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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Going Out ...

Going out of Town for some R and R....be back Tuesday.... See you all then! Have a Great holiday!

No it's Not about Obama.......That's Right..it's Russia Again..

Most Bloggers would be discussing Obama's Speech tonight. But I am not like most other Bloggers. My point of View is a bit wider that most...and until this Russian thing settles down to a Cold War or Heats up to World War...I am keeping my One Good eye on it...

Today, Putin accused the United States of Starting the Georgia/Russian War....Oh yes you read it right....Putin said that the U.S. or President Bush started this so that Mccain would be elected into Office. Now after you pick your Jaw up off the Floor....or stop shaking your head in agreement..let me tell you What actually happened. Now you Will Not Read this anywhere else...I guess you could say this is an Exclusive...

The Russia/Georgian War was started by.......South Ossentia Rebels. That's Right...I have sources from the region. They tell me that the South Ossentia Rebels were told by Russia to go ahead and do a little Aggressive action on Georgia. And if Georgia responds that Russia would have the South Ossentia Rebels Backs. Which is another way of starting something...without starting something. They wanted Georgia to look like the aggressors. Think about it...why would Georgia, who was warned by Russia in 2006 not to or else, go into South Ossentia Now? It makes absolutely no sense. You have to Follow the Money...what would Georgia have gained from going into South Ossentia when they knew that Russian"peacekeepers" where there? Russia and South Ossentia had everything to gain from a Conflict like this....as we are seeing now. All they needed was an excuse.

So now Putin was Blaming Georgia, when that didn't Stick or Justify the Russian Reaction, they do what all Politicians do lately...Blame Bush. Now I am not fond of the man, but this is My Country...if we wanted to start something......you wouldn't have any doubts about when and where it was started.

Soon Putin will be blaming his Aggressions on Global Warming and saying the Georgians don't care about the Environment as much has he does.....please......

Well no matter why it is what it is makes little difference....the Question is still..... what now?


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

United States sends the Coast Guard to Russia..

The United States in sending Aid to Georgia, sent a Coast Guard Missile Ship full of supplies for the Georgian Civilians. The Russians felt so threatened by the Coast Guard, they sent 3 Russian War Ships to dock in other Georgian Ports.

Russia Claims that the Coast Guard Ship is full of weapons not Food. But yet they have not tried to board or harass the Ship in any way, so far. They have also informed the U.S. that it has reached it's maximum amount of United States Ships allowed in the Black Sea. No more will be tolerated.

Today the UK has called for harsh action in response to Russia's Aggressions.

Yesterday the Russian Government agreed to Recognize the 2 break away regions of Georgia as independent states. Even though it is likely that no other Country will do so. Russia also stated that it does not fear a New Cold War, but it doesn't want one either.

So as the words continue from both sides the Questions still remains..what is to be done? What in reality can be done?


Monday, August 25, 2008

Russia...Stirring the Pot...Again

Here we go...the Russian Government is now in the Process of recognizing the "Breakaway" regions of Georgia. Georgia has said it will not recognize any "Breakaway" sections as anything but Georgian territory.

Russia has also warned the United States that the Relief Ships, that happen to be War Ships, that are being sent to bring Aid to Georgia will just destabilize the region more. So the Russian Navy has now decided it needs to do some Missile testing in the Black Sea, near the United States Relief Ships.

Also Putin has said that Russia will back off some Trade Agreements made with the World Trade Organization. Mainly the Agreements that deal with Food Export.

So it appears that Russia is flipping the bird to the rest of the Free World saying....So What are you gonna do???........

Well I guess that is the Question.....what are we going to do?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama/Biden = Big Mistake?

Obama just announced his Presidential..oh I mean Vice-Presidential Running mate is Joe Biden. Now I honestly didn't think he would pick Hillary. But in not Picking Hillary he has made a big miscalculation. The Power of a Clinton. The Clinton Supporters will now be angered all over again. Alot of them held on to the Hope of a "Dream Team" Ticket. Now with that Dream smashed to little bits by the Obama Campaign...will it come back to bite him? Yes I believe it will. Alot of Hillary supporters have been waiting for "Their" moment when Hillary would be elected President. So now, instead of voting for the "Dream Ticket" I fear they will be Voting against Obama, or not voting at all.

Now Mccain will be picking his V.P. next Friday. The question for him is , will he Piss off the Conservatives by making a Liberal choice for his Vice-President. Maybe he'll forget what House he had his V.P. stay in as a Guest..and we will never know.......

