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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dumb People Are Everywhere...Some are Holding "Swine Flu Parties"

It appears our Cousin's from accros the "Pond" have gone Mad.

In the UK people are holding "Swine Flu Parties" with Friends who are sick, in the Hopes that they will catch the "Milder" form of the Flu in order to build up a resitance for the Fall. Experts believe that the Swine Flu will mutate and become a much Deadlier strain in the Fall, which is what happened during the Flu epidemic in the early 1900's.

Swine Flu Parties have become such a common occurance that the Government has issued a Warning that people should not attend and defenatly should not take their Children to such a gathering.

Wow maybe they should warn people over there about Breathing Water as well...and Not to Jump From a High Rise Building....Oh and the Barrel of a Gun Points away from you....


To Read An Article on "Swine Flu Parties" Go To:



American's Future Health Care Problem? : Doctors Fighting For Right to Talk Faith

According to the BBC, Doctors in the UK are fighting for the Right to Talk Faith to their Patients without Repercussions. Wow...

It appears that in the UK, a Doctor talking Religion with their Patients is considered a form of Harassment and therefore Forbidden. The Atheist's in England, using a Familiar Argument that is used by Progressives in America, claim that Religion does not Belong in Health Care. I guess that is the Separation of Church and Medicine..lol

Recently there have been some "Consequences" in the UK when Medical Practitioners have Broke the "No Religion" Rule. According to the Article :

"Last year community nurse Caroline Petrie was suspended by North Somerset NHS Trust after offering to pray for a patient, although the 45-year-old was later allowed to return to work.

And only last week a Gloucestershire nurse said she had left her job at a local hospital after being told she could not wear a crucifix - although the hospital said it was because of health and safety rules, not religion.

Cancer specialist Dr Bernadette Birtwhistle, who works in hospitals across Yorkshire and is a member of the Christian Medical Fellowship, said: "I think it is getting to the point where many of us feel we cannot talk to patients about their spiritual or religious needs or ask them about praying.

Christianity is being seen as something that is unhelpful."

How can the UK do this? It's called SOCIALIZED MEDICINE.

This the Future of America After Socialized Medicine. The Government Dictating to EVERYONE about EVERYTHING. It's Coming.....Oh..It's Coming...

Look into the Future.....and be afraid...

To Read the Article Go To:



California Community Activist turned State Lawmaker Calls Conservative Talk Radio "Terrorists"

California State Assembly Speaker, Karen Bass, compared Conservative Talk Radio to a Terrorist Threat, during an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

Karen Bass is similar to the President in the sense that she was a Community Organizer and has only been a Lawmaker for a Short 5 years, but somehow she has already become the Speaker of the California State Assembly. It appears, like the President, she is another "Post Turtle".

Karen Bass, during an interview with a Reporter from the Los Angeles Times, was asked a question about Conservative Talk Radio and the Effect it had on Republican Lawmakers in the recent Vote for raising taxes.

"Reporter: How do you think conservative talk radio has affected the Legislature's work?

Karen Bass: The Republicans were essentially threatened and terrorized against voting for revenue. Now [some] are facing recalls. They operate under a terrorist threat: "You vote for revenue and your career is over." I don't know why we allow that kind of terrorism to exist. I guess it's about free speech, but it's extremely unfair."

Well if that answer doesn't contain a glimpse of Karen Bass's Soul..then I don't know what does.

First, When the People call Their Representatives and Passionately tell them how to Vote..That Is Not Terrorism, That Is a Republic. Miss Bass is under the Impression that a Representative of the People is supposed to Represent themselves and ignore the People...Which Fits nicely with the attitude of Washington Politicians. That is the Arrogance of Progressives like Karen Bass....Ignore the People..Do what you want.. The "Progressives" mentality is why they released those reports from Home Land Security about "Right Wing Extremists". They really Believe it....

Second, Karen obviously doesn't care about Free Speech...because it's Unfair....Wow...Screw the Constitution...Just make it "Fair"...Now you know how the "Fairness Doctrine" was created and why they are pushing for it now. They hate the Constitution because it allows things the Progressive Politicians don't like...That is why they Pursue "Social Justice" and Not Constitutional Law.

Funny how the Main Steam Media hasn't picked up on this little Gem of an Interview....

Go Figure..

To Read the Interview in the Los Angeles Times Go To:



Monday, June 29, 2009

Human Rights Activists in Russia have Slim Hope for Obama's Visit

According to an Article on VOA News.com, Human Rights Activists in Russia don't have alot of Hope for President Obama's Visit Next Month.

The Protests in Iran and the President's response, or Lack of to it, has spurned concerns in Human Rights Groups in Russia.

The Main Points that are of the Greatest Concern in the Current Negotiations between Russia and the U.S. are the Downsizing of the Nuclear Arsenal and the Missile Defense System deployment in Europe. It appears that the President's Promise during the Campaign to "Not Shy Away from Pushing for more Transparency and Democracy in Russia" has been forgotten.

According to the Article, Russia still has many things to learn about Protests and Demonstrations:

"Police in Russia often use force to break up opposition demonstrations, raising the question of how the Kremlin deals with dissent and human rights."

In March, a Bi-Partisan Group of American Politicians met with the Russian President and recommended to President Obama that they:

"respect Russia's sovereignty, history and traditions."

But Mr. Igor Klyamkin, of the Liberal Mission Foundation in Moscow, has Concerns that:

"the commission may be parroting the rhetoric of Kremlin officials, without regard for the hidden meaning of their words.

Klyamkin says what they mean is that democracy and rule of law are alien to Russia; that its values and traditions are autocratic and authoritarian rule. The activist says, by using the same words [as the Kremlin], Americans indicate agreement with that kind of Russia."

It appears that the Fact President Obama's Agenda is lacking in Actual Support for Democracy and Freedom of Speech in Other Countries is becoming more and more apparent as Time Goes On....

Instead he has taken the Line that we "Can't Dictate To Other Countries"......

Silly Me...Why Would the Country that is supposed to Be the Beacon of Liberty for the World...Want to make the Light of Freedom Shine a Little Brighter in Totalitarian Countries??

Leader of the Free World...Yea...Right..

To Read the Article on VOA News Go To:



GE Sneaks in "Back Door" to Qualify For Government Bank Program

According to an Article in the Washington Post, General Electric the Government's Main Partner in the Creation of the "Smart Grid", is going to be allowed access to a Government Program for Banks that they originally didn't qualify for.

According to the Article:

"The company did not initially qualify for the program, under which the government sought to unfreeze credit markets by guaranteeing debt sold by banking firms. But regulators soon loosened the eligibility requirements, in part because of behind-the-scenes appeals from GE.

As a result, GE has joined major banks collectively saving billions of dollars by raising money for their operations at lower interest rates. Public records show that GE Capital, the company's massive financing arm, has issued nearly a quarter of the $340 billion in debt backed by the program, which is known as the Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program, or TLGP. The government's actions have been "powerful and helpful" to the company, GE chief executive Jeffrey Immelt acknowledged in December. "

It appears that GE has taken the Idea of being in the "Pocket" of the Federal Government to new Heights.....

To Read the Article Go To:



Poll Says 48% of Texas and 43% of Georgian Republicans Prefer States to be "Independent Nations"

First, I hate Polls..I don't Trust Polls and Normally I would not even Mention Polls. So Consider this Posting for "Entertainment Purposes Only".

The Daily Kos, a Left Leaning Website dressed in "Centrist Clothing", conducted a couple of Polls to test the "Secessionist" waters based on Political Affiliations. The "Poll" does not explain the amount of people in the Poll and I assume that the People Polled lived in the Respective States, but it does not specify. (I know that seems stupid, but I have found Polls that claim they Polled people in a Certain County or State only to find out that they included some people who "want" to live in a Certain State or County.)

The Question asked of Citizens in Both States was this:

"Do you think Georgia would be better off as an independent nation or as part of the United States of America?"

"Do you think Texas would be better off as an independent nation or as part of the United States of America?"

The Majority of those asked preferred to stay in the Union, but those that preferred "Independence" were a majority of Republicans, 48% in Texas and 43% in Georgia. The overall State Results were Texas Union-61% Independent 35%. For Georgia Union 68% Independent 27%.

Now the results of these Polls are suspect once one reads the Article after the Polls, the Authors are unabashedly Pro-Democrat. So if these Polls are to be used as Propaganda to Prove that "Republicans" are nutty secessionists or if the Poll is Legit remains to be seen.

