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Monday, April 7, 2008

Slavery in America Today...

Slavery in America? Yes! Slavery means the state of being under the control of another person. Now there are many types of slavery but I want to talk about three of them. Illegal Immigration, Socialism and Islamic Fascism. These three are in a race to destroy the United States, the only question is which one will win.

I have read many articles on why Illegal Immigration is not like slavery. Some people say that they aren't brought here, they come on there own. They aren't whipped and sold like property. So to call it Slavery , they say, is an exaggeration by anti-illegal factions. I disagree(gee saw that coming didn't you?) My point of view is not that the ILLEGALS are the slaves, but they are Enslaving the law abiding citizens of this country by being here. ( You just did a double take right?) US? HOW could WE be the SLAVES? Well remember Slavery is the state of being under the control of another person.

First Illegals are slaves as well because they don't have the same rights as a citizen. If they are abused who can they turn to? So they just need to stay home and come through the system so they can have those rights!

Second, WE are Slaves because since they are here ILLEGALLY WE have to pay for THEIR health care. Since they are here ILLEGALLY they take JOBS that CITIZENS should have. Don't tell me they are jobs that Americans won't do...that is bull and everyone knows it. Maybe those are jobs that people who are on WELFARE should have then, at least we would be helping CITIZENS. Since they are here ILLEGALLY filling low wage(slave labor) jobs then the corporations and businesses that hire them petition the Government to leave the Border WIDE OPEN so more can come. Then the Government leaves it open or stalls since a lot of their money is given to them by these Companies. Plus the politicians want to create a new voting block by making the ILLEGALS citizens without sending them back. Since the border is open we are having a recurrence of Dieases that were Extinct because ILLEGALS are not getting the proper Vaccines or being tested. AND WE DON'T SEEM TO HAVE A SAY! LAW ABIDING CITIZENS ARE UNDER THE CONTROL OF THE ILLEGALS!!! WE ARE SLAVES TO A SYSTEM THAT REFUSES TO ENFORCE IT'S OWN LAWS!!

Socialism! Now what does Hitler have to do with Socialism you ask? Well, Hitler's political party was the National SOCIALIST German Workers Party. Shocked? Well even if you don't know much about Hitler you should at least have heard of that little happening called the...Holocaust??? Oh yes folks those EVIL people are still around , trying to finish what Hitler couldn't do....Defeat The United States!

There are several Socialist Party websites but check out this one


This website is the National Socialist Movement of America. The largest NAZI party operating in America today! (As they say on the site.) This is a White Supremest group that are SOCIALISTS here in AMERICA. So when you ask , " What is SOOOOo wrong about the Government running your life?" Just go here and you will find the answer.

But are ALL Socialist NAZIS? YES, they may not be white supremacists but they are Nazis. A definition of Nazi is a derogatory term for a person who is fanatically dedicated to, or seeks to control, some activity, practice, etc. They want to Control the Government and in doing so will control YOUR life. They want everyone dependant on the Government so you can't live without them. You will become ENSLAVED to the Government for everything. They are really Communist but try to hide it by calling it Socialism. Do not be fooled! If we allow these people to go unchecked and keep adding SOCIAL programs under the disguise of HELPING someone then this country will fall. We will have no one to blame but ourselves. You let them win in elections, laws and make socialist judicial rulings then we ARE SLAVES!

Look at that picture. Just stare at it..... If you can't tell what it is I'll explain. That is a man holding an AK-47 to the head of an Islamic women who is wearing a burka. Why is that? Well my understanding of this picture is that she violated Sharia Law. So she will be shot in the head. What Law did she break? Well I have read it's because she wasn't covered up enough. (not joking) Actually for Sharia Law that is pretty mild. Usually she is to be beheaded or buried up to her head in the ground and stoned to death. So she is getting off easy. (GASP) HOW COULD I SAY THAT? That's terrible.... Um It's TRUE. I am not making this up. I am not a hater of people and just make this up to justify it. IT'S TRUE!! Sharia Law is Islamic Law. Almost ALL Islamic countries are Ruled under Sharia Law. Some use it more literally than others but there is not much difference.

Let me explain Sharia Law is based on the Qur'an (the religious text of Islam), Hadith (sayings and doings of Muhammud ), Ijma (consensus),Qivas (reasoning by analogy) and centuries of debate, interpretation and past rulings. There is a great Article on the Top 10 Reasons Sharia Law is bad for all societies. Go here to read it.


Did you read the comments at the bottom? Go now if you didn't ( I'll wait).... Scared Yet?
If these people who attacked us on 9/11 win the war..(yes the war on terror) then my friends get used to praying on your knees to Allah while your women sports a Burka. The pope just said that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world! Islamic Immigrants are taking over many countries just by their sheer number! If you have never read the Koran or Qur'an I suggest you read it. Go right now and type in Koran or whatever in a search engine and READ IT! Alot of people won't say it but I will. There is NOTHING peaceful about ISLAM. There is no other mainstream religion that tells you that if someone doesn't believe in Muhammad and ALLAH they are an infidel and should be BEHEADED. The head Islamic Lawyer and top Cleric of England just said that they are against the killing of Innocent people in the name of Islam. ( Here is the kicker) Then they backed it up by saying ANYONE who is not MUSLIM is GUILTY! Guilty of what you ask? For not believing in Muhammad and ALLAH! So therefore it's ok for YOU and ME to be blown up because we are GUILTY! Then they followed that up with ALL MUSLIMS are INNOCENT! Ever wonder why you don't hear public outcry from the Muslim community in large numbers about the Terrorist that go BOOM? Because they are doing what ISLAM teaches, KILL the INFIDEL! HELLO! The only time they raise up and protest in large numbers is if you DRAW a FREAKING CARTOON about MUHAMMAD!!! They are rising up and yelling about a freaking CARTOON!!! Only because it is against SHARIA LAW to insult the Koran, Muhammad or Sharia Law! It is punishable by DEATH! A CARTOON!
Sharia Law and the religion of Islam are really just a Fascist way to live. The degradation of women, the pure hatred of anyone who isn't Muslim (especially the Jews) and the want to Dominate the world. If they have their way, we will all be SLAVES to Islam and Sharia Law. Or we would be dead.

I say to all of them, Give me Liberty or Give me Death!

So who will win in the race to destroy America?

Who will stand to oppose it?