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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Girl Scouts Team Up With Government "Volunteer Corps National Service Program" to Help Home Land Security

Don't think the Government and the Administration are going to try Influence your Kids, think again. The Department of Homeland Security, the Citizen Corps and the Girl Scouts are teaming up to combat Terror, Hurricanes and Other "Disasters".

According to an Article on the AP, the Girl Scouts are going to get a New 'Badge" from the Government if they "get Prepared" for an emergency. What's the Harm in that?

The fact that the Government AND Obama's 'Citizen Corps' are involved is the Major Problem. The Girl Scouts could have accomplished this on their own. What business does the 'Citizen Corps', which has in the past few months been touted as part of Obama's Citizen Army and is experiencing ACORN type Corruption, is doing teaming up with the Girl Scouts is concerning.

This Citizen Corps was the Group that the Administration was going to "Force" all of your Kids to be apart of in the Service Act signed into law earlier this year. The mandatory service was removed after it was discovered in the Bill and Parents Nation Wide raised hell over it. This was the administrations way of trying to indoctrinate your Children, but it was foiled due to Citizens paying attention.

Now it appears since the Administration can't beat them, they'll Join them. This Girl Scout 'Emergency' Program working with Citizen Corps is just the beginning. It may seem harmless enough, but keep an eye on the Future and how much organizations like the Girl Scouts and Citizen Corps begin to work together.

The Administration doesn't need Mandatory Service, if they can just take control of the existing Children's Organizations through "Cooperation".

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