Personally I could care less what the Republicans or Democrats think....

But it is always interesting to see how some people continue to use "Polls" to progress their Agenda..Or to Label Others as "Nuts".......sad really.

To Read the Poll about Georgia Go To:


To Read the Poll about Texas Go To:



Cap and Trade to Pass Senate : According to White House Advisor

According to an Article on Politico.com, David Axelrod Senior White House Advisor, on Sunday's "Meet the Press" said this about the coming Cap and Trade Bill Vote in the Senate:

"The vote will come sometime in the fall, and I think that we will fashion an energy package that will move this country forward and carry the day.”

It seems that the White House and Mr Axelrod think that the Bill is going to Flow right through the Senate, he may be right. There is not much the Republicans can do if all of the Democrats are on board with the President's Plan.

It also appears that the White House has an ever changing view of the Congressional Budget Office(CBO) Reports. Ever since the New Administration was put in office, the CBO has been predicting that many of the President's Agenda, like Spending and Health Care, are too Costly and Unsustainable which has led the the White House to Criticize the CBO'S Numbers as "Technical Issues" and "Meaningless". That is until now.... The Report released by the CBO shows that the Increase to Consumers won't be as much as some feared. So the White House, thinking that the CBO is now Playing Ball with the Administration, has changed it's tune.

According to the Article, the Commentator of "Meet the Press", George Stephanopoulos, said this to David Axel Rod after playing a Clip of Warren Buffett saying that the "Cap and Trade" Bill is nothing but a "Huge Tax":

Stephanopoulos: “How do you answer that? Republicans say this is the defining vote of 2008. They're going to use that in the 2010 elections.”

Axelrod: “I have a high regard for Warren Buffett, and the president does as well. I think the Congressional Budget Office addressed this issue, and their conclusion was the way the bill was written, the impact on the average American will be negligible over time. … In 2020, and for lower income people, it actually will be a net gain because they'll get some help with their energy bill. So I think this is a phony issue.”

Funny.....up till now the CBO Numbers have been "Meaningless", now the CBO is so accurate that it addresses the Issue of explaining if the Bill is a "Huge Tax" or not......

I'm Sorry..but this interview and Mr. Axelrod's Comments appear to be just.....

"Technical Issues"......

To Read the Article on Politico Go To:



Sunday, June 28, 2009

Something to Remember At the 4th of July Tea Party

I have always been Impressed with the Caliber of People who attend the Tea Parties.

I have met Small Business Owners, Teachers, Nurses, Doctors, Warehouse Workers, McDonald Workers, Office Administrators, Managers, Stay at Home Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, Fireman, Policemen, Postal workers, Soldiers, Secretaries, Dental Assistances, Accountants, Wal-Mart Employees, Reporters,.... all Different types of People from the Young to the Old of all Races and Religions, a True Melting Pot and Cross Section of America.

We have all come together for many reasons and yet, for the Same Reason.....Freedom.

No Other Universal Idea can Attract and Appeal to so many From so Many Different Walks of Life like, Freedom.

No Other Cause has seen so Many Willingly Take Up Arms to Defend it, Lay Down Their Lives to Protect it, or Peacefully Withstand Abuse to Obtain it than, Freedom.

No Other Principle has Garnered so much Love as to spawn the Creation of Prose and Poetry of such Passion that it inspired Generation after Generation to Pursue it like, Freedom.

No Other Feeling Has Been Expressed and Cherished by so many, From the Point of Birth to Their Last Dying Breath As, Freedom.

No Tyrant, Dictator, Czar or King Can Ever Take Away or Destroy the Eternal Concept of, Freedom.

As You Gather on this Fourth of July,...Look around and Remember Why you are there......For What Cause You Will Fight...From What Principle you Draw Inspiration.....What Feeling You Want to Express......

And What No Man Or Government Can Ever Take Away.....



Saturday, June 27, 2009

Administration is Getting Desperate about Health Care Plan: New Orders for the Obama "Internet Army"..

It appears that the Administration is getting anxious about their National Health Care Plan. They have sent out New "Marching Orders" that they hope will help to overwhelm the "Statistical" Facts of the Healh Care Debate. Here is the E-mail:

"A few weeks ago, President Obama asked you to share your personal story about how the health care crisis has affected you and the ones you love. Hundreds of thousands of stories poured in from every corner of the country. The President and I have read through many of them ourselves -- and now I'm encouraging you to do so as well.

Read these powerful, personal stories from people in your area and around the country.

And after you do, please forward this note on to as many people as you can.

For folks who don't yet understand why health care reform is such an urgent priority, these stories make the case far better than any statistics ever could.

For those who support health care reform but haven't yet found the time to join our campaign, these stories provide more motivation than any speech any politician could ever give.

So please read these stories, pass this note on to everyone in your address book, and help us show everyone in America why fixing our broken health care system is a necessity that just can't wait:


Thank you,Vice President Joe Biden"

It appears to be another case of using "Emotion" over "Facts". The only way they can Pass their "Progressive" Agenda is through the use of emotion, since the Facts go against them.

One of the Biggest Facts that they are having Problems with is that the President said "WE are Broke". So how can we afford to pay the Trillions needed for this National Health Care Plan?

We Can't..They Know it.......

But they can tell you stories that will make you cry....


Friday, June 26, 2009

*UPDATE* 6/27/09 House Passes "Cap and Trade"

By a Vote of 219-212 the "Cap and Trade Bill passed the House. 8 republicans voted for the Bill and 44 Democrats voted against he names of which are currently unknown.

As I discover more information, I will update it here.

*UPDATE* 6/27/09

Here is the List and Phone Numbers of the 8 Republicans that Voted For "Cap and Trade". Let's make sure they Know We aren't taking their Treason anymore. Vote Them Out!

Bono Mack (CA) 202-225-5330
Castle (DE) 202-225-4165
Kirk (IL) 202-225-4835
Lance (NJ) 202-225-5361
Lobiondo (NJ) 202-225-6572
McHugh (NY) 202-225-4611
Reichart (WA) 202-225-7761
Chris Smith (NJ) 202-225-3765

I hope to have a List of the 44 Democrats that Voted Against "Cap and Trade". The Dems that voted against it for the right reasons need to be supported in their No Vote.

*UPDATE* 6/29/09

To See a Complete List of the 44 Democrats that Voted against the Cap and Trade Bill in the House Go To:



Bill to Tax Private Health Insurance to Pay For National Health Plan Will Exempt Union's Benefits

It appears that Giving Chrysler to the Unions and Part of GM was not enough. According to an Article in Bloomberg, In an effort by some in the Administration to garner more support for the Health Care Bill from Democrats sitting on the Fence in Heavily Union States, the Senate has inserted a provision that will exempt "perks secured in existing collective-bargaining agreements."

Essentially this will leave Non-Union Middle Class Workers to fit the Bill for the National Health Care Insurance Plan by Taxing their Employer Health Provided benefits, Since Union members Benefits will be exempt from the Tax.

This will not only make Unions more appealing to Workers, but possibly to Businesses, depending on the size of the Proposed Tax.

It appears the Administrations pandering to the Unions knows No Bounds.

To Read the Article in Bloomberg Go To:



Call Your Public Servant in The House: Stop Cap and Trade

I already called my Public Servant and I was told he is voting No on Cap and Trade. I did My Civic Duty, now it's time to do yours.

Unless you want a Huge Increase in the Prices of everything (because the Cost of this will get passed on to you in an increase in the Cost of Goods and Energy) then call Your Representative in the House Before the Vote on Cap And Trade.

Here is the Link to Locate your Representative in Washington using a map Go To:


To Find Your Representative in Washington by Your Zip Code Go To:


Do your Civic Duty.....Or Don't Whine When You Are Broke....


Government Run GM's Sale of Hummer to Chinese Company, Blocked By China

In what Appears to be another Example of Irony for the Obama Administration, BBC News is reporting that China is going to Block the U.S. Government's Sale of Hummer on "Environmental Grounds". ........I'm Sorry, I have to catch my Breath From Laughing.....

China, the largest Polluter in the History of the Planet, is going to Ban the Sale of Government Run GM's Hummer Division to Sichuan Tengzhong, a builder of Heavy Machinery, on the Grounds that the Hummer isn't "green" enough......anyone really believe that?

The sale of the Hummer Division would add about $100 Million to the Coffers of Government Run GM. But it appears that the Deal may be Dead in the water.