The World Waits...with baited Breath.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Sitting on a Russian Powder Keg.....

Today Russia has decided it has Withdrawn it's troops to the Points designated by the Cease Fire Agreement. The United States and France have Jointly Told Russia...No you have not.

So the Question Remains..what will France and the United States do? To make threats you have to have a Plan of action or consequences.

Force is obvious but neither France nor the United States has the ability to Fight a Full Scale conventional War with Russia. The United States Military is in a similar condition to a time before both World Wars. The U.S. Military is small and unprepared for a massive War. Also the Industry that helped the U.S. win 2 World Wars is now in Foreign Countries..so the factories and Workers are not as readily available as they were before.

France is ...well France.. Modern History has shown their lack of any type of True Military might. To Russia's Army they would be but a speed bump.

The last and hopefully never an option is Nuclear War...and then no one wins...

So the question Remains..will we resolve this without Force? Or will someone..anyone..create a Spark..and Light the Russian Powder Keg.

If that happens....I am not sure we would come out on top as easily as we have in the past.

Red Dawn..who really thought it was possible?


Wednesday, August 20, 2008


It seems I wake up everyday and discover a new Liberty or Freedom under attack or already destroyed.

First Smokers lost the Liberty to Smoke...anywhere... Now "fat" people are loosing the Liberty to be "fat"....even though more than Half "Over weight" people are more healthy and Fit than about Half of the "Skinny" people. Now I am losing the Liberty to use Edison's Light bulb to be Replaced by Mercury Bombs called CFLs. Freedom of Speech is under attack with the PC idea of not calling Terrorists...Terrorists...they are Freedom Fighters....Please. Congress is trying to pass some "Fairness" Doctrine so that everyone gets equal time on the Radio...OH GEE Government Run Radio. Fast Food restaurants being banned in some California Town. No more TRANS FATS?? DO WE NOT HAVE FREE CHOICE?

The Government is getting tooo Big for it's Britches. It must be stopped..before Freedom is just a Memory and Liberty is just a Name of an SUV.

Are we Giving up on the ideals of Freedom?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Should We Send Troops to Georgia?

Should the United States send Troops to the Country of Georgia to ensure that Russia Withdraws from the Country?

People say we do not have the Number of Troops needed to Start a new Conflict especially with a Country the Size of Russia. They would be Correct. But the Fact is Russia must be contained, they cannot be allowed to continue down the Path they have Chosen. Hitler was allowed to take Austria with no Repercussions, Russia cannot be allowed the same treatment.

Do we start a War? No. But Russia must be made to Understand, that we will not shy away from one either. That we will protect our allies with all the means at our disposal, or we will loose any credibility in the world when it comes to our Word.

Start a Draft, increase our Military and send a Message to our enemies and "friends"......We are not Weak.......Just a Sleeping Giant.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Little Known Facts About the Revolutionary War

What follows are a few little known facts about the American Revolutionary War era. Most Americans think they know all about the Revolution simply because they are Americans. In fact, the real story -- not the one in most textbooks -- is crammed with little known facts. Information has been drawn from multiple sources for this report. The main source being information compiled by Mr. Thomas Fleming, a noted historian.

