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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Turning Point......

There are events in ones Life that occur which forces one to refer to Life before it as "Before" and everything that Happens after as "After." For some it is the Death of a Loved one, or loss of a Job, or something like 9/11 or maybe something Pleasant like Marriage.

For me it is the Feeling of Awakening to the Fact that this Country will Fall....... From within... before anyone notices...it will be too late..

I have the Discernable feeling that I have awakened from a Dream where Political lines were clear and Issues easy to Choose. But now, I realize, that is all it was, a Dream that others wanted me to have. Life in this Dream was Cut and Dry, easier to understand, black and white. The Reality I Live in now is Complicated and full of almost impossible battles. There are times when I wonder if living in Ignorance is not Truly Bliss, because for those that know........wish they didn't awake. I now look at the News and those around me like they are oblivious to the Facts of whats occurring , almost as if I and a few others know that an Asteroid is going to destroy the Planet and there is nothing I can do. It has made everything in Life seem unimportant and pale in Comparison. I Have not blogged for a couple of days because of this. Some call it Depression, .....possibly........I call it Realization.

I have come to a Point in My Life where I Have to Decide to Fight ........or Fall in Line.
One Road leads to almost definite heartache and hardship, the other...... to possible comfort in Life...but no Freedom.

I have decided to Fight. The Question is...am I alone?

The Awakening came when I discovered the Article about the ADA Forcing it's members to Computerize everything from Notes, to X-rays and Charts. And to have it done in 6 years. Because the majority of my family are in the Dental Field, it hit close to home. Here is the Link:


After reading this my family and I asked why? Why now? When the ADA was asked why, they explained that a Representative from the Office of Health and Human Services came to the ADA and told them if they did not adopt a Certain Government Plan, then the Government would be forced to do it for them. Well if you follow the Link at he Bottom of the Article it leads to a Report. Read just the First 8 Pages...all if you wish. But the First 8 is enough for it to sink in..


My family has done some investigation by talking to other people in the Dental Field and Medical Community in General. NO ONE HAS KNOWN ABOUT THIS GOVERNMENT PLAN, NO ONE. It has flown under the Radar. This plan will destroy the Medical Community in mass and Violate every Privacy Law on the Books.

The concept of computerizing to share information between a Doctor's office here in St. Louis and one in California is nothing New. The Medical Field has been pursuing something Similar for Years on a Smaller scale. Hospital Networks are computerizing so it's easier to share information in the Networks.

But the Problem is the Government wants access to EVERYONE's Medical Records without a Court Order, under the disguise of the interest of Public Health. Plus they want to standardize the system because no two systems are completely compatible. One Hospitals Computer is not linked to another unless they share the same Health Network, like BJC for example. So every hospital has been spending Millions to Computerize their facilities and the Government is coming in and Threatening them to Change over to another one. That is Going to Cost even more Millions to change over so naturally the cost is going to get passed to you, the patient. The Government is forcing the Private Medical Community to Build and pay for the Infrastructure for Socialized Medicine while creating the Crisis so that the same Government can step in and "Save" everyone by Socializing Medicine. The Cost of Medical Care will skyrocket because of this Government Plan and it will be portrayed as a Crisis brought on by the Private Medical Community. When in fact it was Created and Forced on Private Citizens by the Same Government that is supposed to be Defending our Individual Liberty. These tactics are worthy of Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler.

This is a Plan that was issued as an Executive order by President Bush in 2004.
The Socialists have infected Citizens, Congress, the Judiciary and the Office of President. Party Affiliation is an illusion, both parties are infected. Look at our Choice for President. A Leftist and a Left, Leftist. Socialism is not compatible with the Constitution of the United States. One Promotes the Right of Government over the Individual the other Promotes Freedom and Liberty of the Individual over Government. This Government Plan for the Medical Community is only a Symptom of a larger Disease. This Country will Fall because it is being taken from Within and from behind.

The Question is ..how many will go down Fighting? and How many will just fall in Line?

If the only response after reading this Blog that you can think of is to tell me How is a Computerized system Bad? Or that you have done nothing wrong so you don't worry about what the Government looks at.............or that this is some conspiracy theory..........You are a Moron. Go back to Sleep and Dream your Black and White Dream. You are part of the Problem....not the Solution.

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