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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Shades Of Gray......

Alot of people I talk to tell me that in Life there are alot of shades of gray. They say that there is no right and wrong, good and evil, just shades of dark and light. Now alot of you are shaking your heads in agreement right now. Saying to yourselves, now that is a reasonable statement. Well I have to disagree. No I am not a religious nut, or political freak. But if I was it would be my choice not yours.

If there were only shades of gray you would not be reading this right now. This country wouldn't exist. We would still be under British rule and the entire Continent would probably be owned by several European countries. Shades of gray is also known as Political Correctness, Center of the road, non-judgemental, the attitude of it's ok as long as it's not affecting me.

Now If the founders of our country believed in shades of gray only, they wouldn't have fought the British. The Men at the Alamo would have packed up and gone home. Sam Houston would never have defeated Santa Anna. Elijah Lovejoy would never have been murdered in Alton Illinois for Freedom of speech and Freedom of the Slaves. The Civil War would never have happened. Abraham Lincoln would not have written the Emancipation Proclamation. The Germans would still be in Europe slaughtering Jews. Martin Luther King would Never have Shared his Dream. Saddam would still be in Kuwait. After 9/11 we wouldn't have bothered with Afghanistan or Iraq.

If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything. There is a right and wrong, Good and Evil. A person has to make a choice. One way, he may be dead for his Choice. Another, he will be walking around but dead inside. Is it better to live a long uninteresting life offending no one? Or to live a life as long as you can, living on your principles! Living for an Idea that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL! That this Government is of the People, by the People and for the People! That you can't suppress a person based on their race, sex, creed or income. That you have the FREEDOM to live where you want, pray where you want, and work where you want. To be FREE of people who want to control YOUR life and hide it behind Government or Fascism!

Those BRAVE SOULS in our history didn't see the gray, only the light. They chose RIGHT over wrong! GOOD over evil! FREEDOM over oppression! It is said that for evil to win all it takes is for Good men to do nothing!

So far, in our country Good has won over Evil when it has been recognized. The question is are you going to turn a blind eye to the Fascism and Evil Socialism that is threatening to take over this country? That is going to DESTROY this country? Will YOU ALLOW your children's children to be ENSLAVED by the Evil that hides behind Big Government and Religious Fascism?


"When they came for the gypsies, I did not speak, for I am not a gypsy. When they came for the Jews, I did not speak, because I wasn't a Jew. When they came for the Catholics, I did not speak, for I am not a Catholic. And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak." -On the Wall at the Holocaust Museum in Washington

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Gee I wonder How they did it in the 40's and 50's?

I have just finished reading an article on a major news website, the title
"Emergency Rooms in America: A Deadly Prognosis."
This piece was obviously written by some socialist, "Universal Health Care" reporter.

The article starts off with a 15 year old boy who dies because his ambulance was diverted from 2 other Er's that were over crowded. Then it goes on to describe the "overwhelming stats"

One ambulance per minute is diverted — that’s 500,000 per year, according to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies.
— In 2000, Columbia University in New York City found that fatalities from heart attacks increased by as much as 47 percent as a result of diverting ambulances.
— In Houston, Texas, the average rate of diversion was 14 percent in 2001. Today, the rate is 40 percent, said Dr. Guy Clifton, a professor of neurosurgery at the University of Texas in Houston.
— Americans are using emergency rooms more than ever in today’s society. In 2005, 115 million Americans went to the ER, up five million from the year before, according to the Centers for Disease Control.
— Between 1994 and 2004, there was a 20 percent increase in the demand for emergency care, according to the CDC, which is most likely due to an increase in the nations’ uninsured and growing elderly population.
During those years, 9 percent of the nation’s Er's closed, having lost money from inadequate reimbursement, according to the CDC.

It talks about the increase of the nations uninsured....who might the largest group of uninsured Americans be??

OH....SORRY I said AMERICANS...AHHAHAH silly me I meant ILLEGALS!!!! HELLO!!!

Almost ALL of those 9% closed because of ILLEGALS not paying their bill.....
You can't have at least 20 MILLION people come here ILLEGALLY and get FREE Health Care from ER's and not expect them to be OVERCROWDED!!!! The author of this piece of propaganda kindly left this little fact OUT. WHY DO PEOPLE IGNORE THE PROBLEM????

What other group of FELONS do you know that entire towns, states, and countries try to attract???? Do you hear of a town being a sanctuary town for BANK ROBBERS???? NO!!!! Lets let all of the bank robbers have amnesty because really they just want to make a living. HELLOOOOO!!!

All of you who think it's ok for the ILLEGALs to come here I have a question. Do you lock your doors at night? Really?? Why do you lock your doors at night? Don't you think that someone may just want to come into your house and say...Do your laundry??? Clean the house? Paint a room?? Read a story to your kids....? Well No CRAP that is STUPID!!!! SO WHY DO YOU WANT TO LEAVE THE BORDERS UNLOCKED BECAUSE SOMEONE MAY WANT TO JUST WORK HERE???????????? You lock your borders to keep the BAD PEOPLE OUT!!! JUST LIKE HOME!!! Then you question and decide WHO GETS TO COME HERE!! Just LIKE HOME!!!!

So this socialist article is trying to get you to believe the system is about to crash while leaving out the main fact of why they think it is about to crash.... want to uncrowd Er's? Ship them back.

So would someone please tell me HOW people in the 40's and 50's got Heath Care...???