  • The Americans of 1776 had the highest standard of living and the lowest taxes in the Western World!
    Farmers, lawyers and business owners in the Colonies were thriving, with some plantation owners and merchants making the equivalent of $500,000 a year. Times were good for many others too. The British wanted a slice of the cash flow and tried to tax the Colonists. They resisted violently, convinced that their prosperity and their liberty were at stake. Virginia's Patrick Henry summed up their stance with his cry: "Give me liberty or give me death!"
  • There were two Boston tea parties!
    Everyone knows how 50 or 60 "Sons of Liberty," disguised as Mohawks, protested the 3 cents per pound British tax on tea by dumping chests of the popular drink into Boston Harbor on December 16, 1773. Fewer know that the improper Bostonians repeated the performance on March 7, 1774. The two tea parties cost the British around $3 million in modern money.
  • Benjamin Franklin wrote the first Declaration of Independence!
    In 1775, Franklin, disgusted with the arrogance of the British and appalled by the bloodshed at Lexington and Concord, wrote a Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson was enthusiastic. But, he noted, many other delegates to the Continental Congress were "revolted at it." It would take another year of bitter conflict to persuade the Congress to vote for the Declaration of Independence written by Jefferson -- with some astute editorial suggestions by Franklin.
  • John Adams defended the British Soldiers after the Boston Massacre!
    Captain Thomas Preston led some British Soldiers to aid another British Soldier who was having things thrown at him and was also hit several times with a board. After their arrival, the people continued to pelt the soldiers and finally shots were fired and the infamous "Boston Massacre" was over. Captain Thomas Preston and eight soldiers were charged with murder. Future President John Adams took up the defense of the soldiers. He, along with Joshua Quincy, was able to get all but two acquitted by a local jury. Those two were found guilty of manslaughter, but claimed benefit of clergy. This means that they were allowed to make penance instead of being executed. To insure that they never could use benefit of clergy again they were both branded on the thumbs.
  • History's first submarine attack took place in New York Harbor in 1776!
    The Connecticut inventor David Bushnell called his submarine the Turtle because it resembled two large tortoise shells of equal size joined together. The watertight hull was made of 6-inch-thick oak timbers coated with tar. On September 6, 1776, the Turtle targeted the HMS Eagle, flagship of the British fleet. The submarine was supposed to secure a cask of gunpowder to the hull of the Eagle and sneak away before it exploded. Unfortunately, the Turtle got entangled with the Eagle's rudder bar, lost ballast and surfaced before the gunpowder could be planted.
  • Benedict Arnold was the best general in the Continental Army!
    "Without Benedict Arnold in the first three years of the war," says the historian George Neumann, "we would probably have lost the Revolution." In 1775, the future traitor came within a whisker of conquering Canada. In 1776, he built a fleet and fought a bigger British fleet to a standstill on Lake Champlain. At Saratoga in 1777, his brilliant battlefield leadership forced the British army to surrender. The victory persuaded the French to join the war on the American side. Ironically, Arnold switched sides in 1780 partly because he disapproved of the French alliance.
  • By 1779, as many as one in seven Americans in Washington's army was black!
    At first Washington was hesitant about enlisting blacks. But when he heard they had fought well at Bunker Hill, he changed his mind. The all-black First Rhode Island Regiment -- composed of 33 freedmen and 92 slaves who were promised freedom if they served until the end of the war -- distinguished itself in the Battle of Newport. Later, they were all but wiped out in a British attack.
  • There were women in the Continental Army, even a few who saw combat!
    Probably the best known is Mary Ludwig Hays, nicknamed "Molly Pitcher." She replaced her wounded husband at his cannon during the Battle of Monmouth in 1778. Another wife of an artilleryman, Margaret Corbin, was badly wounded serving in her husband's gun crew at the Battle of Harlem Heights in 1776. Thousands of other women served in Washington's army as cooks and nurses.
  • George Washington was the best spymaster in American History!
    He ran dozens of espionage rings in British-held New York and Philadelphia, and the man who supposedly could not tell a lie was a genius at disinformation. He constantly befuddled the British by leaking, through double agents, inflated reports on the strength of his army.
  • By 1779, there were more Americans fighting with the British than with Washington!
    There were no less than 21 regiments (estimated to total 6,500 to 8,000 men) of loyalists in the British army. Washington reported a field army of 3,468. About a third of Americans opposed the Revolution.
  • At Yorktown, the victory that won the war, Frenchman outnumbered Americans almost three to one! Washington had 11,000 men engaged in the battle, while the French had at least 29,000 soldiers and sailors. The 37 French ships-of-the-line played a crucial role in trapping the 8,700 strong British army and winning the engagement.
  • King George almost abdicated the throne when the British lost!
    After Yorktown, George III vowed to keep fighting. When parliament demurred, the King wrote a letter of abdication -- then withdrew it. He tried to console himself with the thought that Washington would become a dictator and make the Americans long for royal rule. When he was told that Washington planned to resign his commission, the monarch gasped: "If he does that, sir, he will be the greatest man in the world."

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rose Colored Glasses...

This Blog is a Little off Topic... I was going to write about the Russian/Georgian situation but they appear to be facing off with words...and it is more or less going the way I assumed...I just hope the outcome is Different than I fear...

But I have been encountering an interesting occurrence since I have been Blogging on a National basis....I call it the Theory of the Rose Colored Glasses...or better, Perception Is Reality.