To Read the Article on BBC Go To:



Atlanta 4th of July Tea Party "Shut Down" by Obama Supporter

According to an Article on World Net Daily and the Atlanta Tea Part Website, the Atlanta Tea Party has been denied their Location due to the Objections of an Obama Supporter.

The Atlanta Tea Party was going to Hold their 4th of July Tea Party in the Parking lot of an Old Macy Store in Gwinnett Place Mall. But just recently, after working with the Property Owner to coordinate the gathering, this week the Mall Shut it Down. According to the Atlanta Tea Party Website:

"Although the event was on private property, the mall was able to assert authority on the matter due to recipricol property easement agreements."

According to World Net Daily, The Mall is owned by Simon Properties Group and a Blogger, Jason Lee from the American Thinker Blog, Connected the Dots to discover the reason Why:

"1. Gwinnett Place Mall shut down the Atlanta Tea Party.
2. Simon Property Group owns Gwinnett Place Mall.
3. Melvin Simon (a Forbes 400 billionaire) is co-chairman of Simon Property Group, Inc.
4. Melvin Simon has provided large political contributions to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Al Franken, John Edwards, the DNC and many other Democrats and Democrat organizations.
5. Melvin Simon was a major contributor to Barack Obama's inaugural committee and has given at least $1 million to the William J. Clinton foundation.
6. Melvin's wife, Bren, personally donated almost $100,000 to various political candidates, was a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton's presidential bid and contributed to President Obama's inaugural committee."

It appears that even though the President is "Ignoring" the Tea Parties, his Supporters are not and will do anything to prevent the Tea Parties from taking Place.

To Read the World Net Daily Article Go To:


To Read the Atlanta Tea Part Blog Go To:


To Read the American Thinker Blog Go To:



*UPDATE* 6/27/09 Massive Robo-Calls in St. Louis Connected to Organization with Links to Communist Party-USA : Call Intimidates Listeners

This Morning in St. Louis, one of the Key Organizers of the St. Louis Tea Party, Radio Host Dana Loesch, reported on a morning Talk Show about calls that many St. Louisians have been receiving from an Organization called "Change to Win".

Change to Win was started in 2005 and consists of an organization of 6 Unions:

1. International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT)
2. Laborers' International Union of North America (LIUNA)
3. Service Employees International Union (SEIU)
4. United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America (UBC)
5. United Farm Workers of America (UFW)
6. United Food and Commercial Workers International Union9UFCW)

According to Dana's Website, these calls not only Contain President Obama's Voice saying he "Supports Unions". The call also asks if the listener supports Unions. Here is a transcript of the Robo-Call from Dana's Blog:

"Obama: “…..strong labor movement. Unions put their shoulder behind the wheel and made life better for working people. I believe in unions.”

Announcer:President Obama wants you to help raise wages and rebuild the middle class by joining a union. Thousands of workers in the St. Louis area are joining unions. Now is the time to join us. If you are interested in joining a union, please press 3. If you are not interested, please press 5. Now is the time to join us. If you are interested in joining a union, please press 3. If you are not interested, please press 5. Now is the time to join us. If you are interested in joining a union, please press 3. If you are not interested, please press 5. Thank you. For more information, call us at 1-866-784-3141.

A Robo-Call is one thing, but to Ask if You Support Unions or Not, and tell you to push a number for or against, is a Form of intimidation. If the Listener chooses to Not Support a Union, then they are redirected to a number they can call. If the Listener chooses to support a Union, they are also Given a number to call and an automated message begins by stating, "If you want to Form a Union ....". But the Robo-Call said Join?...Not Form....

After hearing the Show, I decided to look deeper into "Change to Win"........Surprise! I found a Connection between "Change to Win" and the "Communist Party USA".

It appears that During the Last Presidential Election, Communist Party USA worked with "Core Forces" to remove the Republicans. One of the "Core Forces" was "Change to Win".

According to the Communist Party USA Website, they worked closely with Organized Labor in an effort to make a "Landslide Sweep of the Ultra Right".

Joelle Fishman, the Chair of the Political Action Commission for the Communist Party USA(CPUSA) said this in an article in March of 08:

"This election presents an historic opportunity to end ultra-right-wing rule of this country, " Fishman started. "A massive voter turnout in November is needed to provide the political strength to win new priorities,"

According to the Article on CPUSA:

"Fishman also reported on the role of "core forces" in the 2008 election cycle. The Communist Party uses the term "core forces" to refer to those communities who have a special role within and around the working class in bringing about social progress."

According to the Article, Labor Unions are one of the "Core Forces":

"Labor is making a huge national effort to win the presidency for a Democratic candidate by exposing the truth about John McCain. Additionally, the AFL-CIO and the Change to Win coalition are launching a massive postcard campaign to get 1 million signatures in support of passage of the Employee Free Choice Act and for universal health care. While some AFL-CIO unions have endorsed Obama and some have backed Clinton, the federation itself is waiting to endorse the Democratic nominee. CtW (Change to Win) has backed Obama."

Further down in the Article the CPUSA tells of it's coordinated effort with the "Core Forces":

"Communist Party members will work in local communities registering voters from the core forces and mobilizing them to defeat John McCain and to win bigger majorities in Congress."

So it appears, yet again, that the Communist Party USA which was organized in Chicago in 1919, has provided another Link to some of those that not only Voted For the President, but contributed large amounts of Money to his campaign,

the Unions........

To Read the Article on Dana's Blog Go To:


To Read the Article on CPUSA Go To:


To See Change to Win's Website Go To:


*UPDATE* 6/27/09

I realize to many that the Connection between the Communist Party and Unions may seem far fetched, But as a Historian I believe that one must know the Past to Understand the Present and to Reasonably Predict the Future.

So in order to Truly understand this Posting, I am providing a Link to an Online Paper written by Professor James Gregory and Harry Bridges of the Center for Labor Studies at the University of Washington. Their Paper discusses the Influence of the Communist Party on Washington State as a Whole, but it includes a Great Chapter about the Influence of the Communist Party on the Creation of Unions in the North West.

I realize coming from the Mouth of a Blogger things are easy to dismiss, but coming from an Acclaimed University and backed up by references, it becomes much harder to ignore.

To Read the Paper Go To:


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vietnam Mentality Forced on Military in Afghanistan

The Politicans are Trying to Run a War Again. The Lessons of the Vietnam War appear to be long Forgotten by those in Washington.

As a new Commander of the American forces, General McChyrystal, arrives in Afghanistan, he brings with him "New Orders." These New Orders Ring of Errors past that raise a Cry of Distress from the Fallen Brothers of the Vietnam War. The General says that we must the "Win Hearts and Minds" of the Afghan people. Dear God....

The General has given orders to Restrict Air Strikes so that we reduce Civilian Casualties. According to an Article in the New York Times, General McChyrystal said:

"Even in the cases of active firefights with Taliban forces, he said, airstrikes will be limited if the combat is taking place in populated areas — the very circumstances in which most Afghan civilian deaths have occurred. The restrictions will be especially tight in attacking houses and compounds where insurgents are believed to have taken cover."

Which Translates to 2 things:

First, the Enemy will be able to "Hit and Run" more effectively without the Fear of Air Strikes, which will add to the Death's of Our Troops on the Ground from increased attacks.

Second, More of Our Troops will be forced to go in and Physically "root out" the enemy which will obviously lead to More Dead U.S. Soldiers.

In the End this tactic may prevent more Afghan Civilian Deaths, but without a Doubt, History shows that we are just trading Afghan Lives for American Lives.

Does No One Know their history anymore?

Well according to the President...we must stop "holding on to the Past"....

Except Mr. President...If we don't Learn from the Mistakes of History....

You are Doomed to Repeat them...

At the Cost of American lives....

To Read the Article Go To:



Al Gore Was Scheduled to Speak to Congress Thursday to Push "Cap and Trade" : Speech Turns into No Show

According to a Fox News Article, the X-Vice President is a "No Show" for a Scheduled Speech supporting the President's "Cap and Trade" Bill in Congress.

House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi according to Fox News said the reason Al Gore didn't show was:

"a question of what was energy efficient for the vice president," Pelosi said at her weekly news conference Thursday, explaining the absence. "We were narrowing the list of the undecided and thought perhaps another occasion we could call upon his time to come here."

Energy Efficient.......Energy..Efficient....Roll on the Floor Laughing(ROFL)..