THEY PAID FOR IT!!!! People stop blaming and start looking at what you are spending your money on... If you have cable, BIG tvs, new car or 2 or 3, go out all the time, drink to excess, drugs, dsl, cable, a freaking computer, ps3, satellite, are SITTING on YOUR ASS, lots of clothes, spend more than $20 on shoes, go on vacation, cruises, get your hair done, nails done, have more body piercings than body cavities, live in a house too big, go to the booby bar, go to football, hockey what ever......then STOP WHINING!! I believe in Freedom to do all of those things(not drugs)....BUT if you do those or have those and don't have health care...well then GUESS WHO'S FAULT IT IS?????? NOT MINE! So then why are you wanting EVERYONE else to pay for YOUR LOUSY CHOICES???


Monday, March 10, 2008

Soviet Socialist Republic of California

This is 2008 and California just made it illegal to home school your kids. Unless you have a teaching degree from the state of California you can not teach YOUR kids in YOUR home. They will come and arrest you if you do not enroll your child in a public or private school. WHAT COUNTRY ARE THEY IN???

For Socialism/Communism to reign you need 3 things.

1.No GOD- The Government replaces the all knowing and all seeing God. Government Must be the answer to ALL of your problems.
2.No GUNS- The Government can't have a down trodden public rising up and wanting Democracy.
3.No PARENTAL CONTROL- The Government MUST replace ALL Authority Power in the lives of people, especially children. They need free reign to brainwash the future generations without the interference of their parents.

The Socialist Republic of California is well on it's way to completing ALL of these requirements and then some. Ridiculously high taxes add icing to the cake of the Socialist left that runs California.

If you REALLY want to have sleepless nights go to
This is the web site for the American Socialist Party.

Look under women's rights on the front page. They believe that Prostitution should be legal and they should have free health care. The ONE profession that TOTALLY demeans women and they want it legal???? How does that help women??? They also have a saying ,"Dreaming of Freedom. Daring to Change." Someone, ANYONE please tell me how the Government telling you where to work, live, eat, sleep, SHIT is FREEDOM???? WOW!!???!!! Read their Principles...It starts off with," Socialism is not mere government ownership, a welfare state, or a repressive bureaucracy. " It is not MERE...MERE!!???!! That means Socialism is not JUST government ownership, a welfare state, or a repressive bureaucracy. SEE these people try to get around what they really mean by using complex words and hoping you are too dumb to know it's meaning. Lower on the page they talk about Socialism goes hand and hand with Democracy. ???? HOW?? They talk about everyone being equal. FOLKS that means if you make more money than your neighbor THEY COME AND TAKE IT!!! HOW IS THAT DEMOCRATIC??? So if you make decent money in a Socialistic Society YOU DON'T HAVE A VOTE!!! NOT DEMOCRACY!!!! HELLOOOO ANYONE HOME???? Look at the last entry on HOW they will have their REVOLUTION. GRADUALLY!!! Like in CALIFORNIA!!! If you aren't scared yet, YOU SHOULD BE! THESE ARE THE PEOPLE THAT ARE THE LEFT IN THIS COUNTRY!!! THEY EVEN TELL YOU!!!!

WAKE UP!!!!!

If we are not vigilante this will be the fate of ALL states and then the country. It has already started in many because NO ONE is paying attention. Get Involved, look at what your state Governments are doing. Tell them NO MORE! We will not stand for their left wing Marxist Policies. Folks we either stop them now. Or in our lifetime there will be another civil war.

The American Patriots vs The Fascist Socialists...........what side are you?

Monday, March 3, 2008

Thanks For Nothing....

If you are reading this and ever have been or are now a Hippie, Thanks for Nothing. The Hippie generation put the final touch on the fall of a once great society.

I associate the Hippie with the Roman Empire. They both believed in doing what "felt good" and not caring about the consequences. Well the Romans lasted awhile till they "Hippied" themselves out of existence.

The problem with doing "what feels good" is that most things that are the right thing to do feel like crap. Disciplining your child you feel like crap. But if you didn't, you raise a spoiled brat that will never leave the house. That is what hippies are, they are spoiled brats who never want to leave the house of "feeling good" for the world of "personal responsibility." These Brats grew up and are running the country. That is why we are having this influx of Socialism and why so many people today are for it. The children of Hippies had kids, raised their offspring to think about only themselves and "what makes them happy". Instead of being raised to do what you have to do to put food on the table for your family. If you have to work two jobs that you hate while going to night school to get an education just to make ends meat, then you do it. All the while making sure your kids are raised to be self sufficient instead of sucking the nipple of the Government.

That is why they are anti-war freaks. Doesn't matter what the war is for. It just feels good to say, 'NO WAR!" It's feels like crap to say, "GO BLOW THE PISS OUT OF THOSE PEOPLE!"
But history shows that war is here to stay, and if you want to keep whats yours and help others beat off oppression, then we will have to fight wars. Sad but true.


People used to help their neighbors when they needed help. Now they are too lazy and think they can get the government to make someone else help instead. That is a damn lazy and selfish attitude that has been forced on us by the Hippies. But they think it's just the opposite and its the moral high road. All of these Grown up Hippies we call Politicians need to pool some of their own money and start a PRIVATE company that hands out Health care to those who need it. They can afford it most of them are millionaires. But they won't!! That is because they want our money so they can keep the power. Money is power, the less you have the less power you have. That is what Socialism is based on, it's not bringing everyone up to become rich and equal. It brings almost all people down (except politicians and the Government) so we are all poor and powerless.