If I write a Blog and post it in 23 different States in 23 Different Cities..usually I get 100 different interpretations of that same identical Blog. At First I thought that my Writing Skills were so Horrible that I couldn't convey the thoughts in my Brian onto the Screen. But then I realized something....Every Person goes through Life looking at everything through a Different Pair of Color Tinted Glasses. Everything they Read, Watch, Hear or See is Tinted by the Color of Glasses they Choose to wear...

I could right a Blog saying that the best Color is Blue. I would get some people commenting that I was right on. Others would tell me I was Nuts or a Right Wing Fanatic and all other Conservatives think Blue is the Greatest. Some would call me a racist and say that I don't like any other Color. Some would even tell me that I inspired them to relearn the Love for a Color they Forgot. Some would ask me why is Purple so important? I know..I said Blue...it happens.

All of us look at life with our own Tint. It affects our Judgement and our Decisions, sometimes with a Tragic end.

The wisest of us will ask someone if they can borrow their Colored Glasses to look at things from a Different point of View. But most of all they will clear their mind of any Pre-conceptions before engaging with another person or before making an important decision.

Look at your own Tinted Glasses and how they effect your dealings with others....ask yourself if maybe just maybe..you would be better seeing the World and Your Life without them....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why Fight For Liberty....

Why Fight for Liberty? Why take time out of Your Life to raise Your Voice against Tyranny? What reason is worth all the Time and Effort and if necessary, Blood to Stand in the Defense of Liberty?

Is it to rid ourselves of these Dishonest Politicians? No, for that is no Reason to stain the Land with Blood.....I Dislike these Wolves in Sheep's Clothing as much as anyone..but that alone is not worth war...

Is it to rid ourselves of Tyrannical Taxation? No...it is for something more substantial than our precious wallets....

What is it that a Man or Woman must Stand for Liberty, be it in Peaceful Protest or with Arms?
Is it for Our Rights? Our Rights that are Guaranteed in the Constitution?....Yes, but to stop there would be a Grave Injustice.

We must fight for the Liberty of All Mankind. For the Women,Children and Men who for themselves have no Voice.....Who can not Stand for themselves because their suffering is greater than Ours. For those that Oppose us and their Future Generations. So that there shall be No More Tyranny, at Home or Abroad. That a Few Tyrannical Men Can Not, Must Not, Dictate to Millions. So that wherever the Wind Blows or the Sun Shines People will have a say in who rules over them and by what laws they live. We Must Fight for the Rights given to us by Nature's God, for those Rights are Given to All, be them Friend or Foe. From the Poorest Drunk to the Wealthiest Businessman has the Right to Liberty......For this we Must Fight, For this we are Obligated to Fight....

We as the Nation of Freedom and Liberty have an Obligation to Ourselves, Our Children and to the World to Shine the Light of Liberty to All the Ends of the Earth....

THIS is what Our Founding Fathers Fought For........

For This Reason.....Liberty Must Survive...No Matter the Cost...

We Must Stand upon Our Rights, Not Upon the Force Of Arms........

But Let it Be known we Will Fight...with Words Peaceably...with Arms If Necessary...

"Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Death!"


Russia's True Face is Clearly Seen....

Russia today called for the Removal of the President of Georgia. After the Russian Army has almost conquered most of the country. For this to happen to a Democratically elected country and ally to the United States is unacceptable.

Russia is in the process of reuniting it's lost territory after the fall of the Soviet Union. It is on the fast track to returning to Communism and a Totalitarian Government. A second Cold War is quickly on it's way and this Georgian War is the Opening act. Russia does not want Georgia to be a Nato member and protests the deployment of the missile defense system. They have been in the process of reuniting with old allies and have been fostering new ones.

But the Countries, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Lativa and Poland, that used to be apart of the Old Soviet Union see what is coming. These Countries have sent representatives to Georgia in a show of solidarity with the Georgian Democratic Government.

But will the World heed their Warning? Where is the Line for reaction by the United States? If not now.....When?

We waited too long for Hitler, Saddam, Bin Laden...History has proved that inaction can be as deadly if not as fatal as action. Will we react after Europe is engulfed.....again?

Right now Russia is enjoying it's Blitz and the effect it has on those Countries it seeks to control. It' allies are using this as Propaganda in their countries to show the Weakness of Free Nations.
It has improved the clout of Russia and the Threats they imply......

It has Shown Russia's True Face........... Recreating the U.S.S.R. and possibly ....

Total World Domination....

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hitler + Austria = WWII / Putin + South Ossetia = ?


Is history repeating itself...just with different names and places?