Really.........? We are supposed to believe that a man who uses more power in his home than many Small towns in America.....Cares about Energy Efficiency? The man Who Flies all over the nation in his PRIVATE PLANE getting Paid to Preach about the "Dangers" of Global Warming......can't come to Washington....due to a lack of Energy Efficiency??????What???

What is Truly Sad is that Pelosi probably believes that People are Dumb enough to believe that.......really.....Effecieny?

You Know I would continue to write incoherent babbling in the Response to this Stupid excuse...

But the Process is not Energy Efficient enough to justify my effort....

To Read the Article on Fox Go To:



President's ABC Infomercial Upset : "Lowest Rated Program on Major Broadcast Network"

It appears Not everyone enjoys watching a Train Wreck.

According to an Article on The Live Feed.com, the ABC Infomercial for the President's Health Care Plan was the " lowest rated Program on a major Broadcast Network."

In the 10 p.m. time slot it was the Lowest rated Program, in the Prime Time Slot at 8 p.m. it tied some reruns of well known Comedy Shows.

There Goes the "Super-Mandate.....".

The American People know when someone is selling them Snake Oil.....

How this will effect the President's Airtime in the Future and His ability to sell ads for Future Such "Infomercials" is now obvious.

If he doesn't draw in the Viewers......He won't get the Air Time.....

What am I thinking.....if the Media goes Broke, they'll just get a Government Bailout....

Or Pass the "Fairness Doctrine".....silly me.

To Read the Article About the President's Lack of Viewers Go To:


Obama's Failure in Foreign Policy, "Just Like Bush" According to Ahmadinejad

It appears that the President's "Open Arm" policy with Nations Like North Korea and Iran are Very Similar to the Former Administrations Claim that "they will welcome us with open Arms."

In an Effort to prove his stance on "Staying Out of Other Countries Business", President Obama criticized the Iranian Government and their Handling of the Protests in Iran. The President said that he was "Appalled and Outraged" at the Violence used against the Protesters.

Mr. Ahmadinejad, according to an Article on Fox News as Saying:

"Mr. Obama made a mistake to say those things ... our question is why he fell into this trap and said things that previously (former U.S. President George W.) Bush used to say. Do you want to speak (with Iran) with this tone? If that is your stance then what is left to talk about. I hope you avoid interfering in Iran's affairs and express your regret in a way that the Iranian nation is informed of it."

It has also come to light that President Obama sent a personal Letter to the "Supreme Leader"Ayatollah Ali Khamenei just before the Iranian Elections.

The Khamenei referenced this letter during a Speech on Friday when he said:

"The U.S. president said that we were waiting for a day like this to see people on the street. Some people attributed these remarks to Obama, and then they write letters to say we're ready to have ties, that we respect the Islamic Republic, and on the other hand, they make such comments. Which one should we believe?"

It appears that the "Supreme Leader" of Iran is figuring out what many of us in the States have already. That the President says one thing...and does another.

But Like I keep telling people.....

Bush and Obama are very similar.......

They are Both Socialists...want Big Government and Spend like a drunken sailor....

The only Difference is that Obama is Bush x10.....

To Read the Fox News Article Go To:


To Read the CNN Article Go To:



White House Defends "Planting" Questions in Presidential News Conference

According to an AP Article, the Spokes man for the White House, Robert Gibbs, when asked about the fact that the President "Planted" a Reporter with a Pre-approved question from the Huffington Post in the President's News Conference, denied the White House planted anything.

According to the Article his response was:

"The question wasn't planted," Gibbs said. "That question wasn't planted."

Two Days ago after the President's speech on Health Care, there was a News Conference held where the President called on a Huffington Post Reporter. A CBS News Correspondent, tweeted concern that the President already seemed to know the question that the Huffington Post Reporter was going to ask before he asked it.

After further investigation, the White House admitted to calling the Huffinton Post Reporter the night before and "invited" him to ask the President the specific question. The Fact it happened isn't in dispute by the White House or the Huffington Post reporter, just the use of the Terminology "Planted".

It appears that the Huffington Post reporter was not the only "Plant" in the Crowd. Another Reporter from a Spanish Speaking News Agency was also called the Night Before and "Invited" to ask a question about Chile and Colombia. The President called on her as well.

Neither of the Two Reporters are apart of the Normal White House Press Corps.

It appears the White House is in Denial about what constitutes a "Free Press" as it pertains to the First Amendment. For the Federal Government to "Hand Pick" a certain reporter to ask a Certain "Pre-Approved" question does not Represent a "Free Press". It become a Government Controlled Media, that is why this "Planting" by the White House and the ABC "Infomercial" on Tuesday Night are So disturbing......they both Fly in the Face of a True "Free Press" and transform the Media into a Propaganda Arm for the Federal Government.

That is Fascism...not Freedom...

Well I guess since the White House wants to "Deny" something is happening, even though it's on T.V. for all to see......that puts them in the same category as "Baghdad Bob".

You know.....when U.S. Forces were almost in Baghdad .....the Guy that said:

"They're not even [within] 100 miles [of Baghdad]. They are not in any place. They hold no place in Iraq. This is an illusion ... they are trying to sell to the others an illusion."

Propaganda Ministers.......

The Same in Every Country...

To Read the AP Article on Breitbart Go To:



CBS/TIME's Poll Showing "Broad Support for Presidnet's Health Care" was Tainted

Several Days ago there was a Poll released by CBS/TIMEs that showed Broad Support for the President's National Health Care Plan. At the Time of the Release of the Report, I blogged that this Poll is nothing but a Propaganda Piece to be used by Congress and News Agencies that support the Socialist Agenda. It appears I was right.

According to CNS News.com the CBS/TIME's Poll was tainted with a majority of Obama Supporters. According to CBS News, out of the 895 Polled, 24% were Republicans, 38% were Democrats and another 38% were Independents. But out of those 895, 48% Voted for Obama and only 24% Voted for McCain, the other 28% either didn't vote or voted for a third party.

So that is how the Poll came out with 70% approval for the President's Plan....It was packed with the President's Supporters.....Yep...Can't Trust Polls.... or the Media..

If you Combine the Fact that CBS and the New York Times Fabricated this Poll with the ABC Infomercial for the President's Health care Plan, add on top of that the President "Planting" reporters in the White House Press Corp with President approved questions, it's no wonder people are coming to Blogs to get their News......

Since the News Outlets are Now Just Propaganda Arms for the Federal Government......

Blogs are the last true "Free Press" left in what was once a "Free Nation"......

To Read the Article on CNS News Go To :



Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New York State Democrat Senators Refuse to Stand for Pledge of Allegiance

If you were to Peek into the New York State Senate Chamber, one might think you were watching an ill behaved Kindergarten Class instead of Full Grown Elected "Adults" that were called into Special Session to do the people's Business.

For those of you that haven't been paying attention to New York State Politics lately, here is the Short of it.

About 2 weeks ago there where some Political "Defections" to the Republicans in the New York State Senate. Those Defections suddenly changed the majority in the Senate from Democrat to Republican. But the Democrats refuse to Give up the Senate President Seat or allow the Republicans to "Take Over." So the Temper Tantrums began....

Many of the "Tantrums" manifested themselves as the Senate Democrats locked the Doors to the Senate Chamber, turning off the Power to the Senate Chamber and the Intentional "running" into the Chamber so that they were sure they took possession of the Podium. But these little acts of "Screaming and Kicking their Feet on the Ground" can be considered Minor, that is until Today.

During a Special Session that the Governor was forced to call due to the Shenanigans, according to an Article from WCBS Tv.com, the Democrats refused to stand For the Traditional Pledge of Allegiance. According to the Article:

"The odd thing was when Republican senators start the session with the pledge of allegiance. The Democrats didn't stand to participate and when one tried to stand, he was pulled down."

Now I could care less about Dems or Repubs or their Silly little Problems, but I have seen Foreigners Stand for the Pledge and for an Elected Politician to Refuse to Stand due to a "Tantrum" is Disrespectful to the Nation and is Unacceptable.

All of the Twits in New York should be voted Out...All Of Them. If this is how they conduct Business as Adults in Elected Positions, then They Should be ashamed.

Let's Put an Ill mannered Kindergarten Class in there instead of the Politicians....they Couldn't do any worse.

At Least the Kids would stand for the Pledge........

To Read the Article on WCBSTV Go To:



Mortgage Bubble Part II: Barney Frank Tells Fannie and Freddie to Lower Mortgage Standards...Again.

