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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Big Bailout.....Big Mistake!!

Lets just keep printing money...that will work! Lets drive up inflation while we drive the dollar into oblivion.

Some are saying that Capitalism and Free Market are things of the past....except the Big Government helped to get us where we are.

They now think they can get us out, With $800 Billion more of our tax dollars to do it. Except that isn't going to get us out of anything...except out of the frying pan and into the fire.

If we do nothing, there may be bank failures, businesses closing, run on banks unemployment goes up and just plain old chaos. But the Dollar may still be worth something, so we can rebuild again.

We do the Bailout, they stall the collapse for a few months and then the Government fails since it's already broke, inflation skyrockets, businesses close, banks fail, unemployment skyrockets and plain old chaos......but the dollar is worth Nothing.....so how do we dig ourselves out?

We don't.....we have total collapse...

We can not keep running a defaced, propping up failure, hiding a recession through a job creation from the government...and think it is going to work.....

The market has to correct itself...and can't if the Government keeps getting in the way....

It's the Government's bad decisions and the bad decisions of their wealthy buddies that got us here......

So why do we keep doing the same thing.....and expecting a Different Result?