March 12th, 1938 Hitler sent Troops into Austria to Unify the German people in one People, One Leader and One Empire. In direct defiance of the Treaty of Versailles. Germany and Austria were not allowed to unite . Hitler was counting on the European powers to Fail to respond to his move and his gamble paid off. This maneuver was a preview of Hitler's Future aggressions and the World sat and watched while he gobbled up Europe. Which in the end started Word War II.

August 8th, 2008 Putin sent Troops into South Ossetia to push out a supposed attack by Georgian Military forces. South Ossetia and Abkhazia have been breakaway sections of Georgia since the 1990's but have not been recognized by the World establishment. Most of these areas are populated by Russians and have developed close ties with Moscow.

Georgia is a Country that broke off at the Fall of the Communist Government in Russia. They have been Allies with the United States and have applied for membership in Nato. A few months ago the United States went to Georgia to help train the Georgian Military.

The Claim of an invasion by Georgian Forces may or may not be true, considering Hitler used a similar tactic to invade Poland. He claimed that Polish troops attacked German civilians. In reality it was German Troops dressed in Polish uniforms that "attacked" Gleiwitz a German town. The Germans took a Prisoner from a Concentration camp, dressed him in a Polish uniform and Shot him in the Town of Gleiwitz. The Staged event was meant to appear like Polish Troops attacked a German Radio station inthe town and when they retreated they left one of their dead. Under this Guise, Hitler attacked Poland after making a non-aggression pact with Russia. The Concept of Deception to invent an excuse for aggression is nothing new...

The only question is will Putin stop with South Ossetia?

Or is this an excuse to test the Resolve of the Ally of the Georgian government.....the United States.

Will this be the Precursor to World War III ..........

Like Austria was for World War II?


Saturday, August 9, 2008

How Far will the War in Europe Spread?

How far will the war between the countries of Russia and Georgia spread? This war is unlike most conflicts we have seen in eastern Europe in the past several decades. Georgia is an Ally to the United States and Russia is Friendly to the U.S.(supposedly).

Leaders of different Countries around the world have called for restraint on both sides, but their pleas fall on deaf ears. Russia sees this as a chance to regain lost territory when the former Province of the Soviet Union peeled off from Russia and formed the independent country of Georgia. The Georgians see this as a chance to regain land they claim in South Ossetian.

The reasons given for this war are numerous, from Russian attacks on Georgia to a blatant attack on South Ossetian by Georgian forces. Some have even speculated it has something to do with an Oil Pipe Line running through the Contested area. I think the Reasons mean little, there was a fight brewing and it just needed a spark to light the powder keg. It just remains to be seen how much of the area of Europe will explode into turmoil and what will be America's Response.

Is this WWIII? Or just another European Spat between former allies? Is this a Battle for Freedom or a Fight for Control of resources? Who knows really....

But lets hope it ends quickly with a decisive victor or it will become another Israel/Palestine situation..........

Perpetual Conflict ..with no hope in site.......

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Also at the bottom of the Page in the news section is up to date Russian News as well as other news links.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

High Price for Tiananmen Square...Bargin for U.S.

June 3rd ,1989 ..

The Day we saw the Chinese Army massacre hundreds, some say thousands of unarmed Civilian Protestors that were shouting for Democracy and Freedom. The Protest lasted for seven weeks and included millions of Chinese citizens from all walks of Life. The Government threatend to use whatever it saw neccessary to clamp down on what it described as "social chaos". So the Chinese Communist Army moved tanks into the aquare and opened Fire. Mowing down lovers of Freedom with no thought to age, sex or social status.... The True Face of a Government that declares it is for the Equality of People and Ownership by all.

We, the Greatest Free Nation in the World...did nothing.... But Protest with words.....

Just recently our current President did the Same. He protested the treatment of the Chinese Citizens by the Government of China. China told him to Stick it....

What have we done as a Nation to encourage more dissent in Countries that deny Freedom and Liberty to it's People? Nothing...Actually we have done just the opposite..we have encouraged the oppresive treatment of people by supporting Tyrantical Governments through Trade and lack of action.

Why did we ship jobs to a Country that does not share our love of Freedom? Why did we allow such a Trade Debt with a Country that has an Ideology that declares the Destruction of Liberty?
If the President didn't like the Treatment of the people by the Government of Communist China...then WHY did we send our American Olympians there??????

What Has Become of this NATION??? That we feel we need to Support Governments that have the total opposite Ideaology from us? Why are we buying Products made in China so our Trade Deficiet increases and the Chinese Governments gets advanced Technology and Money FROM US to rebuild it's Arsenals???


It was not just this President, but ones that came before that have Failed the American Ideal of Freedom and Liberty. Few Presidents have stood up with resolve against dealing with such tyranical Governments. We have been rewarding Bad Behavior at the espense to OURselves and Our Economy. This Must Stop.


For me ...that Price is too High to Pay........

What Happens when China calls in the Markers?.....

Will Our Freedom be sold so Cheaply?

To read an Article about that day go to:



Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Parties of Old...

My Father (Who is 91) can remember a time when an American Political Party was just that...American.

The Parties may have had a Difference of opinion but they agreed on one thing, that the Untied States of America was the Greatest Country in the World and that it was worth looking after and protecting.

Today it seems the Democrats are not the Party of JFK. The Republicans are not the Party of Lincoln. Both Parties are now the Party of Power......

They seem to have forgotten that the Power of This Government is the People. The Fact of this is written in the Constitution. The Parties have forgotten this to the Point that they have allowed the Citizens of this Great Nation to forget it as well.

So when we have a problem or Crisis in this Country the place people look to is...the Government..instead of to themselves.

If there is a Law we don't like, we do nothing. If they are debating a Bill that we don't like, we do nothing. If they take away a Freedom or restrict a Liberty, we do nothing. What do we get in return..... Nothing we Like.

So not only do we long for the Parties of Old.....But we should long for the Citizens of Old......

Because when we start caring for this Country again...... The Politicians will have to care for this Country Again....

Or they will have to Fear the People...Again.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Cold War is Not Won....It Just Changed Tactics

That's Right the Cold War has just went from out in the Open and Obvious to in Plane site but Hidden.

Putin is KGB and they haven't had an Honest Election since his appearance on the Political scene.
With the supposed fall of Communism in the U.S.S.R there was a void that was filled with Organized Crime. The largest Organized Crime Syndicate in Russia is the FSB the successor to the KGB. The Communist Party is still the 2nd largest Political Party in Russia, the 1st being United Russia which is headed by Putin. They claim to be anti-communist and a form of Democracy, but not of the Western Flavor of Democracy.

But in order to understand who and what the KGB(FSB) is, here is a Quote from an Interview with Konstantin Preobrazhensky. He was a KGB Lieutenant Colonel who over saw the intelligence gathering efforts against China, Japan and North Korea:

"The KGB was not an intelligence agency as such. It was a department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CCCPSU), a part of the party apparatus. Hence, intelligence and counterintelligence entities did not play a key role. Rather, they represented a way of life for bureaucrats – overseas junkets, a way to fatten their wallets, stay connected with the country’s elite. After all, the entire retinue surrounding the Politburo members and the General Secretary was employed by the KGB. If you worked in the KGB, you had close access to Brezhnev, Gorbachev… But the intelligence work itself had a much lower priority.

This is a fallacious supposition that the KGB itself disseminates. Nothing has become part of the past. The people are the same, and the slogans they proclaim have not changed. For instance, in Russia, Putin has completely brought the KGB back to life. As far as other post-Soviet republics are concerned, everything there is better preserved. In 1991 when the Soviet Union collapsed, it was revealed that the personnel were KGB operatives. The entourage of the leaders of post-Soviet republics is entirely made up of graduates of the KGB’s elite academy. They are aides, instructors, ministers…. and through them, the KGB is able to influence these countries’ heads of state. It is precisely with their help that Putin and the FSB are destabilizing Ukraine. This isn’t a struggle between disparate clans; it’s an FSB operation to topple the detested Yushchenko. "

To read the whole interview go to:


Also according to an Article in the Economist:

"Just before he became president, Mr Putin told his ex-colleagues at the Federal Security Service (FSB), the KGB's successor, “A group of FSB operatives, dispatched under cover to work in the government of the Russian federation, is successfully fulfilling its task.” He was only half joking.

Over the two terms of Mr Putin's presidency, that “group of FSB operatives” has consolidated its political power and built a new sort of corporate state in the process. Men from the FSB and its sister organisations control the Kremlin, the government, the media and large parts of the economy—as well as the military and security forces. According to research by Olga Kryshtanovskaya, a sociologist at the Russian Academy of Sciences, a quarter of the country's senior bureaucrats are siloviki—a Russian word meaning, roughly, “power guys”, which includes members of the armed forces and other security services, not just the FSB. The proportion rises to three-quarters if people simply affiliated to the security services are included. These people represent a psychologically homogeneous group, loyal to roots that go back to the Bolsheviks' first political police, the Cheka. As Mr Putin says repeatedly, “There is no such thing as a former Chekist.”

To Read the whole Article go to:


Russia and China both have discovered that State run business fail, and in so doing bring down the Government. So they have adopted a Communist Government with a Capitalist type Economy. In this way China has rebuilt it's Armies and Technology with the Assistance of the United States and other Western Countries. Russia has seen this and wants in on the "Dumb" Western Countries Money by selling them Oil an other Goods.

Russia is consolidating it's Power around the World. It's making new Allies and reinforcing old ties. They are far from being the Peaceful Democratic Friend that they portray in the Media. If we Are allowed to be lulled to sleep and ignore the World Domination agenda of the New Soviet Union and China.

We will have a Rude Awakening as we are Malled by the Russian Bear!

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Monday, August 4, 2008

Politics Over People

I do not know if you are Following what is going on in Congress right now...but Congress just went on a five week paid vacation without voting on the Drilling Bill. A Few Congressmen Decided to stay and make speeches after the Closing of Congress because they were denied the chance to speak on this issue while Congress was in session. The Lights were off and the Microphones disconnected but they still stayed and made Speeches. Eventually they were forced to leave but planned on returning Today to do the same Protest.

Now I am not a Democrat or Republican, nor do I have faith in either Party especially when it comes to their Honesty. But I do believe that we need to Drill more here in the States while we pursue alternatives. But the fact still remains we will always need Oil. So many things are made from the byproducts of Oil (Read the Article in my St Louis Fox Blog) that we will still need it in the Future no matter what our Cars run on. So Drilling here and Drilling now will save us from more headaches down the Road.

But there are those in Congress that Are not Interested in this and would rather Pander to their Special Interest Groups and their Extreme Section of their Party. They would rather have this Problem to use in the Presidential Debate than to Fix it..(like most politicians on most things). But there are those who are slowly getting it and wish an Up or Down Vote. I see no harm in that, if it passes it passes if not then we will know the true intentions of those that Voted against it...and there will be accountability. The President can call Congress back until they resolve this...but I do not think he will.

The Bill has everything in it not Just about Drilling. It has funding in it for Alternatives as well, so unless there is a Huge Fat ear mark in it for some buddy of a Politician I cannot see the Problem.

Congress as a whole are only interested in keeping their Power, not doing what the People want or Need. This bill is no different, maybe the Protesters in Congress are Honest, maybe they are just trying to get attention or make the other party look bad...I do not know.

But I do know that we need to Drill more here and Drill now....Or we are Going to be looking to the Amish to teach us how to hook a Horse up to a Buggy....

To read an article on this go to:



Sunday, August 3, 2008

Americans or Voting Blocks??

I have been reading in the News lately how the Presidential Candidates are Holding Meetings with Different Sections of the Population. This week it's the Hispanics, last week the Jewish Community......what ever happened to ........Americans?

Are we Citizens of such small minds that we are so easily separated by Ethnic origin? Is the Human Nature so in the America of Today that we allow ourselves to be separated by those who seek to rule over us? Why are people lowered to their lowest form of Description and then labeled a voting block? Why do we accept this.......Insult?

Are we not more than the sum of our parts? ...the color of our skin? Do we not as a Nation Stand for Freedom for all...... Not Just certain Voting Blocks? Why do we allow ourselves to be talked down to as these Politically labeled Groups instead of Demanding the Respect and Honor we carry as American Citizens?

Does a Problem that Affects one Group not affect All? Why talk to labeled Groups and Not to the American Citizens as a Whole?? Are the Messages Different depending on the audience?

Why do Politicians Fear the Truth that we Citizens are more alike than Different? That as Americans we control the Power of our Destiny and the Destiny of our Country....United under one Flag, one Ideal of Freedom.....

That is what the Politicians Fear, what they persevere to preserve ....the illusion....of Difference...

Divide and Conquer.... The Politicians Prayer..

They know that no one on the Face of the earth can stand up to the Power and Will of a United , Free People.......that when we come to realize this...their Power....their Throne....will be cast into the Pit and the People will Rule again. Of the People, By the People, For the People........

I am an American! We are Americans! That is what matters........

Everything else is second to that Fact......