What Congress won't tell you is that the Artificial Mortgage Market Bubble, that recently popped, was created when Barney Frank and other Congressmen told the Mortgage Industry to Lower their Lending Standards so that more people could own a Home. Then Mr. Frank and others "encouraged" Fannie and Freddie to buy up these "Sub-Prime" Loans from the Mortgage companies, repackage them with Good loans and then sell them as Batch investments. Which led to the Creation of a Support infrastructure for this Artificial Market Bubble and as more and more Bad Loans were sold in bunches with Good, and taken as investments around the world, the ground work was Laid for a Major Market Correction when the Unsustainable Government created Mortgage Bubble Popped. Then Surprise..." Pop"..the inescapable Fact of putting people in Homes they could not afford would lead to Forecloser, suddenly caught up with the Market and we are now suffering the Results.

Think Barney Frank and Congress Learned from their Mistakes? Yea....Right....

Barney Frank is at it again...

According to an Article on Reuters, Barney Frank has just told Fannie and Freddie that they must lower their lending Standards again, as it pertains to Condominiums.

Fannie and Freddie recently has stated that they will no longer cover loans on Condos where less than 70% of the units have been sold. That seems like a sound Business Sense because if at least 70% of the Condos are already sold, the Appraised Value of those Condos have a Good chance of being relatively Stable. Anything less than 70%, and if a person can't pay their loan to Fannie or Freddie, in Foreclosure, the value of that Condo may be far less than the purchase Price.

Who wants to buy a Car for $10,000 and tomorrow it be worth 2 cents?

But Barney Frank is not interested in Sound Business Choices, he is interested in Votes.

If the Economy is slowed even more by the lack of sales in condos, it will be harder for the Politicians to say that the "Stimulus" is working and the "Recession" is over. Besides...Maybe Barney owns a few Condos and needs to sell some Units...lol

This Push to lower the Lending Standards will again create another Artificial Government created Mortgage Market Bubble and when it pops....and they always do....then we will find ourselves in the same economic mess, if not worse, than we are today.

Someone Once said, only a Fool does the same thing over and over again and expects a different result.....

I think Barney resembles that remark......

I apologize...I didn't mean to insult Fools....

To Read the Reuters Article Go To:



The Administration Creates a New Czar Council for Union Auto Workers

As if it wasn't enough Payback by the President to the Auto Unions by giving them Large Chunks of the 2 Illegally Seized Auto Makers, according to an Article on Breitbart.com, the President is now going to create a "Czar Council for Green Job Re-Training " for the Unemployed Auto Union workers.

This New Czar Council, The "White House Council on Automotive Communities and Workers" , is going to be headed by his Czar on recovery for "Auto communities and Workers", Ed Montgomery.

This "Council" is going to Re-Train workers, according to the Vice President, in areas like "solar, wind or biotech industries." The Fact that there is very little demand at the Present for Solar or Wind appears to not be a factor. Then again, once the "Cap and Trade" Program is forced through, people will be forced by the Government to use More Solar and Wind or pay the Price.

Funny...I thought the Government was supposed to push Freedom....Not Dictate to me on what I can power my House with....silly me.

It appears it pays Big to be an Auto Union worker, at least as far as the Government is Concerned. And all of the other Millions of Unemployed that did not belong to the Auto Union are being ignored by the administration. I guess those people didn't give a big enough contribution to the President's Election Campaign.

Well at least the New "Green" Artificial Government Created Market Bubble will be filled with well trained Union Members....

So When the "Green" bubble Pops.....

They will be used to being "Re-Trained" by the Government...and moving to useless Jobs...

To Read the Article Go To:



Cap and Trade Vote Set For Friday in House

According to the Wall Street Journal the House is going to Vote on the Cap and Trade Bill on Friday.

The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has called for a vote on Friday, even though there is still dissent in the Ranks of Democrats over the ramifications of the "Climate Bill."

The Climate Bill was introduced in Congress that will basically set up a "Stock Market" for Co2 Emissions that can be bought and Traded by companies looking to expel CO2 in the Atmosphere.

A similar Type of "Cap and Trade" Program has been in use in Europe for several years and has proven a dismal Failure. The Program has shown to raise energy costs for consumers and some estimates conclude the cost in the U.S. could increase by $3,000-$4000 Dollars per household Per Year.

But Cap and Trade is being sold to the Public as something that will curb Greenhouse Gas Emissions, but this claim ignores the heart of the Bill which allows businesses to buy "Carbon Credits" so that they can continue to expel Co2 into the Atmosphere. The companies will just pass the added cost onto the Consumer, which is what has happened in Europe. The Fact of the matter is that this is a New "Tax" on Consumers that will allow the Federal Government to Rake in extra "Funds" while forcing people to choose between cooling their house, or putting food on the table.

If this Bill Passes, we will be one step closer to Government Forced Population Control because if the Government Believes that Co2 that we exhale is a pollutant, then the Forced Reduction of the Population is the Obvious next step.

So remember to Save the Planet.....Stop Breathing....lol

To Read the Article in the Wall Street Journal Go To:



Tuesday, June 23, 2009

*UPDATE* 6/24/09 *UPDATE* 6/23/09 CBS Mark Knoller Tweets Concerns of Possible Coordination between Huffington Post and President

According to RealClearPolitics.com, CBS's Own Mark Knoller Tweeted this during the President's Press Conference on Tuesday:

"very unusual that Obama called on Huffington Post second, appearing to know the issue the reporter would ask about."

The Exchange between the Huffington Post Reporter and the President that Mr. Knoller brings into question according to the Article went like this:

“Nico, I know you and all across the Internet, we've been seeing a lot of reports coming out of Iran,” Obama said, addressing Pitney. “I know there may actually be questions from people in Iran who are communicating through the Internet. Do you have a question?” Pitney, as if ignoring what Obama had just said, said: “I wanted to use this opportunity to ask you a question directly from an Iranian.”

Was this a plant with an Administration "approved question"? Decide for yourself...

To see the Video of the question Go To:


*UPDATE* 6/23/09

According to the Politico.com, the Deputy Press Secretary Did admit to "Reaching Out" to the Huffington Post reporter before the Press Conference.

Also according to the Politico.com, CBS's Mark Knoller tweeted that the Huffington Post Reporter Claims that:

" the WH called him this morning and invited him to ask his Iran questions at the news conference."

So it appears that it was a Setup and Amazingly the White House admitted it.....lol

I wonder if we will be seeing a new Deputy Press Secretary Soon?

To Read the Article on the Politico Go To:


*UPDATE* 6/24/09

In what appears to be an ever growing and Unprecedented Story, the Reporter from the Huffington Post was not the Only reporter "Planted" by the White House at yesterday's Press Conference.

According to the Washington Post, Macarena Vidal of the Spanish Language-EFE News Agency, was also called the day before the Press Conference and asked to attend in order to ask her Question about Chile and Colombia. Ms. Vidal sat in a Seat Normally reserved for a Financial Trade Publication.

This is unheard of in the History of the White House Press Corps. According to the Washington Post the "Planting" of Reporters with "Pre-arranged" questions:

"is a no-no at presidential news conferences, because it sends a message to the world -- Iran included -- that the American press isn't as free as advertised"

Of Course, most of us realize what the Press is waking up to.....the President isn't interested in Freedom...Just Power and Control...

To Read the Wall Street Journal Article Go To:




Reporters Grill President on Public Health Care Plan : President Stumbles While "Dancing" Around Question

Some have deemed the President's Speech, Tuesday, as his "Hail Mary" for his Public Health Care Plan. It appears the Speech has fallen Short during an unexpected time..... the questioning by Reporters.

For the First time in the History of this Administration's Press Corps, it appears some of the Reporters began to circle like sharks when they smelled blood after one reporter asked the President about the Fact that two Large Insurance Companies had sent a letter to the Senate Claiming that the President's Health Plan would put them out of Business. The Reporters question asking the President to Point out "How the Two Companies Concerns were Wrong" went unanswered as the President did a little Dance around his question. Finally after the Reporter asked again how his Plan would not Put Private Insurance Companies out of Business, the President basically said He Couldn't See how that Would happen. (Actual Quote Coming Later).

It appears that the Stumbling in the President's Answer added more "Chum" to the Press waters. Because shortly after, another Reporter asked a question about the fact that some reports claim His Private Insurance Plan would Go Against the President's Promise because People would be forced to change to the Public Plan and not be allowed to keep their current plan. This would happen because Businesses would reject the Private Insurance, due to the Cost which would be forcing people onto the Public Plan. An Exasperated President, after more dancing and more prodding by the reporter, was forced to admit that People would be allowed to Keep their Coverage during the Health Reform Process, but my not have the same insurance after his Public Health Care Plan. (Lol?) The President also admitted that the "Actual Details" are not yet clear and that he was talking in "Broad terms".(Again Actual text coming later).

It appears that some in the President's Press Corp are jumping Ship as the President is trying to make them tell people that 2+2=5. How long this Press insurrection will last or if it's a permanent Revolt has yet to be seen....

But I can say that for the First Time in a long time, Some in the press are Actually acting Like Press....

And Holding the President Accountable for what he says....

Now if we can only get them to Hold Him accountable for what he does....


Government to Give "Loans" to Ford, Nissian and Tesla

According to an AP Article, The Federal Government ,through the Treasury Department, is going to loan $5 Billion To Ford, $450 Million to Tesla and an uncertain Amount to Nissan, for the retooling and Development of "Green Cars."

The only question is, will the Continued Assumption by the Federal Government that "If you take Federal Money you are Subject to Federal Control" Still apply?

Only Time Will Tell.

To Read the AP Article Go To:



Communist Party's Plan to Seize the United States and Defeat "Ultra Right" is the Same as the President and Congress's Agenda

The Communist Party USA was started in Chicago in 1919 which initiated the Union Movement that Spread across the Nation.

Today the Communist Party, through the Unions, are a Powerful influence on Politicians in Washington especially the Democrats and the President. But How Big an Influence was not obvious till now.

On the Communist Party USA Website there is a Section called:

"The Road to Socialism USA:Unity for Peace, Democracy, Jobs and Equality"

This is the Communist Parties Plan on How they are going to Take Over the United States of America through the Political System. It appears they are well on their Way.

In this Plan one of the Ways that they will come to power and Defeat the "Ultra Right" is to:

"The only strategy capable of defeating the ultra-right is the widest possible unity of all the class and social forces whose interests run counter to those of the most reactionary section of the transnationals. Such an all-inclusive coalition would need to be led by labor and the working class in close alliance with the nationally and racially oppressed, women, and youth. It should include seniors, family farmers, the LGBT community, professionals and the self-employed, small business owners, and the disabled.

This unity will include an ever-growing Left-Center political coalition that includes the Democratic Party, left and progressive independents who recognize the danger the ultra-right poses, and all social movements on the major issues of our day. This all-people’s front should strive to, and be able to, attract many who voted Republican in the past."

Funny if that isn't what happened in the last election. But it doesn't Stop there....The Agenda of Congress and the President are almost Identical to the Communist Party that is included in the "Road to Socialism":

1.The building of a mass people’s party capable of contending for governmental power, a party free of domination by any monopoly interests; (They already created that in that last Election)

2.Removal from the electoral system of the financial contributions of monopolies, to be replaced by public funding and guarantees of honest elections where each vote counts and all votes are counted; (We Have a Republic or Representative Democracy, that is What the Communist want to Change. They Spout Democracy, but what they really want is Mob Rule, which is what Pure Democracy is.....But this is also in the Form of "Campaign Finance Reform." Remember when the President said he was going to use nothing but "Public Funds" but eneded up breaking that promise because of all of the "Small, Untracable, Donations".....)

3. Replacing the foreign policy of preemptive strikes and dictating to the world in the interests of U.S.-based transnationals with a policy of international cooperation to solve problems of war and aggression, poverty, education, environment, health, and development; (This is the President's Foreign Policy)

4.Full restoration and expansion of the Bill of Rights and all democratic rights; the complete separation of church and state; (Expansion of the Bill of Rights to Include Right to a Job, Health Care, Etc...it is in their Communist Constitution and these things have been brought up in Congress as Bills already.)

5.Full legal protection from hate crimes and racial profiling, and the outlawing of oral and written racist propaganda; (Hate Crimes Bill in Congress Now)

6.Implementation of affirmative action and compensatory programs to achieve actual equality for the racially and nationally oppressed and women; (Obama Signed the Bill to Guarantee Equal Pay for Woman and we Already have affirmative Action)

7.Prevention of the “freedom” of monopolies to move assets in ways that harm workers and communities without full compensation; the guaranteed right to a job at living wages or full income through public works and public service jobs; the growth of public ownership of industries; (This is what the Stimulus and the Financial Reform is all about, Public Works Programs, the Dictation of Salaries and the "Protection Consumer Board" that the President wants to Create.)

8.Elimination of management prerogatives coupled with the expansion of workers and union rights to prevent socially harmful management decisions; (This is the Expansion of Power that the Administration wants to Give "Shareholders" to Dictate The Salaries of CEOs, especially since the Government just made the Unions Major Shareholders in GM and Chrysler.)

9.Full funding for education, affordable housing programs, day care, Social Security, a universal health care program, youth job training and recreation programs, and cultural programs;(This was the Americorp Expansion and the Universal Health care Program)

10.Creation of a social fund starting at $200 billion to make up for past and continuing wrongs and to help achieve equality in facilities and infrastructure for communities of the racially and nationally oppressed; (Congress Just Passed an Apology for Slavery, Reparations are Coming Next.)

11.No taxes for workers and low and middle income people; progressive taxation of the wealthy and private corporations;(The President's Promise during his campaign, "No One making less than $250,000 will get new tax increases, which he lied about. We already have a Progressive Tax.)

12.Military budget slashed to a fraction of current spending;( Cutting the Missile Defense System the other Budget Cuts are coming later.)

13.All media to be free of monopoly ownership. (Part of this is the "Fairness Doctrine")

If you were confused as to why the Congress and the President's Actions haven't been making any sense it's because they are following the Communist "Road Map to Socialism" and not the Constitution.

There are some that have suggested that Obama has been funded by the Communist Party since he started in Politics, especially since Chicago is a Communist Strong Hold. That would explain why the Road Map to Socialism is well on it's way and making leaps and Bounds under this Administration.

To Deny the Obvious implications of this realization is to bury your head in the sand.

It must be said, the Communists are taking over the Country, according to the Road Map to Socialism that the Current President and Congress are Following Exactly....

To Read the Road To Socialism on the Communist Party USA Website Go To:



Most of the Stimulus Funds Going to Congressmen on Certain Committees

According to an Article on ABC News, Most of the Stimulus that was to be used for the Army Corps of Engineers is going to the States that have Members on the House and Senate Appropriations Committee that decides how the Army Corps is going to spend their Money.

It appears that this was discovered in an investigation by USA Today.

Nice to see that "Change" in Washington...means the Business as usual...But then Again who expected it to be any different?

To Read the Article Go To:



Monday, June 22, 2009

The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act: How it Gives the FDA Czar Like Powers

The Obama Administration is going to go down in History as the First President to Create More Czar's in 6 months than the Romanov Dynasty did in 300 Years. Now we can add onto the very long list of Czar's the FDA Tobacco Czar.

When the President signs the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act into law on Monday, he is giving the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) New Far Reaching Powers to Control the Tobacco Industry.

Just like the Financial "Reform" bill will strip the States Powers away to Regulate Insurance, this Bill will strip the States Power to Regulate Tobacco. What Little Regulatory Power the States had with Tobacco is now null and Void since the New Bill will allow the FDA to supersede all State and Local Laws in the Regulation of Tobacco. These New Powers going to the FDA would include:

• Product standards,
• Premarket review,
• Adulteration,
• Misbranding,
• Labeling,
• Registration,
• Good manufacturing standards, or
• Modified-risk tobacco products

Many of these are being done on a Local or State Level, but this New "Czar Like" Power that is being given to the FDA will stop all Local and State Control over the Plant and seat in squarly on the FDA.

With the ATF and the TTF already in place to enforce the New FDA rules, I am sure the Government will have no Problem enforcing their New Czar Like Tyranny.

To Read the Bill Go To:



*UPDATE* 6/22/09 Times/CBS Polled 895 People, Reuters Uses Poll to Claim : "Wide Support For Government Health Plan"

The News Media never ceases to disappoint me. I was searching Reuters for interesting News when I came across a Promising Article, the Title Said:

"Wide Support for Government Health Plan: Poll"

Now I take Polls with a Grain of Salt, because an Outcome of a Poll depends on How many People you ask, Where they Live and Who they are. As an Example, I could write a Blog that Says:"Most People Hate the President Because He is Black." Then after you read the Article that is full of statements to back up the Title and you get to the Bottom, you realize that I only Polled 12 People at a Clan Rally. That is why Polls are almost never accurate....and Why I never trust them.

To Prove my Point the Author in Reuters Clearly has a Political Agenda because this Reuters Article is full of Statements Like:

"the Times/CBS poll found 85 percent of respondents wanted major health care reforms and most would be willing to pay higher taxes to ensure everyone had health insurance. "


"Seventy-two percent of those questioned said they backed a government-administered insurance plan similar to Medicare for those under 65 that would compete for customers with the private sector"

Now let me get this Straight, 85% or 760 People want to pay Higher Taxes for Health Care. 760 People...wow...in a Country with Hundreds of Millions of People......760 people are "Wide Support?"

And 644 People backed a Government Administered Insurance Plan? 644?????

This Article is a Great Example of a "Propaganda" Piece for a Political Agenda and has nothing to do with actual Reporting. The Article is written to make the reader assume that there is "Wide Support" for the national Insurance Plan in the Country, not just among 895 People.

If there was Truth in Media anymore, the Title of the Article would be....

"The President's Insurance Plan is supported by only 644 People, but 760 want to pay Higher Taxes for Universal Health Care....out of 895 Polled."

To Read the Article Go To:


*UPDATE* 6/22/09

According to an Article on CBS.com the Democrats are now using this "Poll" as a reason to unite on Health Care....lol But remember CBS and the Fact they "Fabricated" this Poll just for this Purpose doesn't mean they are in the Tank for the Administration.....Does it?.....ROFL

To Read the Article Go To:



Federal Trade Commission To Crack Down on Blogs

According to an Article on Yahoo Tech.com, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will begin to closely monitor reviews, Ads and Recommendations on Blogs all across the Internet.

The FTC claims that some Blogs that are reviewing products, and recommending them, are receiving "Perks" from some of the reviewed companies but are not disclosing that on their Blogs. Essentially, the Bloggers are getting paid for their "Unbiased" review.

Now this may seem like a Good Reason for the FTC to step in, except that is not all they are going to monitor. According to the Article:

"The common practice of posting a graphical ad or a link to an online retailer — and getting commissions for any sales from it — would be enough to trigger oversight."

Millions of Bloggers have Ads or Links on their Blogs for Books and other Products which, under the new rules, would be enough for an FTC investigation. Give me a Break....

What the Article fails to mention is that when a Blogger chooses to place ads on their site, there is a contract that they agree to that prevents them from informing their Readers that they receive any compensation for "Clicks" or "Commission on Sales". A Blogger, under contract with AdSense, is not allowed to even bring attention to their Ads, if they did it could be considered a Breach of Contract.

This appears to be just another way for the Federal Government to "Regulate" the Internet...

The last Real "Free" place left in the World...

To Read The Article Go To:



Sunday, June 21, 2009

What this is all About...

There has been an effort by many to give a Reason for the Anger and Disenfranchisement of so many Americans. The Media and the Government have labeled it "Racism" and "Extremism". Some have said it's because the "Republicans Lost " and now they are throwing a tantrum. Some have even tried to dismiss it all by asking, "Where were these people for the past Eight Years?"

But while those that oppose the Disenfranchised are desperately trying to force them into a nice, neat, little Stereo Typical Box, those among the Protests are struggling to find their voice as well.

Some in the Movement are claiming it's "Excessive Taxation" or they are against the "Stimulus" and "Fiscal Irresponsibility." While others are claiming they are against "Big Government" or "Communism in all it's Forms". While these may indeed be true, they are just symptoms of the much larger Problem, and Until now, Even I have had trouble finding the proper Words to fit it's description.

During an Obama Presidency that is rife with Irony, I have found an Iconic Figure from the Past that not only clearly describes what happened in his lifetime, but what is happening today. The Irony that this Historical Person, whom has also come from the State of Illinois, lived during a Chaotic Time and been a person whom the Supporters of the President have held up as a Comparative to Obama, is not lost on me.

Many of you have guessed that this Historical Person that I refer to is President Lincoln. The President that providence choose to help lead the slaves out of Bondage and in a Sense, supplied the opportunity for President Obama to ascend to His Current heights.

But these similarities are where the Two Figures diverge. Because the Principles of the Current President and President Lincoln are on the opposite sides of the Principle Spectrum.

President Lincoln is well known for his off the cuff speeches and his skill to simplify even the most complicated of issues, so that all who heard him shared a Superb understanding of where he stood and what he stood for.

It is from one of these Speeches that President Lincoln simplified the Struggle which he faced, and the one that We Face Today.

It was during the time when Lincoln's debates with Douglas were winding down, that he tried with all the simplicity of his very simple being to define "the Issue that Will continue in this country when these poor tongues of Judge Douglas and myself shall be silent";

".....It is the eternal struggle between these two Principles-right and wrong--throughout the world. They are the two Principles that have stood face to face from the beginning of time; and will ever continue to struggle. The one is the Common Right of Humanity and the other the divine Right of Kings. It is the same Principle in whatever shape it develops itself. It is the same Spirit that says," You Work and Toil and Earn Bread, and I'll Eat it.: No matter in what shape it comes, whether from the mouth of a King who seeks to bestride the people of his own nation and live by the Fruits of their labor, or from one race of men as an apology for enslaving another Race, it is the same Tyrannical Principle....."

We are Disenfranchised because We Do Not Want to Be Enslaved, no Matter if the Slave Master is in the Form of a Tyrannical Federal Government or a Crowned Monarch.

This is why you are Angry, this is Why you Take to the Streets in Protest......and this is Why You Sense something is Wrong...That Something is not Right....

It's Because All FREE People Will Never Be Comfortable when Shackles are placed upon their Limbs....No Matter what Form the Restraints take...From Excessive Taxation to the Government's seizure of Private Business.....These are all the Tools of Tyrants through out History....That Free People WILL NOT TOLERATE!

You are Being Enslaved, Your Children are Being Enslaved.......

This is what it is all About...This is the Root of your Discontent......

The Question is....

Are going to Stand By and Allow Your Children to be Put in Bondage??Are You Going to Break Your Back and Earn Your Bread, Just to have it taken and "Redistributed"?

Or Are you Going to Call Your Representatives and RAISE HELL! Are you Going to Go To a Tea Party and Organize so that we can Remove these TYRANTS Through Peaceful Elections??

If your Answer is still to do nothing...Then Begone From us..and we shall Forget that we called you Americans!

If You are Like many who Will No Longer Tolerate the Slave Master's Games then Stand with us.....

And Let Your Voice BE Heard!......


Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Constitution and Why it's Timeless...

During my many debates with people about the Constitution and the Founding of this Country, I have encountered an ingrained concept by many that the Constitution is "Old", "Outdated" and "Needs to be Improved" or outright "Changed".

This belief is not only incorrect, but criminal, in it's misunderstanding of the founding of this Country and Principles for which our founders fought and died.

A Conversation about the Constitution usually begins after I point out that the Politicians today are committing Unconstitutional Acts by seizing Private Corporations, Dictating Pay and the fact that they are even suggestion any form of National Health care.

The Response is almost always, "Well, when they wrote the Constitution, they could not possibly foresee the advances in technology or the problems that we face today." Or " Well that is an Old and Outdated Document and we need to Change it to apply to today, or just get rid of it."

It never ceases to amaze me the kind of sub-standard education in which our citizen's receive in the History and Foundation of our Country. This Manifests itself in the fact that so many Americans think that because the Constitution is 200 Years old, it is like an Old Sofa that needs to be discarded on the sidewalk and replaced with the "New and Improved" version.

What many fail to realize is that the Constitution was ahead of it's time when it was written and it is still ahead of our time today. It is not the Constitution that needs to "Catch Up" to the Times, it's the Times that need to "Catch Up" to the Constitution.

But when this little fact is pointed out, it is usually followed by, " Well, what makes the Constitution so ahead of it's time is the Fact that it can be "interpreted to adjust to the Times."

The fallacy in this argument is that the Constitution is not to be "Interpreted" But Understood.

If you are a Parent, then most likely you have a set of "House Rules" that your children must abide by. If the Rules say that they must be Home at 10:00 p.m., is that rule meant to be "Interpreted" as 11:00 p.m. or 12:00a.m.? Or is it meant to be Understood that they are to be home at 10:00p.m?

