big Democrat Party Supporters.

But the recent activity of Oppression from the Simon Group goes against what Herbert Simon said in an interview with Northwest Airlines World Traveler in 1998 . He is quoted as saying:

"We try to make malls for everybody"

Simon Group's definition of "everybody" must not be the same as the dictionary....

Since Simon's Group's Definition doesn't include...


To Read the Political Donations of the Simon Group Go To:


To Read the History of the Simon Group according to an Article in 1998 Go To:


To Go To The Simon Group Web Site Go To: