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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


So what would Daniel Boone do? About what you ask? About living in the America of today.
If we had a Socialist Government during the days of the pioneer like Mr. Boone, we would probably not even exist. People like Daniel Boone had to rely on themselves and the kindness of others to survive. If a man couldn't provide for himself and his family in the great unknown then they died. That is just how it is. Freedom with responsibility forces a person to sink or swim, live or die. Sounds cruel does it....? We'll I disagree, I think it is more cruel to enslave a person to an uncaring and selfish Government.

A good example is Katrina. Remember all of those people on the T.V. just standing around waiting for the Government to help? You would have never seen a man like Daniel Boone staring into the T.V. camera asking for help. He wouldn't need any, because he relied on himself to care for his needs. He probably would have been helping those people long before the Government arrived. But because we have been breeding a bunch of selfish, lazy and spoiled people we have lost that "Pioneer" spirit.

You have to ask yourself something. Do you know how to run your life better than the Government? Do you think the Government will take care of you and your family better than you can? Do you want to have the Freedom to pick your own Doctor? Or pick your own Job? How about picking your own Home? Well if you think you can and want choice in YOUR life then I suggest you follow the example of Daniel Boone. Take care of Your family and help those in need when you can. Remember Charity begins at home. Don't rely on the Government to do a damn thing other than maybe deliver the mail.

The Lord helps those who Help themselves.........even God tells you he won't do it for you.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Met A Hero Last Night

Last night my family and I went to a local restaurant. Right before were getting ready to leave I noticed a man sitting with a woman. Now why would I notice this man you say..? He was just like any other man, no better looking or ugly. Just enjoying an evening with this woman. Well what stood out to me was the fact he was wearing Army BDUs. Now we don't see too many of these types around here. So I was rather surprised.

As we were exiting past this couple's table I stopped. I said," Pardon me I am sorry to interrupt your dinner but sir I must say Thank You."
My child also went up and shook his hand and said , "Thank You." After we shook Hands I told them to have a nice evening. As I walked away I could here him say ," I really do appreciate that."

Now if you are reading this and don't know why we did that, then you are a selfish, sad person. Anytime you see someone who is willing to lay their lives on the line for strangers, you see a Hero. Police, Firemen, Emt and especially Solders. They protect and serve those who hate and despise them the same as those who Honor and Respect them. Without Solders we would have no America.

Thank All of those who Protect and Serve every chance you get.

Monday, February 25, 2008


Oh this will be fun.. won't it? I'll make a common sense argument for sealing our borders and people get to call me a racist. Oh gee...

Well lets see why should we seal our borders.....hmmm..... drugs..nah too easy..terrorists..nah won't happen again... killer bees....too late...huh... ..how about hundreds and thousands of non documented people streaming over our border everyday like someone screamed.. BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL!!

RACIST!!!! (see I told you so) We'll I hate to tell you, not a racist. Just a good old law abiding citizen. Hey if I have to follow the rules shouldn't they? Or maybe we should just have total freedom better known as ANARCHY. Won't that be fun? Or better yet we can make Mexico a State and make the southern border even father south. Or we can become Mexico. Or WE CAN ENFORCE THE FREAKING LAWS AND SEAL THE DAMN BORDER. SEND THE FREAKING MILITARY FOR GOD'S SAKE. Or send the State Militia...you know the citizens of our great country. Not the national guard they are not militia.(read the bill of rights and such..)

The ILLEGALS (law breakers) come here take jobs with lower wages (which is why they don't raise the minimum wage..why should they most aren't even making that). They get free health care from Er's. Which causes the rise in my cost to compensate for them. Plus they bring in DI EASES since they don't get the proper shots like REAL IMMIGRANTS HAVE TO GET!

Round them up ship them back...don't tell me we can't do it. The U.S. rounded up ALL Americans of Japanese decent and put them in camps. So don't feed me bull about what we can and can't do.

You want to come here...GREAT! Love to have some of you..but WAIT IN LINE!

Oh yea, ANY President that doesn't enforce the border should be Impeached. Because they broke their OATH. Also that whole idea of that little North American Union thing...like the EU..

Don't take my word for it...

LOOK IT UP .....GET INFORMED....before it's too late..


Does anyone but me know what freedom and liberty are? Anyone??? ANYONE AT ALL? Imagine this... 2 Wolves and 1 Sheep have the freedom to form a Democracy. So they vote on what to have for dinner.Liberty is a well armed sheep disputing the vote.
Socialism is Communism in practice. Communism is a pipe dream.....it can never happen. NO ONE IS THE SAME!!! For Communism to work we would all have to be dead. THEN we would all be equal and alike.
I have a friend who grew up in Communist Yugoslavia. When Tito took over, his family had a large chunk of land and a good size 2 story house. He tells me the Commies came in and took their land and gave his Grandfather one freaking room in the house. They put other families in the other rooms like an apartment. AND HE IS OK WITH THIS!!! What is wrong with people, THIS IS NOT OK!!! They would have to kill me first.
But yet I hear people at work, on T.V. and the radio talking about the EVIL rich man. HOLY CRAP....does anyone else hear this?? Do they know how dumb that is. SHEESH... HEY another Charismatic guy said the same thing about the rich......HITLER.....He blamed the rich Jews for all of the freaking problems in the country. AND PEOPLE BOUGHT IT!!! THEY ARE DOING IT AGAIN ...BUT IT"S HERE IN THE U.S.!! It's not Hitler now it's our FREAKING POLITICIANS!! AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!
People...read the freaking Constitution. It's the most Brilliant and Courageous Document ever written. If you read it you will find that Socialism is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!! The Federal Government isn't supposed to run your life!! You are!! Why has no one ever brought this up???
What is SOOOO great about socialized Health care? Rationing, long waits for simple tests and needed surgeries. Doctors going to other countries where they can make a living. If that sounds good to you then you must like the DMV. Or you think the VA hospitals are run like a Swiss clock. Or better yet, you think the Government is doing a bang up job with Social Security. Wow, if you still think its a good idea do us all a favor and DON'T have kids...please.
I fear that if the country doesn't radically change it's direction in the next 20 or so years.....and if it adopts a pure Socialist Government......the Patriots of the country will be forced to enact the 2ND amendment of the Bill of Rights. ........That my friends will be a sad day indeed.
WAKE UP GET INFORMED....before it's too late..