That is the Danger of "Interpretation" with the Constitution, any person can "Interpret" the Document to mean anything they wish, but a Set of Rules that are to be Understood have no alternate meaning. The vagueness of the Constitution in the Bill of Rights is not to be "Interpreted for the Times" it is to be Understood by a person with Common Sense and a Strong understanding of the Principles under which this Country was founded. The terms "Freedom of Speech" or "Right to Bear Arms" does not need "Interpretation" unless you have an agenda that goes against the Constitution. These Terms need to be Understood that they mean what they say, you have the Right to Free Speech in all of it's Forms as well as the States and the Individual have the Right to Keep and Bear Arms in all of it's Forms and it will not be infringed, period.

If you wish to "change the Constitution to the Times" then it must be Amended, not "Interpreted." But for the Progressives it's much easier to "Interpret" it than it is to Amend it, since they lack the numbers for the Amendment Process. "Interpretation" is a Progressive tactic that takes the Power away from the People and Gives it to One activist Judge with their own personal Political Agenda. That is Tyranny....

Tyranny is what the Constitution was meant to prevent, not encourage. The Principles that the Constitution were based upon and what makes the Document Ageless and able to withstand the tests of time are Freedom and Liberty.

The Principle of Freedom and the Desire to live in Liberty are ingrained in everyone from the moment of Birth. If you were born in a Cave with your family, is there a Government that came along and gave you the Freedom to do as you will? Or where you born Free to do what you must to survive? We are all Born Free, given our Rights as a Free People by "Natures God." This is what the Founders wanted future Generations to understand. That you are Free and No Man Made Government Can Take away your "God Given Rights" ever. You Have a "Right" to be Free and only agree to Suspend some of those Rights for the sake of Protecting your other Rights. Life, Liberty, Property and the Pursuit of Happiness are only a very Small part of your
"Unalienable Rights."

The Founders understood and came to realize this in their Struggles against the Tyrannical King. They had pursued to form a Union that not only understood what Freedom is and where it comes from, but to hopefully create an atmosphere that suppresses tyrannical rule and encourages Liberty. Which is why they designed the Constitution to Limit the Scope and Power of Government and not the Scope or Power of the Individual.

But We have failed their design.....

There are now many who believe that the Government is allowed to "Interpret" the Constitution to mean that the Government can Take what Private Property it wishes, either in the Form of income, Business or Possessions and give it to others in the name of "Social Justice" or due to a "Crisis". They Believe that the Government is the originator of their Rights and therefore can take them away. This is the Argument for much of the Progressive Agenda like National Health care and the Dictation of Salaries.

Now if you didn't understand the Constitution or the Principles on which it is Founded you might believe this, but the Founders where very clear in their intention as can be seen in this Quote from one even the Founders called, the Father of the American Revolution:

Samuel Adams: “The Utopian schemes of leveling [redistributing wealth] and a community of goods [central ownership of all the means of production and distribution], are as visionary and impractical as those which vest all property in the Crown. These ideas are arbitrary, despotic, and, in our government, UNCONSTITUTIONAL.”

So the Reason the Constitution is enduring is NOT Due to the Fact that it can be Interpreted, but because it is Founded upon the Timeless Principles that Every Generation can Understand and is Continually Willing to Sacrifice Their Lives......

Freedom and Liberty.... For All...


Friday, June 19, 2009

President Obama wants to Zone the Oceans

According to a Memo released by the President on June 16th on the White House Blog, the President is forming the Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force.

This Task Force will be assigned to accomplish 4 different tasks in 180 days.

The last thing before disbandment that this "Task Force" will be assigned to do is:

"Within 180 days from the date of this memorandum, the Task Force shall develop, with appropriate public input, a recommended framework for effective coastal and marine spatial planning."

This basically is going to set up "Zoning" in the Ocean, Coastal and Great Lakes regions so that Ships will be allowed in one zone, Swimming allowed in another, Fishing allowed in one area and some will be totally off limits to everyone. Just like the Federal Government banned people from some areas of National Parks in order to keep them "Wild", this is what they are looking to do in the Oceans.

Now unless they are going to make everyone have GPS systems on their Persons, with warning bells that go off when someone violates the New "Zones" then how in the Hell are they going to enforce this?

This is nuts....

But then we are dealing with people who think they can do anything.....even..

Zone the Oceans....

To Read the Memo on the White House Web Site Go To:


President Obama to Take States Powers Away to Regulate Insurance : Give Power to Federal Government

According to Bloomberg Financial, the President has suggested, as part of his new "Financial Reform", that a New Federal Office of National Insurance within the Treasury Department Be created to monitor the Insurance Industry. In so doing, the President will succeed in stripping the Powers to monitor local Insurance Agencies that the States have enjoyed for 133 years.

It appears that the President's continued assurances that "He doesn't want to run the Private Sector" may be partially right.....he wants to control the Private sector through Regulations, New Departments and the Creation of Czars that run them.

This is an example of the continued attempt of the Administration to Centralize the Power in the Federal Government, while they continue to strip away the States and Individuals Rights.

But remember....the Administration....is not a Bunch of Socialists.....lol

To Read the Bloomberg Article Go To:



Politician Refuses to Complete Census

Representative Michele Bachman is refusing to complete the New Census form stating that the information that is asked on the form is more than the Constitution demands. Other Fears that Rep. Bachman has is the fact that ACORN, a corrupt long time organization connected to the Democratic party, is playing a big part in the Collection of Census information.

When I went to the Civil War Round table last weekend, during my conversation with the individual in the Judiciary of the Government, this exact point came up. Now this is not to be construed as Legal Advice, because I am not a Lawyer, but my "Source" told me that All you have to fill out on that Census is the number of people in your Home which is what the Constitution demands. Anything else is an invasion of Privacy and is Unconstitutional, therefore they can not force you to answer them.

BUT, my "Source" also told me that they may fine you and eventually arrest you, but if you kept fighting it all the way to the Supreme Court, the ultimate ruling should come out in your favor. (If the Supreme Court is still worried about following the Constitution that is..)

So when I get my Census Form, I will do what the Constitution says, nothing more. But each person will have to make up their own Minds, like this Representative from Congress.

Oh well...if they start rounding us up for not answering the Unconstitutional questions on the Census......

At least I will be in Good Company....

To Read the Article about the Rep. Go To:



*UPDATE* 6/19/09 5:18 P.M. St. Louis 4th of July Tea Party Finally Has a Location...!

As the 4th of July Tea Parties Gear Up Nation Wide, there was concern the one of the Largest and Most Organized wouldn't be taking Place.

In St. Louis, the Tea Party Organizers where having difficulty finding a location due to the Holiday and the Growing Hostility toward the Tea Party Movement. The St. Louis Tea Party Organization had become so frustrated in their efforts to find a location that they asked for suggestions for the location for the 4th of July Tea Party on their website. Several Dozen People Responded with suggestions from Jefferson Barracks, to the Gateway Raceway and all the way to the Troy Missouri Fair Grounds 50 Miles outside St. Louis.

As the St. Louis Organizers worked feverishly to find a location, hostility and impatience in the St. Louis Tea Party movement grew, some believed due to the perceived lack of communication from the side of the Organizers. But what some failed to realize is that if there is No News to report, then how can you report the News. The St. Louis Tea Party's attempts to find a location stalled...until know.

Thursday Morning, one of the Tea Party Organizers, a Radio Talk Show Host Dana Loesch, while filling in for another Host on the Allman Show in the Morning, informed that the St. Louis Tea Party Is Going to Happen, but not in St. Louis.

It appears that the St. Louis Tea Party 4th of July Tea Party is going to be held in Washington Missouri on the Mississippi River. The exact Park location will be announced on the St. Louis Tea Party Website soon.

The 4th of July St. Louis Tea Party is to be held at Noon and they are encouraging people to bring a Lunch since it will be a Picnic style gathering.

As Soon as they post the exact Park Location I will update it here.

Or if you want to get more information on the St. Louis Tea Party Go To:


To See the Washington Missouri Parks and City Information Go To:


*UPDATE* 6/19/09

The St. Louis Tea Party has updated their website. The Location will be Rennick Park in Washington Missouri on the Riverfront. Parking is going to be a little difficult, so get there Early. The Park is only 3 acres in size.....so hurry up to pick out your spot for your picnic. It is a Beautiful Town and for those that would have to drive some distance to get there, it will be well worth the Time.

To Get Directions Go To:

These are some Pictures from the Tax Day Tea Party in Washington Missouri at Rennick Park.

I Got these Pictures from Washmo.com.

To Read their Article on the Washington Tax Day Tea Party Go To: